Golden Sun Universe

Adepts Clothes DD.gif An Adept's Clothes (スカラーウェア, Scholar-wear?) is a Clothing-class armor available throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Dscription by Game[]

It increases the equipped Adept's base Defense rating by 18 points and increases his or her base PP meter by 8 points. Its buy value is 850 coins and its sell value is 637 coins. Being a Clothing-class piece of body protection, an Adept's Clothes can be equipped on all Adepts in every game.

In Golden Sun, it is buyable at the towns ImilKolimaXian, and Altin, in The Lost Age, it is buyable at Garoh and Naribwe, and in Dark Dawn, it is buyable at Passaj and Ayuthay.


In Golden Sun, Adept's Clothes can first be bought after completing the Mercury Lighthouse dungeon, which restores the town of Imil to normal, causing its weapon and armor vendors to open back up for business. At that point, if you've been playing a perfect game up to this point, then one of your two warrior Adepts will most likely be equipped with the Psynergy Armor, while the other might have a Leather Armor, and one of your two mage Adepts might be equipped with the Fur Coat, while the other has a Travel Robe. In this scenario, buying two Adept's Clothes to replace the Leather Armor and Travel Robe would be an excellent deal. Because of the additional boost to PP the clothing provides, the Adept's Clothes are good enough that they might remain on your party even in the face of equipment with slightly higher defense ratings like the Silk Robe.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Adept's Clothes can first be bought after completing the Air's Rock dungeon which allows you to enter Garoh with the ability to engage in cutscenes that will "restore" the town to normal afterwards, causing its weapon and armor vendors to open up for business for the first time. At that point, if one of your two mage-style Adepts is equipped with a Travel Robe or even a Travel Vest, this would be an excellent buy. But be sure not to buy one for Felix because he might be equipped with the superior Psynergy Armor sold commonly in the shop at Mikasalla, and if he doesn't have that armor yet he should go there to get one instead of settling for a second set of Adept's Clothes.

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