Golden Sun Universe

Agility is the statistic that determines who strikes first in battle. The higher your agility, the more likely your attack will hit first. Agility is determined by your character's level, Character class, which Djinn you have set, and sometimes by which Equipment you are using.

Ways to increase Agility[]

Permanent Increases[]

Temporary Increases[]

Ways to decrease Agility[]

Permanent Decreases[]

Temporary Decreases[]

It should be noted that the Break Psynergy will remove any temporary bonuses to Agility.

Random Number Generator Abuse and Agility[]

When attempting to get rare items, players often need their characters to attack in a certain order when battling. To make a fast character like Ivan slower, one might consider simply putting all of his Djinn on standby, but then his Attack rating would also decrease, and he may not actually kill the monster. Therefore, alternate methods are advised, such as the Turtle Boots or Safety Boots or changing to a slower class.