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Alex's sprite.

Alex was presumably born and raised in the wintry town of Imil in the northernmost region of the continent of Angara, along with Mia. Alex and Mia are, at least by the present age when the events of Golden Sun begin, the last known living descendants of the ancient Mercury Clan who once lived in this region. The Mercury Clan were once the guardians of the Mercury Lighthouse, the Elemental Lighthouse of Water, located near modern-day Imil, and it is the bloodline oath of the Mercury Clan to ensure that the Mercury Beacon is never lit. As Mercury Clan descendants, Alex and Mia are Mercury Adepts and share the abilities to heal and conjure water and ice-based Psynergy spell-craft, and they are the only two individuals on Angara able to enter and exit the normally sealed-off Lighthouse.

Alex as seen on the back cover of the 4-Koma Gag Battle.

In the English version of Golden Sun, Alex is described as being Mia's apprentice. However, this is inconsistent with the Japanese version of the game, which describes Alex as having been the apprentice to Mia's unnamed father, who is presumably deceased by this point. Considering how Alex appears to be at least a little older than Mia, this is the more commonly accepted background for Alex.

He is considered one of the series' primary antagonists, however, he isn't in the same vein as most of the others; despite the fact he worked with Saturos and Menardi, Agatio and Karst, and the Tuaparang, he betrays all three at some point (usually aiding the protagonists in the process) in order to achieve his own ends, so is clearly uninterested in anything except his search for omnipotence.

At any rate, by the present day and age, Alex appears to have mastered an array of very advanced and powerful Psynergy abilities no other Adept in the series seems able to use, including self-levitation that borders on flight, summoning powerful geysers out of the ground that can shoot objects heavy as human bodies far up and away into the sky, and the ability that can be considered his unofficial "trademark", the Warp. He can instantly disappear in a flash of light, remain in an apparently invisible state for either a moment or a while, and then reappear elsewhere in a location that may be a good distance away from his previous location, and he can warp himself along with another person accompanying him so that both individuals can disappear, travel, and reappear together.

In spite of his impressive abilities, however, Alex appears to possess more than a strong admiration for power; his true desire is the acquisition of power on a far grander scale. Apparently, he is familiar with the legends of Alchemy, which state that mastery of Alchemy, the quintessential force that would return to the world should the four Elemental Lighthouses be lit, would equate to mastery of the building blocks of reality, allowing its wielder possession of the sort of supreme, unmatched power necessary to achieve dominion over the world.

In Golden Sun[]

Quest for Alchemy with Saturos[]

At some point in the three-year time period before the present, Alex either encounters or is approached by the foreign Mars Adepts, Saturos and Menardi, who are currently conducting research on each of the four Elemental Lighthouses. Saturos and Menardi aim to break Alchemy's seal via the activation of the Elemental Lighthouses, and the tools to achieve this are four jewels corresponding to each Lighthouse by element, the Elemental Stars. The four Stars are currently hidden within Sol Sanctum, inside Mt. Aleph, the sacred mountain southwest of Imil on Angara, and Saturos and Menardi previously attempted to raid the sanctum for the Stars but failed because they triggered a trap. Currently preparing for a second, future raid of Sol Sanctum, Saturos and Menardi have now found that in order to enter each Lighthouse, they will need at least one Adept of that Lighthouse's element, just like they will need the Star of that element to activate that Lighthouse's Beacon.

Alex makes the decision to join Saturos and Menardi on their quest, accompanying them as the Water Adept that will allow them to enter Mercury Lighthouse in the near future. As he secretly leaves Imil with Saturos's group, he betrays his bloodline oath, and effectively abandons Mia. He likely returns to Prox, Saturos and Menardi's hometown, and waits there until he and another companion Saturos and Menardi recruited, the Venus Adept Felix, depart with the Mars Adepts on their quest across Weyard to break Alchemy's seal.

Alex accompanies Saturos and Menardi in invading Sol Sanctum, and forces Garet to hand the Elemental Stars to him.

Alex, Saturos, Menardi, and Felix sail on their Lemurian ship to the continent of Gondowan, and anchor their ship at a peninsula named Idejima. They travel far to the north to Angara, whereupon they reach the town at the foot of Mt. Aleph, Vale. Vale was formerly Felix's hometown, and Felix forces Alex and Saturos to promise him not to let any of Vale's people, particularly his former childhood friends Isaac and Garet and especially his younger sister Jenna, get involved in what they are aiming to do. When the four commence their secretive raid of Sol Sanctum, by fateful coincidence they find that these very three people, along with the scholar Kraden, are conducting an investigation of their own within the sanctum's Elemental Star chamber. The group immediately seizes the situation: They take Jenna and Kraden hostage and force Isaac and Garet to fetch the Elemental Stars for them. Isaac and Garet hand Alex three of the Stars and go to retrieve the fourth, the Mars Star, for him.

When Isaac removes the Mars Star from its pedestal, the volcano that is Mt. Aleph begins to stir, and everyone watches as the almighty entity and protector of Alchemy's seal, known as the Wise One, emerges into view. Saturos's group realizes that they cannot get the Mars Star without very likely dying, so they must flee with their lives at the expense of leaving Isaac and Garet and the Mars Star behind. It would completely defeat their purpose if the Mars Star was lost for good, but before they flee Alex proposes to take Jenna and Kraden with them as captives that accompany them on their quest; if Isaac and Garet survive, he reasons, they will pursue Saturos's group to try to free Jenna and Kraden from their grasp, and they will bring the Mars Star if they want Jenna back. Felix lashes out at Alex for breaking their promise, but Alex states that the circumstances have obviously changed since then and that Jenna would probably die if they did not take her with them. With this decision, Alex and Saturos' group reluctantly flees the erupting mountain with three of the four Elemental Stars.

The Mercury Lighthouse[]

Alex and Saturos's group have already caused the world to begin changing by setting off Mt. Aleph's eruption, which showered Psynergy stones across Weyard, changing the lives of many persons and wild animals. And now, the four travelers and their two captives aim to climb and light the nearest Lighthouse, Alex's own Mercury Lighthouse. After passing through the town of Vault, through the Goma Range, and then north through Bilibin Cave, they reach Imil. Alex avoids making a reappearance at his hometown even as the rest of his associates pass through the town on the way to the lighthouse. Once Alex and Saturos's group gathers at the Lighthouse's entrance, Alex admits their entry into the tower by using his Mercury Psynergy Ply. Doing this causes the lighthouse to glow briefly, which apparently tells Alex that Mia is certain to notice and therefore come to investigate and likely interfere. As such, as they proceed to climb up through the lighthouse, they set up obstacles that would block Mia from following them. Once they arrive at the tower's top, Saturos and Alex cast the Mercury Star into the well of the Mercury Lighthouse to light the Mercury Beacon.

After Isaac's party defeats Saturos, Alex takes Saturos away to safety.

As soon as the Mercury Beacon is lit, fate plays a hand as a group of four young traveling Adepts are suddenly transported up to the aerie via the Lighthouse's magic transportation system. They are none other than Mia accompanied by Isaac and Garet (along with another companion named Ivan), who survived the events at Mt. Aleph and have indeed come to stop Saturos' quest and take back Jenna and Kraden. Alex and Saturos immediately hide behind the now-active beacon to discuss what they will do, and Saturos soon presents himself to Isaac's party and says he will defeat them all. Alex watches in secret as Saturos engages Isaac and his friends in a one-on-four brawl, but he does not help fight Isaac because he is certain Saturos' extreme powers as a fighter will let him win. However, Alex is surprised when Isaac's group bests Saturos.

Alex decides to make himself known to the Adepts, casually noting how it has been a while since he and Mia last saw each other. A mortified Mia accosts Alex for his betrayal of their shared bloodline oath, but Alex, stalling for time while Saturos recovers, explains how the activated Mercury Lighthouse was the cause for their victory: The Mercury element of the Lighthouse itself suppressed Saturos's Mars-based powers enough that he was physically weakened, and at the same time the lighthouse was supplying Mia with unlimited Mercury Psynergy reserves. Alex also makes a passing attempt to subtly convince Mia that great power, such as what is contained within Lighthouse Beacons like what Alex just lit, is not something that should be kept sealed away. After Alex confirms that Isaac has the Mars Star with him, he Warps himself and the recovered Saturos away from the lighthouse, leaving behind as his final statement to Mia: "I can't stay the same Alex you knew forever..." Alex and Saturos rejoin the other four members of their group and immediately resume their journey to activate the Elemental Lighthouses, while Mia joins Isaac in their pursuit of Saturos and Alex.

The Venus Lighthouse and Idejima[]

In the extended period of time to come, Saturos and Alex's group travels all across Angara, along the way either directly or indirectly causing problems for the various towns they go through, such as causing an avalanche at Alpine Crossing, to impede the progress of Isaac's pursuing party. They eventually take a ferry service across the Karagol Sea to the continent Gondowan, where the next lighthouse, the Venus Lighthouse, is located. After they stop in the city of Tolbi, they travel through the Suhalla Desert in the Lighthouse's direction, which is infested with patrolling Tornado Lizards strong and vicious enough that safe passage through the desert should be impossible. Alex helps the group make it through the desert by using his water Psynergy to counteract the sandy whirlwinds the beasts cloak themselves within, thus allowing Saturos and Menardi to subsequently slay them.

Before Saturos and Alex's group reaches the exit of Suhalla Desert, they happen upon the young girl Sheba, lost in the desert ever since she was separated from her Tolbian entourage by a Tornado Lizard attack. They see she is, in fact, a Jupiter Adept, and therefore the one they have been seeking for the purposes of their quest, so they force her into their traveling group just like they did with Jenna and Kraden. The group, now numbering seven, reaches the building of Venus Lighthouse, and Felix uses his Venus Psynergy to admit them inside. They soon find they only discovered the lighthouse's exit, and that the true entrance is further up north, so the group passes through Sheba's hometown of Lalivero on their way to Babi Lighthouse, which is built upon the entrance to the secret underground tunnel complex that leads into Venus Lighthouse as its true entrance. Now in Venus Lighthouse, the group climbs up through the tower, but apparently has some trouble because, in Alex's words later on, "they are somewhat lacking when it comes to solving the mysteries of the lighthouses".

Alex flexes his extreme powers on the Tolbian soldiers out to take Sheba back from Saturos's grasp.

Saturos's group makes it to the tower's aerie, and Saturos and Menardi take Sheba with them to the top while Felix and Alex are supposed to lead themselves and Jenna and Kraden back outside and return to where Menardi moored their Lemurian Ship on Idejima a long time back. Alex is impressed, however, when Felix decides to head back up to the aerie to confront Saturos over the involvement of Sheba in their quest. By this point, Isaac's party has surely arrived at Venus Lighthouse with the intention to confront Saturos and Felix, so Jenna proclaims she has to return to the aerie to prevent a fight between her brother and Isaac; Alex stops her by stating that Isaac and his companions are their enemies because they are sworn to the cause of preventing Alchemy's release. Saturos and Menardi would safely deal with Isaac's group at any rate.

When Alex, Jenna, and Kraden exit Venus Lighthouse, they are greeted by whole regiments of Tolbian soldiers and Laliveran workmen who have come to take Sheba back from her kidnappers. Jenna says they have to fight the soldiers outright in order to make it to Idejima, to which Alex responds by saying he will shoulder her burden. Alex employs his incredibly powerful Mercury Psynergy to blow away the soldiers with water, intimidating the rest of the grunts into outright fleeing and follows the retreating Tolbi soldiers to Lalivero, where he proceeds to keep the rest of the numerous Tolbi soldiers stationed at Lalivero at bay entirely by himself and allow Jenna and Kraden safe passage to Idejima.

Alex eventually rejoins Jenna and Kraden at Idejima, where they notice that Venus Lighthouse is only now being lit. Suddenly, a severe earthquake wracks the lighthouse and tears a rift through the Suhalla Range, disconnecting Idejima from the rest of the mainland and turning it into its own buoyant island. The island floats east out into the Great Eastern Sea, with the three marooned on it. After these extraordinary circumstances, all Alex and the others can do is wait, since they are unable to use Menardi's Lemurian Ship to sail away from the island without employing the Black Orb she and Saturos had in their possession.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age[]

Indra and Osenia[]

At some point in time after Idejima has broken away from Gondowan, Alex informs Jenna and Kraden that Felix and Sheba have washed up on the buoyant island's beach, alive but unconscious. When the two regain their senses, they report that Isaac and his group have killed Saturos and Menardi in direct combat, to the considerable surprise of Alex and the others. Following that, Sheba fell off the tower because of the earthquake and Felix jumped off after her, and they both survived because they managed to land in ocean water, and Felix was able to carry Sheba and swim to Idejima in time. With the five now together, they have to contend with the prickly issue of trying to get off the island to resume Saturos's quest, since without the Black Orb Saturos and Menardi used to commandeer the ship, Menardi's ship is useless.

Alex explores Indra on his own, but briefly bumps into Felix early on and states that he prefers to work alone.

As Idejima passes by the continent Indra, the group soon finds itself beset upon by a global-scale natural disaster: A Tidal Wave, generated in response to the activation of Venus Lighthouse, washes over Idejima and rams it into Indra, knocking everyone unconscious. When Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden come around, they notice that Alex has left, apparently to explore Indra himself and seek out a ship, and they decide to travel as their own group across the new continent in search of a ship themselves. A ship is necessary for them to complete Saturos's quest because the remaining two Lighthouses are unreachable by land.

Alex, by this point, has apparently decided that he and/or the overall quest to restore Alchemy to the world will be better off if he works separately from the other remaining members of Saturos's group. So, after exploring Indra on his own for a period of time, he goes to Daila and speaks with Daila's mayor, saying he would pay the mayor a fortune to buy whatever boat he might have, but the mayor simply does not have any boats and tells Alex to travel down south to Madra to look for one. As Alex leaves, he bumps into none other than Felix's party. Alex reports that there are no ships for them to use and that he will be going to Madra next, but when Felix offers for Alex to travel with his party down to Madra, Alex is almost eager to refuse, citing that he is merely "preoccupied." Jenna and Sheba call him self-absorbed, but he calmly responds that he simply prefers to work alone, then proceeds to leave Felix and the town in a rather obvious haste.

Alex travels south across the continent through the Dehkan Plateau on his way to Madra; along the way, he sees a Lemurian Ship beached at Indra's eastern shore that is just like Menardi's ship, and he witnesses the apparent captain of the ship, a young man named Piers, being taken away by Madrans while unconscious and captive. Alex is intrigued and follows them down to Madra, where he sees Piers being imprisoned on suspicion of being a Champan pirate in league with the pirate Briggs, who recently attacked the town. Then, Felix's group arrives at Madra and enters Piers's jailhouse, and Alex secretly watches everyone witnessing Piers casting the Frost Psynergy at one of the townspeople goading him, revealing that he is a Mercury Adept.

Alex travels to Alhafra in search of a ship but finds that the town's only ship has already been sold.

But getting back to the issue at hand, Alex learns that Madra's ships were destroyed by the tidal wave as well, but the town Madra trades with, the bustling town of Alhafra to the continent of Osenia to the east, recently completed a massive sailing ship that is powered entirely by catching wind in its sail. Alex sets out on his travels again and arrives in Alhafra, which turns out to be another town that was thoroughly damaged by the tidal wave. And once again to his dismay, he finds that the famous sailing ship was both damaged by the tidal wave and sold to Briggs, who fled here after his attack on Madra. Having traveled long and hard, Alex lodges at the inn and uses his apparently vast wealth to get a two-bedroom entirely to himself.

Felix's party came to Alhafra both to look for a ship and to confront Briggs over Piers's imprisonment, and while he is staying at Alhafra's inn, Felix and his party once again come across Alex. Alex suggests to them to try to fix the ship while they are at it. After Felix's run-in with Briggs plays out successfully and they try to fix the ship (but are not able to do the job completely), Alex warmheartedly teases them about their honorable deeds, mentioning that Mia would have done the same.

Sometime after Felix's party leaves Alhafra, Alex leaves as well and returns to Indra. In his mind's eye, he has exhausted every other possibility, so when he sees that Piers has left to lower Gondowan and Felix's party has departed to Gondowan in pursuit of him, he entertains the option of taking Piers's ship for himself, which in his perspective counts as "borrowing" the ship. (It is not known how Alex would have been able to take the ship for himself since he seems not to have a Black Orb to control the ship with.) However, moments before he can make his move, Felix's and Piers' party returns from Gondowan, having retrieved the Black Orb that the warlike Kibombo Tribe had recently stolen, and Alex must withdraw again. But because Alex remains behind on Indra as Felix and Piers' party leaves on their Lemurian Ship together, Alex then encounters Karst and Agatio, fellow warriors to Saturos and Menardi from Prox, who have sailed out here originally to assist Saturos and Menardi but are now seeking vengeance upon Isaac's traveling party because they discovered Isaac murdered the Mars Adepts. Alex reports to Karst and Agatio everything that has transpired in Saturos's quest to restore Alchemy, and explains the quest's current circumstances. Alex then joins Karst and Agatio on their own ship.

The Great Eastern Sea and the Jupiter Lighthouse[]

Alex and his newfound sailing companions Karst and Agatio are aware that the key to everyone's next shared objective, the Jupiter Star needed to activate Jupiter Lighthouse, is currently in the possession of Felix's traveling party. Alex decides, however, that Felix and his group are a stronger and more capable unit than what he originally gave them credit for; after all, they went all the way to Gondowan and singlehandedly retrieved Piers's Black Orb from the warlike Kibombo tribe, and had joined forces with Piers and his ship. And Alex views the new Mars Adepts as hardly more promising than Saturos and Menardi in terms of the capacity to solve and climb Lighthouses. These observations lead him to decide not to take the Jupiter Star for themselves, instead of leaving the task to Felix. In addition, the three Adepts also get a hold of the news that the lord of Tolbi and Kraden's father figure, Babi, has passed away.

Alex attempts to put pressure on Felix's group by introducing his new companions Karst and Agatio to them in Champa.

Alex foresees that Felix's party will be headed to the cliff-side town of Champa, and he and Karst, and Agatio go there and lie in wait until Felix's party arrives. Alex first remarks about how he sees Felix has "replaced" him with Piers as their new water Adept, and admits he was once going to "borrow" Piers's ship. Then he lets Karst and Agatio threaten Felix by saying that if Felix does not hurry up on his objective to reach and light Jupiter Lighthouse, they will take the Jupiter Star and perform the task themselves. Alex does not have any moral qualms, however, about letting everyone know that he does not consider any of them terribly useful and/or intelligent, and that includes Karst and Agatio and the deceased Saturos and Menardi. He clarifies that he is "on no one's side" through all of this; his only concern is to see all four Lighthouses lit once again, and Felix's group is the most capable of this responsibility. Alex and the Mars Adepts promise Felix that they will always be near Felix's group to push and pressure their way to Jupiter Lighthouse. And as Alex and the Mars Adepts leave, he remembers what he learned about Babi's death and announces it to Kraden; Apparently, in his mind's eye, he's doing Kraden a favor, as the old man now should not have a reason to continue putting himself in danger on this quest for Babi's sake.

Following Champa, Alex, Karst, and Agatio presumably follow Felix's traveling party wherever they go across the Great Eastern Sea on Felix's journeys, with the intention to make sure that Felix does not stray unnecessarily from his core quest. Despite their previous threats, Alex and his group do not physically encounter Felix's group again until long after Felix has made it into the Great Western Sea, when he has reached Jupiter Lighthouse and has started to explore and climb it.

Alex, Karst, and Agatio enter Jupiter Lighthouse after Felix and then see that Isaac's party has entered Jupiter Lighthouse as well. Karst and Agatio engage a trap that divides Isaac's group, and then personally confront Isaac's group with the intent to destroy them; the Mars Adepts immediately realize, however, that Alex has completely abandoned his two "companions," leaving them to do the dirty work themselves. Alex, after all, saw that Felix's party witnessed Isaac's party being engaged by Karst and Agatio, and are rushing up to help them. Alex materializes before Felix and speaks what's on his mind: He knows Felix will not emotionally handle Isaac's death enough to light Jupiter Lighthouse since Felix lacks, in Alex's own words, Alex's ability to "discard someone who is no longer of use to [him]." Thus, Alex personally heals Felix's party before sending them off to save their friends. (Alex also admits that despite his motives and what he is capable of, he would still rather not directly inflict harm on Mia, and would probably part ways with Karst and Agatio after this). It is possible for the player to read Alex's mind after this encounter, and he expresses a desire to rush to Mia's aid.

After Karst and Agatio's battle with Felix's party, Alex arrives to convince them to flee with him and the Mars Star before Isaac's party arrives.

Much drama and physical confrontation occur between Felix's party and Karst and Agatio before Felix eventually achieves the lighting of the Jupiter Beacon, as Alex believed he would. But an outright fight to the death ensues between the two groups in front of the now-lit Jupiter beacon. Whether the victors of this battle are Felix's group or Karst and Agatio, Alex steps in before one side can finish the other off for good and reports that Isaac's party has recuperated and is coming up in their direction. Karst and Agatio are too drained from their battle with Felix to fight Isaac off too, and they already have possession of the Mars Star that they would need to light Mars Lighthouse themselves; Alex uses these facts as his argument to convince the Mars Adepts to flee Jupiter Lighthouse with him while they can. Thus do Alex and the Mars Adepts leave Jupiter Lighthouse, right as Isaac's party arrives at the aerie.

Post-Jupiter Lighthouse[]

After the events at Jupiter Lighthouse, Alex and the Mars Adepts are all too happy to part ways. Karst and Agatio, with the Mars Star now in their possession, depart back north to their hometown of Prox so they can then enter Mars Lighthouse and light the Mars Beacon, thereby completing Saturos' original objective. Whereas Alex immediately prepares for and enacts the final phase of his master plan: He knows that once the last of the four Lighthouses Beacons are lit, the place for him to be is at the top of Mt. Aleph, so he sails from Atteka to Angara with all haste. (While it is never explicitly stated in the game, it is probable that Alex steals, or "borrows" to use a more appropriate term, Isaac's Lemurian ship for himself because Isaac's ship is never seen in-game and Isaac's party comes to join Felix's party and quest on Piers's ship for the rest of the game.) He lands on Angara and begins his final travel towards Vale, where he proceeds to climb the exterior of Mt. Aleph.

No sooner than when Alex reaches Mt. Aleph's very peak does the Mars Lighthouse get activated and the global process that heralds the return of Alchemy to Weyard commences. The four Lighthouse Beacons shoot out their beams of purified energy into the airspace above Mt.Aleph, which merge together to form a golden sphere of the power of Alchemy named the Golden Sun. In turn, it shoots down into Mt.Aleph to give shape to the Stone of Sages within the mountain. As Alex stands in the beam's path and its power passes through his body, he is infused with immense power and near-limitless life: effectively, the power of the Golden Sun itself.

Alex stands at the peak of Mt. Aleph, absorbing power from the stream of alchemy-based energy being shot down from the Golden Sun above.

Triumphant over the success of his grand plan, Alex eagerly tests his newfound power by calling out to the sky for a thunderstorm to be summoned and unleash its might upon the now-empty town of Vale at the foot of the mountain. To his puzzlement, however, not even so much as a simple storm appears. He barely has time to ponder the meaning behind this when he is suddenly greeted by the Wise One, last seen in Sol Sanctum as the guardian of Alchemy's seal. The Wise One announces that Alex has indeed gained a lot of power and life, but they are by no means limitless. Alex, believing the Wise One is trying to anger him, confidently pushes the Wise One away with his bolstered Psynergy, but the Wise One telekinetically drives Alex into the ground and completely immobilizes him.

Alex is bewildered because he thinks he should be all-powerful, but is not, and demands to know how that can be. The Wise One tells him everything: Back when the Elemental Stars were first pilfered by Alex and Saturos and they had to leave Sol Sanctum with the Mars Star in Isaac's possession, the Wise One predicted Alex's motive and set in effect a precaution to counter it. By imbuing the Mars Star with a certain magical property, the Mars Beacon generated by the Mars Star at Mars Lighthouse ended up imbuing its essence of power into Isaac's body at the lighthouse rather than Alex's body here at the peak of Mt. Aleph. The Wise One and an unwitting Isaac have thus robbed Alex of his dream for complete mastery of the building blocks of reality.

Then, the entire mountain and its surrounding landscape begin to change and collapse as part of the last phase of the process that signifies Alchemy's release. The Wise One instructs Alex to flee the mountain if he wants to save his own life, lest he be "drawn into the heart of the earth forever." Alex exclaims he is unable to even move right now, to which the Wise One responds that now Alex sees the limits of his power, and that Alex may not survive his imminent fall. The last words Alex hears before he meets his supposed demise is this cryptic final statement by the Wise One: "If you survive, perhaps we shall meet again someday..."

The Next Thirty Years[]

Alex survives his episode on Mt. Aleph; nonetheless, for many years to come, he isn't seen by anyone who previously knew him. As might be expected, the exponential increase in power and life he received from the Golden Sun effectively stops his aging. At the same time, the effects the Golden Sun event, which he had helped trigger, has on the world are tremendous and chaotic, as the power of Alchemy infuses Weyard itself with new life, but sows mass destruction in the process.

Ten years after the Golden Sun event, Alex goes to the ancient, dry kingdom of Ayuthay, located just south of where Lamakan Desert remains in some form. He uses his Water-aligned Psynergy to start an ancient machine located in Ayuthay that is based on Alchemy principles, the Alchemy Well, and then, through unknown methods, finds the ancient artifact that is required to make the machine operable, the Luna Mask. This causes the Alchemy Well to start producing water in mass quantities, as it had in the ancient past, saving Ayuthay and turning it into a flourishing water kingdom. The activation of this machine was also a requirement for the activation of Eclipse Tower, although it is not known whether Alex activated the Alchemy Well for this reason or at the time he had another goal.

Ayuthay has had a prophecy that Adepts would come to restore an ancient civilization that encompassed Ayuthay but included much more - the Exathi civilization encompassing Ayuthay, Passaj to the north, and Harapa to the northwest. Alex claims to Ayuthay that he is not truly this Adept, though, for the work he started remains only half-done (the true power of the Alchemy Well can only be unlocked once Passaj's own Alchemy machine, the Alchemy Forge is also started and operated), and that Ayuthay would need to wait years longer until the Adepts of prophecy would come.

During his visit, Alex keeps his face and identity shrouded from the entire kingdom, including its king, Paithos - except for Paithos' sister, Veriti. She falls in love with him at first sight, seemingly the day after he arrives, and this romance is mutual. Alex soon leaves Ayuthay as suddenly as he arrived, and Veriti takes this very hard. Veriti would come to bear Alex's child, the Mercury Adept Amiti, and not long afterward she would pass away. Paithos would tell the populace that Veriti had the miraculous powers of an Adept and was the one who started the Alchemy Well (when in truth she was no Adept), and he would additionally refrain from telling his nephew while raising him of the existence of his father and tell Amiti instead that his was an unusual birth, conceived entirely through Veriti's powers.

Within the thirty-year timeframe following the Golden Sun event, a country calling itself Tuaparang emerges from the shadows in the form of a giant airship, and its airborne state leads it to also be known as the "Zenith Tribe". It is ruled by one individual referred to only as the High Empyror, and he is focused entirely on scientific advancements and military power above all else such as helping the needs of the nation's citizens. The Tuaparang are in some ways the "descendants" of a clan lost from Weyard's history: the "Umbra Clan", named because these Adepts, who apparently exist in close association with the Tuaparang Empire, are able to employ an unusual form of Psynergy that manipulates one of the other two values composing reality, Darkness. By the time Dark Dawn takes place thirty years after the Golden Sun event, Alex had somehow been able to be inducted into the High Empyror's circle of elites and receive a position equivalent to two of Tuaparang's strongest field commanders and Dark Adepts, the warlike Blados and the cunning Chalis. As part of their unit, Alex had either gained the codename Arcanus (エース Ace) or granted it to himself. The codename implies that he's a more "important" role than his two newfound counterparts, since the three commanders' names correspond to aspects of a deck of fortune-telling cards sometimes used in Weyard.

The Tuaparang Empire and its Empyror's ultimate goal is to take control of a light-based apparatus named the Apollo Lens, located within the Apollo Sanctum at the top of the highest peak of the mountain range dividing Angara into halves, the Khiren Mountains. The ancient people attempted to take control of the fundamentals of darkness and light just as they had mastered the four base elements that comprise all physical matter, and the Apollo Lens is essentially a giant cannon that can fire a beam of amplified light with devastating intensity, and which can be aimed at a target. The Apollo Lens is deeply sealed, and critical to unsealing it and setting it up are a trio of elusive Colored Orbs that are designed as keys. Furthermore, actual power to the device is provided only when both the Alchemy Forge and the Alchemy Well are fully operational and working in unison - it is important to note that Alex's activation of the Alchemy Well ten years after the Golden Sun event had partially accomplished one of Tuaparang's objectives. Lastly, every sanctum and dungeon involved with the Apollo Lens and related elements contains indecipherable instructions required to solve their riddles, instructions that can only be read by special knowledge obtainable in recently unearthed ruins at the outskirts of the modern-day remnants of the Lamakan Desert, the Konpa Ruins.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn[]

"Arcanus" in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

At the Konpa Ruins, Alex and Blados find that the knowledge to read ancient glyphs has been claimed by the young Venus Adept Matthew, Isaac's son, who is out on a quest across Angara to find a feather of the giant bird roosting at the northeastern corner of Angara, the Mountain Roc, in the Morgal region of Angara. They both receive the High Empyror's order not to inflict harm on Matthew, and to instead make use of Matthew and have him carry out essentially every one of their purposes, which will ultimately result in the activation of the Apollo Lens. The High Empyror lets his subordinates choose their own methods to accomplish this goal with Matthew, but specifies that they are to let Matthew live until he has played his part. Kraden is with Matthew, so Alex and Blados enact a scheme to split Kraden from Matthew's group and make Matthew's group turn on the Alchemy Machines for them.

Alex and Blados kidnap one of Kraden's pupils, the Mercury Adept Rief, Mia's son, then present themselves to Matthew's group from a safe vantage point. Undeterred by the fact he is holding his own first cousin once removed hostage, Alex similarly seems not the least bit concerned whether Matthew and Kraden determine his identity or not, as his first statements to Kraden in over thirty years is to tell the elderly man that he has not aged much since he last saw him (Kraden, like the eight Adepts that lit Mars Lighthouse which are now known across Weyard as the Warriors of Vale, received extended lifespans when they absorbed energy from the lighthouse when the Golden Sun event transpired, though to nowhere near the extent of Alex's own lifespan). However, Kraden does not recognize him because Alex was presumed dead thirty years ago, and of course, Matthew and his companions, all offspring of the Warriors of Vale, had never met Alex personally. Alex seems to use this to play around with the Adepts, and does not disclose his name at any point.

Alex and Blados use Rief to manipulate Matthew and his friends into taking the south exit into the Ei-Jei region, while Kraden takes the north exit into the closed-off Bilibin region. Then, Blados seals off the exit behind them and tells them enough information to allow Matthew's group to begin their efforts to start up and make fully operational both the Alchemy Forge and the Alchemy Well; while Matthew's group believes itself to be doing this to help the settlements involved and to create the cloud passage they need to cross north into the Morgal region to the north, that this provides power to the Apollo Lens in advance is the first phase of the Tuaparang commanders' campaign.

One of the many effects the Golden Sun event had on the world was to mutate populations of its denizens, both human and animal, into hybrid beastmen. These originally scattered people were hated by the rest of humanity, but they coalesced into a unified nation that claimed the upper half of Angara, the Morgal region, as their territory, and their capital city of Belinsk was built upon ancient ruins in the center of the region they named Morgal. It turns out that a cataclysmic secret is held within these ruins, and Alex and his two peers have a plan that involves bringing this secret out to light. Blados, Chalis, and "Arcanus" understand that another Alchemy-based machine called the Alchemy Dynamo seals a structure known in the ancient past as Eclipse Tower, which was originally created as part of the ancients' experiments toward manipulating the fundamentals of dark and light. The trio apparently also knows that when unsealed, the tower will produce a destructive phenomenon called the Grave Eclipse. The ancients did not intend for Eclipse Tower to be brought back into light, for the Apollo Lens was constructed to provide modern-day people a means to destroy Eclipse Tower should it ever be unsealed. In fact, a legend holds that Apollo Lens would only open up once the Grave Eclipse is triggered to begin with.

"Arcanus", Blados, and Chalis approach the beastman king, Volechek, who grants them his full attention because he has a deep-rooted respect for powerful warriors. Morgal's bloody history and Volechek's personal past were shaped by military conflict between itself and the empire of Sana down south, in which Sana, as ruled by the warmongering Emperor Ko, aggressively invaded it, killed Volechek's parents, and subjected the beastmen of Morgal to ten long years of slavery. Volechek only managed to liberate his kingdom through a civil war, which drove the Sanans out. Volechek's vendetta is not limited to Sana; Bilibin to the west refused to lend help. With this in mind, the trio have an easy time gaining Volechek's personal alliance without him suspecting that they are making use of him for Tuaparang's own purposes; they tell him that the secret under Belinsk is an ancient weapon that he can use to subjugate both Sana and Bilibin before they attempt to return Morgal to slavery, and they offer to conspire together to get it unsealed.

Once again, Matthew's group is perfectly fit to unwittingly carry out the trio's plans at this point in time, for their own quest for the Mountain Roc's feather takes them to the roost of the Mountain Roc at Talon Peak east of Belinsk. Volechek and the trio's shared plotting makes Matthew's party additionally obtain a naturally-occurring power source from within the Mountain Roc, then guides the party from Talon Peak down into the ruins under Belinsk so that they can use the power source to carry out the unsealing of Eclipse Tower. Of course, Matthew's party believes that they would never voluntarily turn on the Alchemy Dynamo, which by that point they had heard seals away something that is apparently bad (though they did not receive any specific details about what unsealing it entails exactly). The reason Matthew's party enters the ruins under Belinsk is to get into Volechek's castle from below and try to rescue two hostages Volechek keeps in his prison cells, the Sanan royal Hou Ju and the pirate Eoleo (Eoleo, in particular, the trio had Volechek capture specifically to help draw Matthew into the plot). Accompanying Matthew's group into the ruins, however, is Hou Ju's brother, Ryu Kou, and his aged mentor, the martial artist Hou Zan, and Ryu Kou is ready to do anything to prevent his blameless sister from being executed.

Alex and his two peers enter the ruins underneath Belinsk ahead of Matthew's party, and Alex uses his extreme power as an Adept to get past one particular riddle that would otherwise take time and painstaking positioning to bypass. When Matthew's extended party reaches the core of the Alchemy Dynamo, the three present themselves to them. As "Arcanus", Alex commands the party to use their power source to turn on the dread machine, and Blados and Chalis quickly decide to show them in advance what will happen if they do not comply by engaging them in battle. Apparently unaware that one of the Adepts in Matthew's party by this point happens to be his own son Amiti, Alex turns his attention to the two Sanans staying out of the battle; he temporarily knocks out Hou Zan and brings Ryu Kou over to the machine. Alex proceeds to emotionally manipulate Ryu Kou, stating that while he is not forcing Ryu Kou personally to power on the Alchemy Dynamo, his sister will be spared from her imminent execution if he complies. On this note, Ryu Kou powers on the Alchemy Dynamo in an act that, in some technical way, can be said to have been committed by Ryu Kou of his own free will.

As the chamber of the Alchemy Dynamo trembles and Eclipse Tower begins to rise out from behind Belinsk's castle, Hou Zan regains consciousness and expresses his rage at Alex for what he made Ryu Kou do, and attempts to attack him, but Alex warps away to where Blados and Chalis are. The two Dark Adepts were defeated in battle by Matthew's group, so Alex picks them up and warps to the exit with them to escape the tower. Before he leaves, he allows them to know about how Eclipse Tower is similar to the Elemental Lighthouses, in that it also contains a power that has been sealed away for eons, but with the critical difference being that the tower's creators never wanted its prison broken. Alex also leaves the prophetic statement that this is "only the beginning". Back outside in Belinsk, Alex immediately goes to Volechek to tell him that Eclipse Tower has been activated by Matthew's group, and gets him to agree to let Matthew's group into the castle to retrieve Volechek's two prisoners.

Alex, Blados, and Chalis avoid being endangered by what happens next: Weyard's sun rises up and situates itself behind Luna, the moon, and the light Sol exudes starts getting siphoned by the tower, causing the tower to project and maintain a colossal, semi-spherical dome of purplish dark energy that stretches across most of Angara. This is the Grave Eclipse, and its cataclysmic effects are immediately apparent: an infinite array of shadow creatures manifest from the shadows and begin slaughtering many of Angara's people. When it dawns on Volechek that he was tricked and used by the Tuaparang and that his people are now tragically suffering for it, he steals the Blue Orb from Blados' possession and hurls it toward Matthew's group as they retreat from Belinsk by ship. Volechek hopes that in doing so, Matthew's party will somehow be able to use it against Tuaparang. Unknown to Volechek and Matthew's party, giving Matthew the Blue Orb, and by extension, all of the Colored Orbs, is precisely what Alex and the two Dark Adepts would want as part of their plan.

Alex and his two companions' successful plot to unseal Eclipse Tower and trigger the Grave Eclipse it entails has at least two apparent purposes: to trigger the Apollo Lens into opening up as per what the legend about it holds, and to motivate Matthew's group into finding and setting up the Apollo Lens in an attempt to stop the eclipse. Whether the mass death wrought by the Grave Eclipse is part of their or their Empyror's plan specifically is not clear. When Matthew's group resolves to find the other Colored Orbs for this purpose, they do not realize that, yet again, they are doing what Alex intends of them. To this end, "Arcanus" goes to the capital of Sana, Tonfon - the empire that Matthew would have to pass through while on his way toward the Apollo Sanctum - and approaches its modern-day emperor, the benevolent Unan. He tells Unan of Matthew's arrival in advance, gives him the Red Orb, and instructs him to give the Orb to Matthew. Events happen as Alex predicts, and Matthew's party uses the two Colored Orbs now in their possession to locate and obtain the third. Then, as would be expected, Matthew's party brings the complete set with them as they scale the mountains toward Apollo Sanctum. At the peak of the sanctum, Matthew uses the Colored Orbs to set up the giant cannon-like lens and point it toward Eclipse Tower.

Blados and Chalis make their move to take control of the Apollo Lens and silence Matthew's party. By this point, a mutual sense of distrust has apparently been manifesting between the High Empyror and his two Dark Adept commanders, enough that he apparently predicts that Blados and Chalis will make an attempt to take control of the Lens for themselves and use it against the Tuaparang empire itself. The High Empyror, therefore, confides in Alex, ordering him to ensure that the Lens is used according to the Empyror's plan.

Alex appears before Matthew's party by himself, long before the dropship Blados and Chalis are using arrives, and he drops his "Arcanus" codename as soon as he sees Kraden has figured out that Alex survived the Golden Sun event and is standing before them. Alex tells them in advance of the impending Tuaparang arrival, and Blados and Chalis arrive with a large group of Dark Adepts loyal to them, wondering why Alex is not killing Matthew's party. Alex, however, antagonizes the duo: he reveals the sensitive secrets of the duo and their men being Dark Adepts belonging to a self-styled Umbra Clan, notes that the Dark Adepts are not really "Tuaparang" soldiers because of this, and insinuates that as such, Blados and Chalis may plan on using the lens against the Tuaparang empire itself, which is apparently within the same trajectory as the area around Sol Sanctum at this point in time. Blados and Chalis announce their intention to keep these secrets by eliminating Alex, as well as Matthew's group, and Alex instructs Matthew to throw the switch for the Apollo Lens and end the Grave Eclipse - it is not known if this is part of the Empyror's own plan for the Lens, or if this goes against it. Alex engages Blados and Chalis in a brief one-on-two battle out of sight.

For whatever reason, Alex does not prevent Blados and Chalis from eventually coming back to the Apollo Lens and preventing Matthew and company from using the Apollo Lens at Eclipse Tower. They bring with them a wretched werewolf-like monster (later revealed to be Volechek) who was captured by them and whose form and mind were twisted and infused with Dark Psynergy. The two commanders and their pet attempt to destroy Matthew's party of Adepts in two separate battles, but all three are ultimately defeated. Matthew then attempts to climb onto the controls of the Apollo Lens to use it, but the Light energy knocks him back; watching from afar, Alex tells Matthew to stop, because he cannot do this by himself without dying. Eventually, Volechek partially regains his senses and selflessly sacrifices himself to fire the Apollo Lens at Eclipse Tower, ending the Grave Eclipse that wrought so much death and despair across Angara.

Much of what happens after this is not known, but Matthew's party leaves Apollo Sanctum to return to Belinsk, leaving the Apollo Lens behind. It is unknown whether it is left in a state that allows the Tuaparang Empire headed by the High Empyror to make it amount to further threat, or if it is not able to be used anymore. Alex's status following this is unknown, and it is uncertain whether he remains affiliated with the Tuaparang Empire or not - while Alex gave Matthew's party the critical opportunity to use the Apollo Lens to end the Grave Eclipse, it is not known whether this goes against the Empyror's plans for the Lens. Alex had also helped ensure that the traitorous Dark Adept commanders Blados and Chalis not use the Lens against the Tuaparang Empire.

A new theory has arisen is that Alex is likely responsible for the Psynergy Vortexes plaguing the Goma region, including the Mourning Moon seen at the end of the game.

  • It is possible to talk to Isaac after setting out for Patcher's Place by walking up to the front of the rock formation Isaac is atop of. He will state, after talking to him a second time, that he believes someone is targetting the Wise One with an absolute hatred. After his humiliating defeat at the epilogue of The Lost Age, Alex is a likely candidate.
  • Alex was part of the party with Blados that sealed off travel to the Goma region.
  • Isaac absorbs a portion of the Golden Sun's energy that Alex desired so much.
  • The Psynergy Vortixes, which suck Psynergy out of everything, including Adepts, are concentrated in the Goma region, immediately surrounding Mt. Aleph, where both Isaac and the Wise One are residing. A Psynergy Vortex could both end the Wise One and suck the Golden Sun power from Isaac.


  • Hidden within the code of Golden Sun (and The Lost Age by extension), even beyond the reach of what the various Debug Rooms showcase, is this image of Alex that appears very similar to, yet somewhat different from, the image of Alex seen throughout the actual games.AlexBeta.png
  • In a related detail, particularly interesting is where this alternate portrait is placed in the games' internal lists of facial portraits; in the first game, it is the eighth portrait following the portraits of Isaac, Garet, Ivan, Mia, Felix, Jenna, and Sheba, and in The Lost Age Piers is placed at slot 9 right after the alternate Alex portrait. This may suggest that Camelot, during development, possibly considered making Alex a playable character for perhaps The Lost Age, before adding Piers in and making him take Alex's place as the Lost Age party's resident Mercury Adept.
  • Alex being Amiti's father is very heavily implied in Dark Dawn. First, in Ayuthay, Paithos tells the story of how Amiti's father was a mysterious and powerful Adept who used his Mercury powers to start the Alchemy Well. He also mentions that he never saw the man's face, which could either refer to the man's elusive nature, or it could be a hint to the mask Alex wears as Arcanus. Then, in Kolima Forest, Tret identifies which among Matthew's party are related to the original heroes from thirty years before by analyzing their auras, and he reports that Amiti's aura tells that he is also related to Mia, just like Rief. The relevance of this comes about by the revelation in Sun Saga 2 that Alex and Mia are cousins. Most recently, a family tree posted on Nintendo of America's official Twitter page stated outright that Alex is the father of Amiti. Some have taken issue with the reliability of this image as a source, however, for the same family tree erroneously indicates that Alex is a playable character in the first two Golden Sun games, while neglecting to mention his return in Dark Dawn, among similar issues with other characters.


  • At Mercury Lighthouse:
Mia: "Alex, do you realize what you've done?"
Alex: "Hah! Of course... I have freed a great power that has long been sealed away. Mercury, the lighthouse of Water... What a mighty force."
Mia: "Alex, you... Are you mad!?"
Alex: "No, Mia... Don't you understand? The lighthouse granted you great power during your battle with Saturos."
Mia: "It's true... I could use my power without ever depleting it."
Alex: "Don't you see? The Mercury Lighthouse supplied you with limitless Psynergy."
Mia: "Psynergy? Are you telling me my powers come from Psynergy?"
Alex: "You and I are both members of Mercury Clan... Masters of Water Psynergy."
Garet: "I won't let Saturos escape!"
Alex: "And just what are you going to do? Will you finish him off?" (If Isaac says no) "Yes, Isaac. You seem like a smart warrior. You can't beat our combined might, now that we've seen how you fight. And I doubt you are the type to 'finish' anyone off!"
Alex: (To Mia) "Ah, well... I can't stay the same Alex you knew forever... Well, it seems that my ride has returned while we were speaking. And so, I bid you adieu."
  • At Venus Lighthouse:
Alex: "So... Felix went back to the top of the lighthouse?"
Kraden: "Why do you seem so pleased, Alex?"
Alex: "Why shouldn't I be? After all, the lighthouse will soon shine brightly once again!"
Jenna: "Alex, why do you want to see the beacon lit so badly?"
Alex: "Oh, so it's my turn to answer questions, is it? Once, Alchemy was commonplace throughout this world... With its power, mankind worked wonders across the land..."
Kraden: "The lost age of man..."
Alex: "I want to see that world restored once again, and..."
Jenna: "And what, Alex?"
Alex: "We've spoken long enough already. Let us continue this another time."
  • Outside Venus Lighthouse with Jenna and Kraden:
Tolbi soldier: "You think you can take on Tolbi's finest on your own, little man?"
Alex: "I do not wish to inflict unnecessary bloodshed."
Tolbi soldier: "Don't wish to... What's that supposed to mean?"
Alex: "If you lay a hand on these two, I assure you that you will be made to regret it. By advancing, I assume you mean to fight. Permit me to strike the first blow." (Blows two soldiers away with his geyser Psynergy)
Alex: (In response to workmen fleeing from Alex in terror) "How undignified... And how shameful."
Alex: "You mentioned backup from Lalivero? Let's go meet them together, shall we?"
Tolbi soldier: "Hey, pal! When they get here, you'll really be in for it!"
Alex: (Visibly angry) "Do you honestly believe that even a hundred of you could stop me?"
  • At Idejima:
Jenna: (As the tidal wave approaches and threatens to wash over everyone) "Alex... How can you stay so calm at a time like this?"
Alex: "At times like this, where would be the good in panicking?"
  • At Daila:
Alex: "Well, well... Our happy little family is back together again."
Jenna: "So what do you [sic] think? Should we go to Madra with Alex?"
Alex: (If Felix says yes) "Ah... You...want to travel with me?"
Jenna: "What, you don't like that idea?"
Alex: "No, that's not it. I'm just...preoccupied."
Sheba: "Self-absorbed is more like it!"
Alex: "I simply prefer to work alone."
Kraden: "If that's the case, we'll let you be..."
Alex: "Perhaps you will see me in Madra..." (Leaves in a decidedly obvious haste)
Jenna: "Gah! The nerve of that guy!"
  • At Alhafra:
Alex: (If Felix uses Mind Read on him) "Really, I do wish you would quit using your Mind Read on me... Trust me, my thoughts will become all too clear in due time..."
Alex: "So, I hear you caught Briggs..." (If Felix says no) "You have no need to hide such fine exploits from me. Working hard for the benefit of others is quite noble. That's what Mia always said..."
Alex: (Thinking) "Feel free to help whomever you like if it truly makes you happy. Perhaps capturing Briggs marks the beginning of your dreams coming to fruition."
  • At Champa:
Alex: "Ah, and I see you've made a new friend! You have been busy, haven't you?" (If Felix says yes) "And you've found yourself a new Water Adept! Do you mean to cast me away, like old trash?"
Agatio: "They look like an unreliable bunch of ragamuffins."
Alex: "Yes, they are rather useless, aren't they? That's why I finally had to abandon them, of course. But now, I believe I may have been...hasty in my judgment."
Alex: "In fact, I was even thinking of borrowing [Piers'] ship at one point."
Jenna: "You would steal someone's boat? That's so typical, Alex!"
Alex: "You wound me, Jenna... I only meant to borrow it."
Sheba: "Whatever you might have meant, that doesn't make it right!"
Alex: "And just when I was about to seize the moment, you had to come back."
Kraden: "You mean from Kibombo..."
Alex: I was mere moments too late."
Kraden: "Isn't that a shame."
Alex: "Still, because of that, I did meet Karst and Agatio, so perhaps it was my fate..."
Jenna: "Can't you stop talking about yourself for one second, Alex?"
Alex: "My experience with Saturos and Menardi suggests that, while they were fierce warriors... They are somewhat lacking when it comes to solving the mysteries of the lighthouses..."
Karst: "You mean to say that they failed to solve the riddles?"
Alex: "Miserably..."
Agatio: "Are you suggesting they were simple brutes, incapable of logic and intelligence? And are you saying the same of us!?"
Alex: "I'm afraid so..."
Karst: "Alex... Whose side are you on?"
Alex: "I am on no one's side. My only concern is to see the lighthouse beacons lit once again."
  • At Jupiter Lighthouse
Alex: "Ah, Felix. I've been waiting for you. Have you come here to light the beacon?" (If Felix says no) "Hmph. They consider you their enemy, and yet you pity them. I saw you watching when Isaac's friends fell into Karst's trap. I know you, Felix. I know that if you leave Isaac behind, you'll regret it. You're not like me. You can't simply discard someone who is no longer of use to you. Well, you'd better hurry if you still hope to save them." (Alex heals all of Felix's party with his Psynergy) "There you go! Consider it a gift. You can still make it. Go on..."
Alex: (Thinking) "Even now, I want to run to Mia, to give her my aid... It seems I am weak as well... I suppose I have no choice but to part ways with Agatio and Karst."
Agatio: (After Felix's party loses the boss fight against Karst and Agatio, and Felix's party is lying on the ground) "If we stay here much longer, Isaac and the others will come! We should leave!"
Karst: "I know... But treason deserves death! We must finish them!"
Alex: "There's no time for petty grudges!"
Agatio: "Alex! You..."
Alex: "You no longer consider me a friend? I do not care."
Karst: "It goes beyond that, Alex! You've betrayed us, and treason deserves death!"
Alex: "Yes, I heard you the first time. But shouldn't you heal yourselves before making foolish threats? After fighting both Isaac and Felix, you're in no condition to fight me. And if Isaac and the others come, what chance will you have?"
  • On Mt. Aleph:
Alex: (After gaining the power of the Golden Sun) "At last! I have it! Eternal life...and limitless power! At last, the power of nature is mine to control as I will! Rise, storms! Rise up and unleash your might upon Vale and the foothills of Mt. Aleph!" (Uneventful silence) "That's odd... I should have limitless power... So why can't I call up a simple storm? Wh-Who are you?"
The Wise One: "I am called the Wise One..."
Alex: "The Wise One? Vale's protector?"
The Wise One: "You wish to have limitless power?"
Alex: "Wish to? I just got it!"
The Wise One: "No. Your power is nearly limitless, but it has boundaries."
Alex: "Nearly limitless? You speak in riddles. Can't you see? The power is mine!"
The Wise One: "Yes. You also have nearly limitless life. And your Psynergy is... somewhat stronger."
Alex: "If you are trying to anger me, have a little taste of exactly how much power I have attained!" (Uses telekinesis to push the Wise One back) "Look at me! My body is brimming with power!" (The Wise One telepathically retaliates, driving Alex away into the ground and immobilizing him.) "How!? What's going on? I should be all-powerful! How can you defeat me?!?"
The Wise One: "You are not all-powerful, Alex. Your power has its limits, as does your life."
Alex: "That cannot be! Who is responsible for this treachery? Who has robbed me of my dream?"
The Wise One: "I, the Wise One, imbued the Mars Star with some of the power of the forming Golden Sun. It rests even now in the hands of young Isaac."
Alex: "Why?"
The Wise One: (The entire mountain begins to tremble and submerge itself into the ground) "The heavens and earth are changing, Alex! You must flee now!"
Alex: "Wha-What!?"
The Wise One: "Mt. Aleph will soon be drawn into the heart of the earth! You must flee or join it forever!"
Alex: "Flee?! I can't flee! I can't even move!"
The Wise One: "Ah, yes. You now see the limits of your power. If you are swallowed by the earth, you may not survive. If you survive, perhaps we shall meet again someday..."

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