Golden Sun Universe

Alpine Crossing is represented on the overworld map by the brown trail that forks in three directions.

Alpine Crossing is a location in southeastern Angara. It is a narrow pass through a clifflike area that serves as an important junction: from here one can travel east to Xian, north to Altin, or west to Lama Temple and the Lamakan Desert. Its location makes it an important part of Silk Road.


During Golden Sun, with the bridge from Vault to Kalay destroyed, Saturos' party is forced to travel through southeastern Angara. When they reach Alpine Crossing they take advantage of the narrow pass, triggering a landslide that would hopefully stop, or at least slow down, Isaac and his band of Adepts. Meanwhile, Hsu was returning to Xian from his training under Hama, the master of Lama Temple. Hsu was forced to dodge falling boulders while Saturos and company passed through. Eventually Hsu was pinned down under a boulder which caught the attention of his friend Feizhi, who had recently gained the ability to foresee the future.

After getting the Reveal and Lift Psynergies, stand in this spot and lift the boulder to rescue Hsu.

Before too long both Feizhi and Isaac's party arrive at the crossing. While Feizhi searches for Hsu, the Adepts head north to Altin and eventually find a path through Altin Peak to Lama Temple. Feizhi takes the same path as Isaac and takes Hama with her to find Hsu. At this point players can choose to help rescue Hsu. By taking the western entrance to Alpine Crossing and using the Reveal Psynergy Hama just taught Ivan, Isaac catches up to the two at Hsu's side. Isaac then uses the recently acquired Lift Psynergy to remove the boulder from on top of Hsu, allowing Feizhi and Hama to pull him to safety. By the time the heroes return the people of Xian have cleared enough of the boulders that it is possible to walk from the Lama Temple entrance to the other end.

If Hsu is saved and the player transfers data to Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Feizhi will return in Champa with a good luck charm for Isaac. Unable to find Isaac, she entrusts its delivery to Felix.


Power Bread.gifPower Bread: Cast Growth on the plant near the sign and Frost on the puddle just south of the plant. Climb up the newly grown vine and drop down to the lower level. The pillar of ice will let you hop across to an area with a chest containing the Power Bread.

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