Golden Sun Universe

Ancient Lemuria, after Rime is forced into view by Cyclone.

Ancient Lemuria is a one-room section of Lemuria that is distant from of the main city. The visible architecture is crumbled and explorability is limited because most of the area is flooded. It can only be visited after the player obtains the Grindstone from King Hydros. To find the section, from Lemuria's entrance, hug the left wall until reaching a path blocked by a large stone. Use Grind to drown it, then pass through into a new area. From this area's entrance, sail down to the second left path from the top, and travel through it to Ancient Lemuria.

There are numerous patches of grass located in Ancient Lemuria, but only one is worth attention. This is the bottom left patch, which shrouds the Djinni Rime.


Mercury djinn.gif Rime: Cast Cyclone on the bottom left patch of grass to bring Rime out of hiding, who will then flee to a nearby blue statue that is similar in appearance to those found in Mercury Lighthouse. Cast Tremor on the statue to startle Rime into the open again, and it will join your team without opposition.

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