The Anemos Sanctum, located northeast in Contigo, has long been studied by scholars but remains a mystery to all.

This article is about the general location. For the dungeon inside it, see Anemos Inner Sanctum.

The Anemos Sanctum is the sanctum at the edge of Contigo in Atteka that was created by the ancient Anemos civilization. It contains the optional dungeon Anemos Inner Sanctum, which is the most challenging of all dungeons in the series, and you can only gain entry into the actual dungeon by using the Teleport Psynergy on the circle at the ground in the center of Contigo, and possessing all 72 Djinn.

The Anemos Sanctum is a remnant of Weyard's ancient past, having been made by the ancient Anemos tribe of Jupiter Adepts; it is most likely a structure that was not picked up along with the rest of the ancient City of the Anemos as it lifted up off the ground to become Weyard's moon (it borders the giant crater next to modern-day Contigo that was where the ancient city was once situated). Since then, it has been a longstanding tradition that people on Atteka would take a pilgrimage to the sanctum.

The Anemos Sanctum's contents are unknown to everyone; the sanctum has three entrances, and while the two side entrances are open and lead into small, empty wings of the sanctum, the main entrance is sealed shut and appears to be impassable. Thus, it has remained an enigmatic mystery to everyone both in and out of Contigo.

Only an Adept possessing the Reveal Psynergy can enter the front entrance - the first area of the Sanctum can be explored, leading to a chest with a Dragon Skin.

Back when the merchant Hammet was in Contigo and agreed to take the baby Ivan with him to where he would soon found his town of Kalay, there was located within the Anemos Sanctum's right wing a stockpile of gold (these are almost guaranteed to be the "golden doubloons" Layana mentions in Golden Sun as Hammet having received from his stay in Weyard's southwest). Hammet was instructed to take this gold with him so that he could give Ivan a proper raising and childhood, and was also instructed to set up Silk Road that connects Kalay with Xian to the east and Tolbi to the west, which would give Hammet's town a huge boost in commerce and economy.

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