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By utilising Carry, the Haures summon sequence can be retrieved from Angara Cavern.

Angara Cavern is a cave in northwestern Angara, and north of Loho that can be reached in "Golden Sun: The Lost Age". The reward of the cave is the Summon Tablet Haures, which can only be obtained after The Reunion at Contigo with the Utility Psynergy Carry.

At the beginning of the cave follow the path until you reach the fourth room. Hop to the bottom pillar and push it once to the right and use Carry to move it one space up. Then hop to the stairs, climb up, move the pillar to the left, and use Carry. Then go back down and use Carry on the pillar to move it left and on top of the other pillar. Once you get Haures, you can use it in battle for three Venus and two Mars Djinn.

Haures being summoned.


Haures: Found in the deepest room of the cavern, is the only reward can get here.

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