An Aroma Ring is a Ring-class item coded in Golden Sun: The Lost Age; However, it is not acquirable by any means within the game. It can only be accessed through a hacking device such as an Action Replay. Visually, the Aroma Ring resembles a gold ring with a small red-violet jewel on top, with purple dust surrounding it.

The Aroma Ring, as with other rings, is used for its effect strictly. Its effect emulates the Healing Aura Psynergy, which restores around 100 HP to all four current allies. It is bought for 2300 coins while its resale value is 1725 coins. Its selling price while broken is 1150 and its repair cost is 575 coins.

The Aroma Ring, wearable by all Adepts, would not have proven to be a potentially useful ring to use; assuming it would have been available earlier on in the game, it might have been useful as a placeholder for the Spirit Ring, which is acquirable in the game as a Tear Stone-forged item, and which is able to restore 160 HP in comparison. It is unknown why it was not included in the actual game if it was designed and coded. Incidentally, this is not the only ring that has been coded into The Lost Age without actually being featured; the other two such rings are the Rainbow Ring and the Soul Ring. That there are exactly three each of unimplemented rings and shirts suggests that they may have been meant to be slots prizes at Contigo, but were replaced by the analogous prizes in the first game.

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