The Coatlicue summon tablet is easily reached, but finding the cavern in the first place is a much more difficult task.

Atteka Cavern is a cave location at the southernmost tip of Atteka that can be entered and explored in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is like several small cave locations introduced in The Lost Age in that it only contains one puzzle that leads to a Summon tablet. This cave contains the Coatlicue summon tablet, and it can only be reached by using the Parch Psynergy. After entering the cavern, the summon tablet is easy to acquire; however, the cavern itself is hard find: it can only be reached by using the Wings of Anemos to make your Lemurian Ship Hover over the fields of south-western Atteka. Once you have gotten there and obtained the summon tablet, and after exiting and re-entering, you can walk through some of the rocks near the bottom and walk on air.

Atteka Cavern as seen from the over world.

The summon located in this cavern is unique as it is the only summon to not damage the enemy, instead healing the player's party for several turns.

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