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Atteka Inlet is the site of the fulfillment of the Contigan prophecy.

Atteka Inlet is located along the southwestern shoreline on the continent of Atteka, and is the only place ships can dock at in order to properly drop off onto the continent's interior portion. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, while Piers' Lemurian Ship is docked here and the party is at Jupiter Lighthouse, the people of the nearby town of Contigo will come and attach a pair of Psynergy-driven wings named the Wings of Anemos onto the ship as per an ancient prophecy. While one assumes the inlet refers to the entire ocean inlet which cuts a gulf in southern Atteka, the explorable part is just the dock and nearby house and gate.


Venus djinn.gif Geode: Located under a boulder in the bottom-left of the left screen, requires Lift and Cyclone to retrieve.

Vial.gif Vial: Found in a chest that can be accessed by climbing up and walking over the exit on the left screen before climbing down on the right screen.

Orihalcon.gif Orihalcon: Once Jupiter Lighthouse has been completed, if the player is using a password-enhanced file that has recorded the completion of the Lunpa Fortress side-quest in the original Golden Sun, then an NPC will present the party with a chest containing Orihalcon immediately prior to their departure from Atteka.


The party briefly visits this inlet on their way to Jupiter Lighthouse, but most of the plot-related events are only triggered upon their departure. After reuniting with Isaac's party, Felix and co. use Hover, along with their newly attached Wings of Anemos to leave the Inlet. It is at this time that Sheba explains her primary reason for travelling with Felix, something she had alluded to previously, but not explicitly stated. Sheba, not having known her true parents, wanted to travel the world to find her true family and background. When she heard that the Jupiter Adept, Ivan, had family from whom he had been separated for a long time, Sheba briefly believed that she had found her home. This belief was quickly dispelled when it was revealed that it was in fact Hama was related to Ivan, much to Sheba's disappointment. She is quickly comforted by Kraden, who tells her that despite not knowing her true family, she has a loving foster-father, Faran, so she will always have a family, something he himself did not have. This relieves her somewhat, and with that, the combined party depart from Atteka.


  • If you enter Piers' Ship before you talk to Hama and leave, when you come back a glitch will appear: Hama's sprite will not be there, but the cutscene will still activate.
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