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Battle Axe is an common Axe-class weapon available throughout the Golden Sun series. In all games, it is one of the earliest axes found.

Basic Description by Game[]

In all games, a Battle Axe increases the wielder's attack by 24 points. It can be bought for 280 coins and sold for 210 coins.

In Golden Sun, Battle Axes can be bought from weapon vendors in the towns of VaultBilibin, and Imil, and can be equipped by Isaac and Garet.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, it can be bought in the towns of MadraAlhafra, and Garoh, and can be equipped by Felix and Piers.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Battle Axes can be bought in the towns of Carver's Camp and Harapa, and can be equipped by MatthewTyrell, and Eoleo. The Battle Axe has been given one unleash as part of Dark Dawn's revisions to the Unleash system. Its Unleash, Critical Strike, is a non-elemental physical attack that multiplies damage by 1.5.


In Golden Sun when the two-man party of Isaac and Garet first enter Vault early in their quest, the Battle Axe sold at the armor vendor is noticeably stronger than even the Long Swords Isaac and Garet could be equipped with, so buying one would not be a bad idea. It would be useful for Isaac to use in the upcoming battle with the Vault Bandits for physical attack, while Garet and Ivan use offensive Psynergy.

In The Lost Age, most players would never buy a Battle Axe for Felix the first chance they get at Madra because in the Dehkan Plateau dungeon-style location that must be completed prior to reaching Madra, a superior Venus-based axe Artifact named Themis' Axe can be found in a chest, which is a powerful weapon for Felix at that early point because it has 30 attack and an Unleash effect whose Venus element is capitalized on by Felix's Venus power rating.

In Dawn Dawn, the superior Themis' Axe will be found before arriving in Carver's Camp, and will likely be equipped to Matthew due to its Venus-based Unleashes. However, the Battle Axe is a good upgrade for Tyrell from the Long Sword he will probably be carrying, and will serve him well while traveling the Konpa Ruins. Later on, Tyrell can acquire the Blow Mace at Passaj Mountain Climb. The Blow Mace gives nearly double the Attack increase, and has the added advantage of having a Mars-based Unleash.

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