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A pair of Battle Gloves is a Glove-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun. It is acquired randomly as a prize from Tolbi's Lucky Medal Spring. Visually, the Battle Gloves resembles a gray glove with a spiked fist.

The Battle Gloves features a defense rating of 26, and it increases the wearer's base Attack rating by 8. It is bought for 2100 coins while its resale value is 1575. As a glove, it can be worn by all Adepts.

This may seem to be one of the less impressive Artifacts one can find in the series, and one of the less impressive prizes from Tolbi Spring. In point of fact it may be less desirable to wear than the Earth Shield that can also be won at the spring (which is reflected in the fact that the Earth Shield is worth nearly twice as many coins). It is extremely similar to the Vambrace which can be found earlier in the game in the optional Vault Cave dungeon because the Vambrace features 27 defense and 5 additional attack, and the Vambrace is more of a clear addition to the party's armor collection at that point in the game. If you get both Battle Gloves and the Vambrace in a game of Golden Sun, the difference in stats is negligible enough that you might as well sell the Battle Gloves, because it is worth 225 coins more than the Vambrace. Both of these gloves have a superior, later counterpart in the War Gloves that can be bought in Lalivero, but none of these three gloves can compare to the amazing stats of The Lost Age's Riot Gloves.

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