Golden Sun Universe

Battle Mace is a common Mace-class weapon available throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description by Game[]

A Battle Mace increases the wielder's base Attack rating by 56 points. It can be bought repeatedly for 2600 coins each and sold for 1950 coins each.

In Golden Sun, it is sold in XianAltin, and Kalay, and the towns NaribweKibombo, and Yallam in The Lost Age. Being a Mace-class weapon, a Battle Mace can be equipped on IsaacGaret, and Mia in the first game, as well as FelixSheba, and Piers in the second.

In Dark Dawn, the Battle Mace is sold in AyuthayPassaj, and Border Town, and can be equipped by MatthewTyrellEoleo, and Rief. It gains two Unleashes: Power Charge and Critical Strike. Power Charge is a Mars-based physical attack that does 40% more damage than a normal attack and has a chance to decrease the target's defense by 25%. Critical Strike is a non-elemental physical attack that does 60% more damage than a normal attack.


In Golden Sun, when it can be first bought in Xian, it might be a worthy replacement weapon for Mia, but it most likely wouldn't last long on her because upcoming towns, such as Altin and Kalay, sell stronger Staff artifacts like the Psynergy Rod and the Frost Wand.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, by the time it can be first bought in Naribwe, it is not a weapon one would buy eagerly because Felix would most likely be holding the stronger Storm Brand and Sheba would likely be holding the Mace artifact Blow Mace, which has a slightly smaller attack rating than a typical Battle Mace, but would end up doing more damage on average because of its Unleash effect. You are better off keeping the Blow Mace on Sheba in that scenario. A little later on in Kibombo, when Felix's party joins up with Piers, Pier's initial weapon is a Battle Mace. If Felix found the Disk Axe earlier in Kibombo Mountains and equipped himself with it, the Storm Brand would be an excellent hand-me-down weapon for Piers to equip right away, for it has both higher attack than his Battle Mace and a Mercury-based Unleash effect.

In Dark Dawn, the Battle Mace could be given to Rief when it is first available, as it will be stronger than the Blessed Ankh he is holding. It is given an improvement in the form of two Unleashes with Damage multipliers that ensure fairly consistent damage. However, it is simply a short term placeholder. Once Passaj's shops open, the Battle Mace can easily be replaced with the Psynergy Rod.

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