A picture of beastmen in Belinsk.

Beastmen are a race that appear after the Golden Sun Event. They evolved from humans and animals into hybrids as a result of the Golden Sun Event. Sveta is the only playable character in this race.

They are present mainly in Morgal? and they are both discriminated by people from Bilibin? and Sana.

Before the Eclipse, the political situation between Morgal and Bilibin is very harsh, with the close of the border between the two countries.


Beastmen often look like humanoid-animals. They stand on their hind legs, like a human, but have the features of animals, such as cat-like ears and animal tails. Beastmen are very human-like, and only speak human languages. Beastmen also wear human clothes, showing they are humans for the most part.

At the end, after the activation of Apollo Lens, some beastmen became Light Adepts.

Notable Beastmen

  • Sveta - Sister of King Volechek, who becomes Queen of Morgal after his death. She is a Jupiter Adept, and the only playable beastman.

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