Golden Sun Universe

Border Town Mine is a minor location first seen in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is located northwest of Border Town and it is where Ulysses's summon tablet is hidden.

Carts and tracks are inside the mine and the player must navigate through this to reach a rather unique bomb. After keeping a safe distance, the player can use Fireball to reveal a summon tablet embedded within the walls of the mine. The mine cannot be revisited after Belinsk Ruins have been cleared.


In here, stay on the ground floor and move past the stairs. Find a puddle to freeze and a rock column to move. Now go back and climb the stairs. Follow the skipping stones that are put up and hit EVERY switch while making the way to the mine cart (hit all three of them). Jump in the mine cart and it'll stop at a chest with a Potion in it.

Jump back into the cart, returning to the other side and jump down the slope. Change the first switch and then return to the cart and ride it again. Have Tyrell cast Fireball at the bomb to reveal a summon tablet. If one has trouble getting Fireball to target the bomb, stand just northwest of the mine cart and cast from the elevated position. Go grab it and claim Ulysses, who requires 2 Mercury and 2 Mars Djinn. Feel free to exit the mine now.