The Brute class series is a dual-elemental class series available to the Venus Adepts Isaac, Felix and Matthew and the Mars Adepts Garet, Jenna, Tyrell, and Eoleo. The Adepts become members of this class series when Mars or Venus Djinn are set to them, though the Venus Adepts rely more heavily on Mars Djinn and the Mars Adepts rely more on Venus Djinn.

Because the two elements involved, Venus and Mars, are symbiotic, an extra class level exists in this series compared to other single and dual-elemental class series, making this class series very powerful. This is much like the Hermit class series, shared by Adepts and Djinn of the Jupiter and Mercury elements.

The class series, when at its highest stage of Chaos Lord and compared to the other series at their highest respective stages, has excellent HP (tying with the Master and Paladin and surpassed only by the Ronin), superb Attack (tying with the Master for the highest attack rating class increase in the game), and good Agility, but lower Defense and very low PP. The series has the lowest Luck rating of all class series. Noteworthy Psynergy from an endgame perspective includes Revive and Planetary, and the heaviest area-of-effect Psynergy it has are Stone Spire and Supernova. Average stats from an endgame perspective are 143% (158% if you don't factor in Luck).

Statistical InfluenceEdit

Brute class series
Class Name Djinn HP PP ATK DEF AGI LCK
Venus Adepts Mars Adepts
Brute 1 Star mars 1 Star venus 100% 70% 120% 90% 110% 70%
Ruffian 2-3 Star mars 2-3 Star venus 120% 80% 130% 100% 120% 70%
Savage 4 Star mars 4 Star venus 140% 90% 140% 110% 130% 70%
Barbarian 5 Star mars 5 Star venus 160% 100% 150% 120% 140% 70%
Berserker 6 Star mars, 1 Star venus 6 Star venus, 1 Star mars 180% 110% 160% 130% 150% 70%
Chaos Lord 7 Star mars, 2 Star venus 7 Star venus, 2 Star mars 200% 120% 170% 140% 160% 70%

Psynergy SetupEdit

Lvl Psynergy PP Range Power
1 Star venus Growth 4 Range 1 25
6 Star mars Blast 7 Range 3 40
7 Star venus Spire 5 Range 1 40
Class must be Savage or higher.
9 Star mars Impair 4 Range 1
Class must be Savage or higher.
12 Star venus Mad Growth 10 Range 3 60
13 Star mars Planet Diver 7 Range 1 ATK+36
→Planetary at Beserker class 19 Range 1 gr ATK+98
16 Star mars Nova 13 Range 5 70
17 Star venus Haunt 5 Range 3
19 Star venus Revive 15 Range 1
Class must be Savage or higher.
20 Star venus Clay Spire 13 Range 3 85
Class must be Savage or higher.
23 Star mars Debilitate 6 Range all
Class must be Savage or higher.
24 Star venus Curse 6 Range 1
28 Star venus Wild Growth 19 Range 5 110
29 Star venus Condemn 8 Range 1
40 Star mars Supernova 31 Range 7 150
42 Star venus Stone Spire 22 Range 3 160
Class must be Savage or higher.


Boasting the highest attack in the game, with a fair agility stat to run with it, the class can dish out some good damage, especially from Isaac, Garet and Felix who can use Long Swords. As well, on the Psynergy front, the class has some hard-hitting abilities and the extremely notable Revive Psynergy, but the low PP rating should be noted. The Adept's PP meter may be somewhat strained without proper support like from PP-recovering Djinn to use these abilities, so it is most recommended to use the class as a base for a 99%-Meggido Sol Blade setup with Isaac or Felix. Incidentally, the Chaos Lord is for many intents and purposes directly superior over the Slayer class of Isaac and Felix's default Squire class series, since it also has Revive, and has an additional 10% of HP, an additional 20% of Attack, and an additional 10% of Agility to offer, with neither the PP and Defense ratings lower than the Slayer.