Bunza meets the party on the way out of Lunpa cave, to smuggle Hammet back to Kalay.

Bunza is a traveling merchant affiliated with Hammet and his town Kalay. Isaac and his party of traveling Adepts first meet up with Bunza after the Lunpa Fortress incident. When escaping through the cave that leads to Lunpa, they notice a blur. At first they think it is one of Dodonpa's guards but Hammet calls out Bunza's name knowing it was him. Bunza tells Hammet he stayed near Lunpa to make trades to the town's residents because Dodonpa had blocked off the main gate which many traders had used to do business. He says nobody from Lunpa would think he was helping Hammet escape because his wagon had been near the town the entire time. He uses this to his advantage and smuggles Hammet back to Kalay, successfully managing to evade the search parties sent out to retrieve the now-rescued merchant.

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