Burning Island Cave (火山島の洞窟 Volcanic Island's Cave) is found at the center of a volcanic island, to the south of the Ayuthay peninsula.

Story Edit

In ancient times, Burning Island Cave was one of the chosen hiding places for a piece of the Umbra Gear, specifically the Umbra Knuckles. Its location was marked on the Umbra Map, so that future generations would be able to find the Umbra Gear. Matthew's party would travel to the Island during their search for the Umbra Gear. The cave entrance is initially hidden, and only after Himi's Search Psynergy is used does the entrance reveal itself.

The lower level of the cave hides a secret chamber, which can only be unlocked with the Sol Blade. Should Matthew's party travel here and unlock the chamber, they can descend deep into the cave, where they will encounter the powerful Ogre Titans. If Matthew's party defeats the Ogre Titans in battle, his party can gain the ability to summon Daedalus, which is located on a summon tablet in the cave.

Items Edit

Djinn Edit

Flare: By using Thermal to move it.

Trvia Edit

  • Burning Island Cave is the only location that holds a piece of Umbra Gear that also holds a Summon Tablet (as well as a Djinn). However, it cannot be accessed without the Sol Blade.
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