The Captain’s Axe is an Axe-class weapon found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is acquired by finding a Rusty Axe in a white spot of sea southeast of Lemuria in the Great Eastern Sea, then bringing it to Sunshine the Blacksmith in the town of Yallam in Osenia down south and letting him reforge it with his “elbow grease”. It is bought for 6800 coins while its resale value is 5100 coins. Its repair cost is 1700. Visually, it resembles a one-bladed axe with a second, much smaller red blade or flag on top of the main blade facing the opposite direction.

The Captain’s Axe features an attack rating of 95. It does not have an Unleash effect; instead, it has a Use effect which emulates the Guard Psynergy to boost the defense of an ally by 25% of the character’s total defense (and it can be used again to raise the defense to the maximum value of 50%). It has a chance of “breaking” when its effect is used enough times, but it can still be used for battle regardless.

The Captain’s Axe, as an Axe-class item, can be wielded by Isaac, Garet, Felix, and Piers. It is a moderately powerful axe for when it can be first found, which is right after Felix’s party gets PiersLemurian ship, but it is rarely used at that point because it does not have an Unleash effect, and there are better weapons available at that point in time. Being able to raise a party member’s defense by quite a margin is unique to this axe, though; no other piece of equipment can be used to raise defense.

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