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Carver's Camp Map

Carver's Camp was founded by the lumberjack Carver, a refugee from Vale. The village is home to a Lumberjack Association, likely headed by Carver. They maintain the roads through the Goma Highlands, as well as the ancient Gondolas built by the Jenei. It's Encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

This lumberjack camp stands at one end of a valley that leads through the Goma Mountains to Bilibin and the rest of the continent beyond.


Carver's Camp was one of several settlements founded by refugees of Vale following the Golden Sun event. The residents of the town mostly consist of lumberjacks who cut wood from the nearby lumberyard. The Camp serves as one of only two passages through the Goma Mountains to the country of Bilibin; Carver's Camp was built next to a deep rift between the two sides, with a long bridge being suspended over the valley.

When Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis are tasked with retrieving a Mountain Roc feather, Matthew's father, Isaac, instructs the group to meet Kraden here before beginning the trek through Bilibin. However, when they arrive, they are met with an interesting quandary: A Psynergy Vortex has blown up the bridge and a child hangs on for dear life to a wind blossom attached to the rubble. Luckily, Karis's Whirlwind Psynergy helps the child land on the Bilibin side of the bridge.

The group meets with Carver, who is intent on traveling to the other side of the camp to check for damage. Eventually, Carver is able to cross the chasm via a combination of their only available gondola and the Grip Psynergy with two of his friends. However, the effort destroys the gondola, leaving the Adept's with no apparent way to Bilibin. However, the Adepts are given a message from Kraden, informing them of a second route through the Konpa Ruins, which will serve as the new meeting point.

After completing the Konpa Ruins, it is impossible to return to Carver's Camp via ordinary means.


The camp's inn costs 2 coins per adept.

Shops of Carver's Camp
Item Class Cost Effect
Long Sword.gif Long Sword Long Sword 200 Attack +14, Unleashes Critical Strike and Spin Strike
Battle Axe.gif Battle Axe Axe 280 Attack +24, Unleashes Critical Strike
Short Bow.gif Short Bow Bow 300 Attack +11, Unleashes Double Shot
Magic Rod.gif Magic Rod Staff 380 Attack +16, Unleashes Gale Force and Murk
Item Class Cost Effect
Travel Vest.gif Travel Vest Clothing 50 Defense +7
Wooden Shield.gif Wooden Shield Shield 40 Defense +6
Padded Gloves.gif Padded Gloves Gloves 10 Defense +2
Circlet.gif Circlet Circlet 120 Defense +6
Item Class Cost Effect
Antidote.gif Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom for one Adept
Herb.gif Herb Consumable Item 10 Restores 50 HP to one Adept



  • Coin.gif 123 Coins: Found in a jar behind the very west house
  • Sleep Bomb.gif Sleep Bomb: Found in a barrel downstairs the Item Shop
  • Lucky Pepper.gif Lucky Pepper: Found in a jar inside the very west house. Go in by using the log at the left of item shops and enter through the chimney.
  • Herb.gif Herb: Found in a right barrel by the entrance in the most north house


  • Mercury djinn.gif Chill: Found in a small ledge southeast Carver's Camp


  • Although not normally accessible, the eastern half of Carver's Camp is fully coded - including the inside of the building - and can be explored if reached. There is even a small puzzle involving a rolling log, suggesting that, at some point, Camelot planned on including some way for players to cross the chasm normally. Players can explore this area themselves either by using a hacking device's walk-through-walls code or taking advantage of the Endless Wall glitch to walk on the river blocking the east entrance. However, in the latter case it becomes impossible to leave; it is not possible to walk back onto the river when exiting the area, so the player's sprite will remain on the Carver's Camp sprite in the overworld and they will immediately be placed back inside the camp.
    • Several solid objects in the eastern half of Carver's Camp can be walked through, including the house, although entering through the door allows the house to be entered normally.
    • Examining the stove or cabinet inside the house gives players the text "It is translating."
    • Examining one of the pots inside the house may give the player a Lucky Pepper.
  • When prompted to save the child about to fall through the bridge, it is possible to simply turn around and leave, skipping the brief scene that ensues when he is rescued. If this is done, then if the area is returned to later in the game by means of the Endless Wall glitch, the child will still be there, and can be rescued, triggering the conversation as if no time had passed.
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