Champa Camp is a small settlement in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, located on the shoreline of Angara, southeast of Champa.

Story Edit

When the Grave Eclipse begins wreaking havoc on much of Angara, Champa was among the areas that were affected. Because Champa lacked the protections of Alchemy, the city was overrun by terrifying monsters. Though there were some casualties, the vast majority of the townspeople were able to escape on their boats with supplies. They traveled to an area out of the Eclipse's shadow, and created Champa Camp as a temporary settlement. Meanwhile, two Champans would remain in Champa to burn fires meant to ward off the monsters, as Obaba had chosen to remain in the city for unspecified reasons. Due to the necessity of wood as fuel for the fires, Champa Camp is made up of cloth tents rather than wooden houses.

Matthew's party of Adepts travels here during their quest to end the Grave Eclipse. Eoleo, Obaba's great grandson, is somewhat surprised to see the settlement, but the residents are cheered up by his arrival. After the townspeople notice the absence of Eoleo's father, Briggs, despite his ship being anchored off shore, Eoleo gathers the people in the Inn and informs them of Briggs's death as a result of the Eclipse. In return, Eoleo is informed of Obaba's decision to remain in Champa, and so the group travels to Champa to see her.

Items Edit

  • 38 Coins: In a crate under the bottom left palm tree.
  • Herb: In a crate near the Inn.

Djinn Edit

Fugue: Slap it in the tree.

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