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Circlet is a common Circlet-class headwear available throughout the Golden Sun series. It is notable for being the first Circlet-class headwear available to the player in each game it appears in.

Basic Description by Game[]

In all its appearances, a Circlet increases the wearer's base Defense by 6 points. As a common item, Circlets can be bought repeatedly from Vendors for 120 coins each and sold for 90 coins each.

In Golden Sun, Circlets are sold at VaultBilibin, and Imil, and can be equipped by Ivan and Mia. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Circlets are sold at MadraAlhafra, and Garoh, and can be equipped by Jenna and Sheba. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Circlets are sold at Carver's Camp and Harapa and can be equipped by KarisRiefAmiti, and Himi.


In Golden Sun, Ivan starts with a Circlet as his default headwear. Thus, the player has no need to buy one when they become available in Vault. At this early point in the game, it is the best headwear he can equip. Later on, the player has the option of upgrading his Circlet to a Wooden Cap, though this decision may be affected by the player's funds. No matter the decision, the headwear of choice will last Ivan for a significant time; perhaps a little unbelievably, the next piece of headwear that can be bought and equipped on Ivan to increase his defense beyond Wooden Cap level is the Silver Circlet, sold in the town of Xian much later in the game.

In The Lost Age, Sheba starts out with a circlet equipped while Felix and Jenna start out with no headwear equipped at all. While the player can buy Leather Caps in Daila, Circlets will not be available until the player reaches Madra. By that time, the player has the option of giving Jenna the Nurse's Cap, which is both stronger than the Circlet and free of charge. Once the player explores Air's Rock in Osenia, they can gain the Clarity Circlet, which is a great option to replace Sheba's circlet, due to its boost to Jupiter Power.

In Dark Dawn, the Circlet is Rief's default headwear, while Karis will start with a Leather Cap. The player will have the option of buying a Circlet for Karis once they reach the town of Harapa. Once the player reaches Kaocho, they will be able to buy Wooden Caps for both Adepts. Alternatively, the player can retain both Circlets until reaching Ayuthay, where the Silver Circlet and Glittering Tiara become available.

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