Golden Sun Universe

Composite Bow.gifComposite Bow is a common Bow-class weapon introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description[]

A Composite Bow increases its wielder's attack by 65 points. As a common item, they can be bought repeatedly for 1600 coins each and sold for 1200 coins each.

Composite Bows can be bought at PassajTe Rya Village, and Belinsk; only Karis and Amiti can equip them. The Composite Bow has 2 unleashes: Double Shot and Arrow Shower. Double Shot is a Jupiter-based unleash that multiplies damage by x1.6. Arrow Shower is a Mercury-based unleash that multiplies damage by x1.2. Arrow Shower hits adjacent targets, and has a chance of reducing each target's Defense by 25%.


When first available, the Composite Bow serves as an excellent placeholder between Artifact weapons, unlike other common weapons at this point in the game. The usefulness largely lies in the Composite Bow's two Unleashes, Double Shot and Arrow Shower. Double Shot provides a decent x1.6 damage multiplier; Arrow Shower has a lower x1.2 damage multiplier, but has a range of 3 targets and may reduce Defense, making future hits more powerful. The elemental alignment of both Unleashes means that both Amiti and Karis can benefit from the higher Power of their native elements. Later on, Karis will be able to equip the stronger Mystery Blade found in Harapa Ruins. Depending on player preference, Amiti can either equip the Frost Wand in Te Rya Village or the Assassin Blade found in Belinsk.