CurseCursed items are weapons and armor that carry an unremovable curse, in-battle. Once such an item is equipped by anyone, it cannot be removed normally. It can be removed by going to a sanctum.

In a battle, cursed items have another side effect: they can prevent a character from moving. If this kicks in, the character will act as if he/she is stunned for that one turn.

List of Cursed itemsEdit

Golden SunEdit

The Lost AgeEdit

Dark Dawn Edit

Removing a curse or its effectsEdit

Once a cursed item is equipped, it cannot be removed normally. To unequip cursed items, the player has to visit a Sanctum and talk to the healer there, requesting to remove cursed items.

Cursed items can be used without the side effect. The Cleric's Ring is the answer to this. remember: it just removes the effects of curses, but still does not allow you to remove the item, without going to the Sanctum.

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