Defense is the statistic that affects how much damage an Adept or Monster takes in Battle from physical blows (as opposed to resistance, which determines how much damage is taken from element-based assaults). A higher Defense rating means less damage will be taken. The highest possible defense rating is 999.

Your Defense is affected by your character's level, Character class, and by which armor or rings you currently have equipped. In battle you can temporarily increase your Defense by using Psynergy, but at the same time your Defense can be temporarily dropped by an enemy's Psynergy or Monster skill.

Ways to increase DefenseEdit

Ways to permanently increase DefenseEdit

You may permanently increase your Defense in one of the following ways:

Ways to temporarily increase DefenseEdit

Ways to decrease DefenseEdit

Ways to permanently decrease DefenseEdit

There is no known way to permanently decrease Defense, but such an effect would be undesirable anyway.

Ways to temporarily decrease DefenseEdit

It should be noted that the Break Psynergy will remove any temporary bonuses to Defense.

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