Golden Sun Universe

In their house in Prox, Puelle and the Elder of Prox converse with Isaac, Felix and Kraden about the climatic events that occurred atop Mars Lighthouse.

Elder of Prox.gif The Elder of Prox (real name not provided) is a leading figure of the aformented town, and works with Prox's chieftain Puelle to comprise the town's administrative body. The question of whether he or Puelle has more authority is left up in the air, but since no other prominent administrative figures have been revealed it is reasonable to assume that the two of them make up the town's governing body.

He is only introduced late in the second game, after the players pass through Prox on their way to the Mars Lighthouse. Knowing Puelle is not as strong as Saturos' or Agatio's group, the Elder of Prox forbids him from following the latter into the Lighthouse. Instead, they forgive Isaac for killing Saturos and Menardi and send Felix's combined party to the lighthouse to help Agatio and Karst. After the beacon is lit, the two Venus Adepts, along with Kraden, briefly converse with both the Elder and Puelle about the events that occurred atop the lighthouse, namely the apparent death and subsequent revival of Isaac and Felix's respective parents, as well as the formation of The Golden Sun.

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