Golden Sun Universe

The Endless Wall is a long wall with a pathway and is situated along the peaks of the Khiren Mountain range. It's encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

This massive, ancient edifice divides Ei-Jei and Morgal. Its origin and purpose are largely unknown.


The Endless Wall is located on the border between the country of Morgal and the Ei-Jei region, with the country of Sana forming much of the southern border. While obviously ancient, the true origin of the Endless Wall is largely unknown. It serves as part of the only accessible pathway to the Apollo Lens. The eastern end of the wall is marked by a tall tower, located northwest of the town of Tonfon, and serves as the only known way to access the top of the wall. While staircases in the tower originally allowed travelers to climb to the top, it has since crumbled, so Psynergy is required to climb the tower.

A short walk away from the tower's peak lies a large gate, which can only be unlocked by means of three Colored Orbs. From there, the pathway continues westward, eventually splitting into two paths. One leads to a dead end, while the other leads to Apollo Ascent.


Real World Inspiration[]

The Endless Wall appears to draw inspiration from the Great Wall of China. Like the Endless Wall, the Great Wall runs in a general east-west direction, and serves as a general border between the Chinese regions and northern countries.