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The Erinyes Tunic is a piece of Clothing found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. The Erinyes Tunic is located in a treasure chest in Jupiter Lighthouse, accessed by rolling a piece of pipe into a break in the floor. It can be purchased for 10400 coins and sold for 7800 coins.

Statistically speaking, the Erinyes Tunic is one of the more powerful pieces of Clothing available. It increases Defense by 45, raises Attack by 5, and increases the Critical Hit and Unleash rates of its wearer by 10%. Although more powerful Clothes exist, one of them (the Triton's Ward) is only dropped by an Ocean Dragon, and the other (the Mythril Clothes) can only be made by forging a piece of Mythril Silver. The sheer simplicity of obtaining the Erinyes Tunic makes it more commonly used than its "superior" relatives.

Because anyone can wear the Erinyes Tunic, it can be used throughout the game as very convenient filler. The Tunic is most often seen used by characters such as Sheba and Ivan, who need the extra Attack as well as the Defense increase.

Cultural references[]

In Greek lore, the Erinyes are the three sisters Alekto, Megaera, and Tisiphone, born when Oranos's blood fell upon Gaea after he was castrated by Kronos. Having live serpents for hair, the Erinyes' task is to seek out mortals who have committed heinous crimes (typically patricide and matricide) and goad them into madness and suicide. They were euphemistically called the Eumenides ("kindly ones").

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