Golden Sun Universe

A screenshot of the Alchemy Forge, an Exathi creation

The Exathi were a culture of non-Adepts in Weyard's ancient past. The culture was first introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Their encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

"This ancient people gained the respect of the world-and even the Jenei-with their their great craftsmanship. Though the Exathi had no Psynergy, their skill made them partners with the Jenei in creating things that used elemental power."


The ancient Exathi race resided in what is now Ei-Jei and Morgal. While possessing no Psynergy, they were skilled craftsmen, engineers, and smiths, and were known throughout the land for their great works.

Because of their skill, the Exathi forged an alliance with the Jenei, ancestors of modern-day Adepts. The two races collaborated on building many ancient Alchemy Machines, including the Alchemy Forge and the Alchemy Well. The Jenei trusted the Exathi to the point that the Exathi were allowed to use the machines for their own benefit, even though at least one of these machines controlled access to the Jenei's home. However, the sealing of Alchemy put an end to this partnership. The Jenei race largely vanished, leaving the Exathi incapable of using the Alchemy Machines, which went inactive as a result. The Exathi culture diminished as a result, however, their descendants remained in the Ei-Jei region up through modern times.

Most known descendants of the Exathi currently reside in the towns of PassajAyuthay, and Port Rago, which were still known for their Zol smiths, stone workers, and shipwrights respectively. 10 years the return of Alchemy to the world, Ayuthay's Alchemy Well was reactivated by a mysterious Mercury Adept. 20 years later, in the present day, the Alchemy Forge at Passaj was reactivated by Matthew's party of Adepts. The reawakening of these Alchemy Machines has led to a revival of Exathi culture in Ei-Jei.