Although reluctant, Faran realises that his lack of Psynergy means he cannot rescue Sheba himself, and entrusts the task to Isaac's party.

Faran (ぎょるぎす Gyorgis) is the mayor of Lalivero, and was the one to adopt Sheba when she was found as an infant after having "fallen from the sky". He cares deeply for her, as he does the rest of his (true) family. When she is kidnapped toward the end of Golden Sun, he immediately rushes to save her, only to be locked out of Venus Lighthouse, by a door that only permits Adepts to pass. Frustrated, he entrusts the task of recovering her to Isaac's party. After the events atop the Lighthouse, he learns that Sheba fell from the aerie, into the sea, which "miraculously" rose up to the base of the Lighthouse during her fall. Due to this freak occurrence, he believes that she is still alive and decides to look for her even after most would presume her dead.

Although she recognizes him as a father, Sheba still desires to find out who her true family is, and hence agreed to travel with Felix even after Saturos and Menardi were defeated. Briefly, she believed that she had found her origins, when it was revealed that Ivan had relatives from who he had been long separated from. This was short-lived, as it turned out that Hama was the Adept in question. Disheartened, Kraden comforts Sheba by reminding her that although she does not know her biological family, Faran was still a caring and loving father, something he did not have himself.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • At the true entrance to Venus Lighthouse:
Faran: "Without that sort of power, we would just get in their [Isaac's party's] way. I understand. Sheba's life is in your hands. Do not fail us. You must bring Sheba safely back!"
  • In Lalivero, after Venus Lighthouse has been lit:
Ivan: "So, we have decided to continue searching for Jenna. Haven't we, Isaac?"
Faran: (If Isaac says no) "Do not worry about Sheba. I just hope you are able to find Jenna. We will find Sheba without fail...Sheba has been in dangerous situations before and lived. But this time, I believe it was nothing short of a miracle...Who knew the sea would rise up to the lighthouse just as she fell?
Mia: "Can you really call that a miracle?"
Faran: "Do you think it was just good luck?"
Iodem: "Let's call it mere coincidence, for now."
Faran: "Nothing is coincidental when it comes to this child."
Ivan: "So, you believe...Sheba survived...?"
Faran: "Yes. I am sure of it."
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