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Felix is a Venus Adept, and a main playable character in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. He appears in Golden Sun as a NPC in league with the game's band of antagonists opposed to Isaac, but in The Lost Age the perspective of the narrative focuses on him as the main playable character. He is the elder brother of Jenna and eventually becomes uncle of Matthew when Jenna and Isaac have a son. Felix interacts with Saturos, Menardi and Alex, three of the most powerful Adepts in all of Weyard, which gives the impression that Felix is highly proficient as an adept for the other three to accept him.

As a playable character[]

Felix Overworld.gif Throughout all of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the player controls Felix in the game's overworld and field-style environments, and he initiates conversations with non-player characters and searches aspects of the environment. He is the party leader in The Lost Age, meaning that he leads a group of Adept companions through the game's world, and he is the only character among them who is visible as the player controls him. Felix is depicted as a silent protagonist and his companions that appear in cut-scenes engage in conversations for him, even though he has a speaking role in the first game.

Felix in battle stance

An aspect of Felix's role as party leader is his inherent knowledge of two particular Utility Psynergy spells: Move, the ability to remotely move an object in any one of the four compass directions, and Retreat, the ability to instantaneously teleport himself and everyone in his party out of almost any point in a dungeon-style location to that location's entrance point. The Venus Adept and party leader in Golden Sun, Isaac, begins the game knowing these Psynergy spells as well.

Felix casting Psynergy

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age Felix is present in every battle, aside from the prologue when the only playable character is Jenna and she must fight off a few Ruffians. Felix, like Isaac, is a warrior-style Venus Adept, which makes his inherent class series the Squire class series. When the player first controls him he is level 5 (with 289 experience), has no Djinn, and possesses a Short Sword, Padded Gloves, Cotton Shirt, the Mythril Bag important item containing the Jupiter Star, two herbs, and the key item/important weapon, Shaman's Rod. Over the course of the game, Felix proves the best fighter of the party, with only Piers comparable as a warrior.

Statistical comparison[]

In terms of natural statistical growths and in comparison to the other seven Adepts, Felix has the highest Attack, the second-highest HP rating, average Agility, middle-of-the-road Defense, the second-lowest PP rating, and a minimal 2 Luck, like Garet. When compared to fellow Venus Adept Isaac, Felix has more HP and a little more Attack and Defense, but has less Agility by a noticeable margin, a little less PP, and one less Luck point.

Felix has the same amount of potential as his counterpart, Isaac, to be the best fighter in The Lost Age, and they share a trait that can make either of them far more powerful than the rest of the Adepts, the ability to equip the ultimate weapon, the Sol Blade.


Felix has the following classes available to him:


Felix was born in the secluded town of Vale at the base of the dormant volcano Mt. Aleph, and for his first fifteen years he lived a peaceful life there with his younger sister Jenna, their parents, and their friends Isaac and Garet. Like his father, Felix is a Venus Adept and Jenna is a Mars Adept like her mother. All the townspeople of Vale are Adepts to varying degrees because they live their lives under the influence of a giant Psynergy Stone formation near the town's entrance. Felix was well-liked by the populace and enthusiastically described as a good person.

Having lived in Vale his entire life, at a mountainous area not close enough to the Great Western Sea, Felix has never seen an ocean or sea before, like his friends at that point.

In Golden Sun[]

From Vale to Prox[]

15-year-old Felix hangs on for life onto a pole in front of his house, shortly before the Mt. Aleph Boulder crashes down onto him and the adults at the pier.

The lives of Felix and many others were changed forever when he was fifteen, when the Mt. Aleph Boulder incident happened at Vale. A thunderstorm struck Mt. Aleph and Vale, and a giant boulder on Mt. Aleph dislodged and ripped through Vale. Felix fell into the river and hung onto a wooden beam, and both of his parents, along with Isaac's father Kyle, tried to rescue him from the nearby pier of the house. But before they could, the Boulder crashed through the house and drove all four of them over the nearby waterfall to what should have been certain death. And they would indeed have died had their unconscious bodies floating down the river, not been retrieved in time by the odd and imposing foreigners, Saturos and Menardi. The pair of master Mars Adepts were the ones who triggered the storm and the disaster in the first place, which had occurred in response to a failed raid on the mountain shrine hidden within Mt. Aleph, Sol Sanctum. For a reason never clarified (but possibly out of remorse for triggering the disaster upon the town), Saturos and Menardi took Felix and the three adults with them as the pair made a return trip to their hometown of Prox, far to the north.

Saturos and Menardi's ultimate objective was nothing less than the restoration of the force of Alchemy to the world of Weyard. The mayoral figures of Prox - the Elder of Prox and the chieftain Puelle - gave the pair their objective because they apparently figured out that the absence of Alchemy as a global presence is responsible for widening the abyss at the edge of the world that threatens to consume Prox. Alchemy was a force that was sealed off within Mt. Aleph far in the world's ancient past, but it would be re-released should the four jewels containing the purified essences of each of the four elements - the Elemental Stars - were cast into four towering structures located across the world - the Elemental Lighthouses - to light their Elemental Beacons. All four of the jewels were hidden within Mt. Aleph's Sol Sanctum, and those were what Saturos and Menardi were attempting to retrieve when they raided Sol Sanctum.

As Felix, his parents, and Kyle lived in the unfamiliar society of Prox deep within Weyard's Northern Reaches over the next three years, Saturos and Menardi conducted further research on the Elemental Lighthouses while preparing for a second raid of Sol Sanctum. They discovered that in order to even enter each lighthouse, one needs an Adept of that Lighthouse's element. As Felix is a Venus Adept, Saturos and Menardi decided to make use of him by pressing him into their service as a traveling companion to eventually break in the Venus Lighthouse. To bend him to their will, Saturos and Menardi proposed that Prox keep his parents and Kyle incarcerated, and Felix was promised that the adults would be released once Alchemy's seal was broken. By the present day, Felix, now 18, is a trained swordsman, and Saturos and Menardi have recruited another young Adept to assist their quest, the Mercury Adept Alex. With Alex, Saturos and Menardi now have the Adepts necessary to enter and activate three of the four lighthouses. but they also discovered that in addition to a Jupiter Adept whom they will need to acquire at some point in their quest, they will for whatever reason need an artifact named the Shaman's Rod to climb and light Jupiter Lighthouse. Eventually, Saturos, Menardi, Felix, and Alex depart from Prox upon Menardi's Lemurian Ship and embark on their cross-continental quest to break Alchemy's seal.

Quest for Alchemy with Saturos[]

Felix and the other three sail to the Idejima peninsula on the southern continent of Gondowan, anchor their ship there, and travel north into Angara in the direction of Mt. Aleph. Before they arrive at Vale, Felix forces Alex and Saturos to promise him not to let any of his former hometown's denizens, particularly his childhood friends Isaac and Garet and his younger sister Jenna, get involved in what they're going to commit. He covers his face with a mask so none of the townspeople will recognize him (who believe Felix died in the storm three years prior) as he and his group pass through the town. The Mars Adepts and Felix lodge at Vale's inn, and Felix remains there undercover while Saturos and Menardi gather whatever available information about Sol Sanctum there is. As Felix waits, he has a sudden and brief run-in with none other than Jenna, Isaac, and Garet, who don't recognize him under his mask. Troubled at the sight of his friends, Felix tells them to be on their way.

Felix returns to Vale in league with Saturos and Menardi to pilfer the Elemental Stars from Sol Sanctum.

When Felix and his associates commence their second Sol Sanctum infiltration, by fateful coincidence they find that another group is conducting an investigation of their own ahead of them, Isaac, Garet, and Jenna, led by the scholar Kraden. Saturos and Menardi quickly seize the situation and take Jenna and Kraden hostage, demanding that Isaac and Garet give them the Elemental Stars. Kraden asks what guarantee they have that Saturos's group will not harm them if they comply, and Menardi orders Felix to remove his mask and reveal his identity to them. Though hesitant, Felix complies. Jenna is thunderstruck and is exuberant to see her brother alive for the first time in three years, but in league with the robbers. Isaac and Garet, shocked into submission, hand over three Elemental Stars fetch the fourth jewel, the Mars Star.

When Isaac removes the Mars Star from its pedestal, Mt. Aleph stirs, and a boulder-like entity laced with immense power - the Wise One and guardian of Alchemy's seal - awakens and makes its presence known. Saturos's group realizes that they cannot get the Mars Star without likely dying, so they decide to flee, and leave Isaac, Garet, and the Mars Star behind. Before they escape, Alex proposes to take Jenna and Kraden with them as captives; if Isaac and Garet survive, he reasons, they will pursue Saturos's group to try to free Jenna and Kraden, and they will bring the Mars Star if they want them back. Felix lashes out at Alex for breaking their promise, but Alex says that the circumstances have changed and that Jenna would probably die if they didn't take her with them. With this decided, Alex and Saturos's group flees the erupting mountain with three of the four Elemental Stars.


Saturos's group, now numbering six, already caused the world to begin changing by setting off Mt. Aleph's volcano, which showered Psynergy stones across Weyard, changing the lives of many people and wild animals. And now, the four travelers and their two captives aim to climb and light the nearby Mercury Lighthouse. After passing through Vault and the Goma Range, and going north through Bilibin Cave, they reach Imil and Mercury Lighthouse, which Alex admits them entry into using his Mercury Psynergy. After climbing Mercury Lighthouse to its Aerie, the group casts down the Mercury Star to light the Mercury Beacon, thus completing one of the four objectives of their quest.

Suddenly, a band of young adepts led by Isaac and Garet, confronts the group. The boys, accompanied by Ivan and Mia, came to stop Saturos's quest and to rescue Jenna and Kraden. Felix calls out to Isaac before he, Jenna, and Kraden leave the aerie with Menardi via an elevator and Saturos attacks opposing Adepts. Though Saturos is a powerful combatant, he loses the battle against Isaac's party, and Alex explains that Saturos's powers were impeded by the Mercury-based influence produced out of the beacon. After Alex confirms that Isaac still has the Mars Star, he helps Saturos flee the tower, and the pair rejoins Felix and the others.

Venus Lighthouse[]

In the extended period of time to come, Saturos and Alex's group travels all across Angara, along the way directly or indirectly causing problems for the towns they go through, such as causing an avalanche at Alpine Crossing to impede the progress of Isaac's pursuing party. They eventually take a ferry service across the Karagol Sea to the continent Gondowan, where the next lighthouse, the Venus Lighthouse, is located. After they stop in the city of Tolbi, they travel through the Suhalla Desert in the Lighthouse's direction, where they happen upon Sheba, lost in the desert. They see that she is a Jupiter Adept, the one Saturos and Menardi sought for their quest, so they kidnap her. Felix begins to resent that Saturos kidnapped another uninvolved person for their own purposes.

Felix as depicted on the back cover of the 4-Koma Gag Battle.

Saturos's group wounds and kills scores of soldiers and civilians on the way to Venus Lighthouse, and when they arrive, Felix admits them into the tower. As the group climbs, Saturos and Menardi order Felix and Alex to lead Jenna and Kraden back out and wait at Idejima (the place where Menardi moored her ship at the start of their quest) while the Mars Adepts go to the aerie and light the Venus Beacon, taking Sheba with them. Felix defies their orders and goes back to the aerie on his own, and leaves Alex to lead Jenna and Kraden out as confronts Saturos. He gets to the aerie just as Saturos and Menardi are about to light the beacon, and he says he will lead Sheba to safety with the others at Idejima. Saturos denies Felix's demand and says that thanks to Felix's rebellious attitude, they can't trust him anymore.

Just as Felix and Saturos are about to come to blows, Isaac's party arrives. A tense standoff ensues, and Saturos threatens to harm Sheba if he does not receive the Shaman's Rod. Isaac and Ivan agree to his terms, and Saturos tells Felix to take the rod from Isaac, to ensure Felix's loyalty. But following the transaction, Saturos clarifies that he can't just let Sheba go, and how both Sheba, being a Jupiter Adept, and the Shaman's Rod are necessary to activate the Jupiter Lighthouse. Saturos and Menardi decide to kill Isaac and they launch an all-out offensive against Isaac's party of Adepts. The clash is fierce, but Isaac's side manages to beat Saturos and Menardi.

Isaac's party, assuming that Felix has only been assisting Saturos and Menardi on their objective because he has been bound to their will and powerless to break out of it, tells Felix that he is now free to go. They are shocked when Felix says that he intends to continue Saturos's quest to light the Lighthouses and break Alchemy's seal, and he does not explain to Isaac the tangible reasons why their activation is necessary, so Isaac and his party perceive Felix as their enemy.

But Saturos and Menardi are not done yet: Saturos casually tosses the Venus Star into the Lighthouse's well, activating the Beacon. The elemental energy let loose by the process recharges the pair, and Saturos and Menardi execute their last stand. They merge together and grow in size to form a single, terrifying two-headed dragon. The dragon attacks Isaac and his group, but at the end of the epic battle, Isaac's side slays the beast. The dragon reverts to the defeated forms of Saturos and Menardi, who fall into the Lighthouse's opening and die. Isaac's incredible victory intimidates Felix into saying that he is no match for Isaac now, and that he must now flee to resume the quest.

When Sheba falls off the top of Venus Lighthouse, Felix loses his mind and jumps after her.

Suddenly, the activating Venus Lighthouse wracks itself with a violent earthquake, and Sheba loses her footing and falls off the top of the towering lighthouse. Felix, beside himself over what he perceives to be the sudden death of the one he was trying to protect, jumps off the tower after her, to the shocked disbelief of Isaac and his companions. In an event described as more than just a mere miraculous coincidence, ocean waves caused by the earthquake catch both Felix and Sheba and prevent them from landing on the solid ground. At the same time, the peninsula of Idejima south of their current position (where Alex, Jenna, and Kraden are currently on) severs from the mainland and floats west into the Great Eastern Sea as if it were a buoyant sea vessel. Felix, still conscious from the fall, grabs Sheba and swims all the way to the moving island. They both wash up on the island's shore unconscious, to the surprise of everyone else there.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age[]

In search of a ship[]

Felix becomes the main playable character in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Now on the buoyant island of Idejima floating out east into the sea, Felix and Sheba reawaken and report to Alex, Jenna, and Kraden everything that happened on Venus Lighthouse, including Isaac's defeat of Saturos and Menardi. The five surviving members of Saturos's party are lost at sea, unable to use Menardi's ship because it can only be operated with a Black Orb, which disappeared along with Saturos and Menardi.

When the island passes by a continent named Indra, a giant tidal wave, originating from the center of the Great Eastern Sea, washes over Idejima, Indra, and the rest of the continents and landmasses in the lower Eastern Sea, driving Idejima into the north end of Indra. The party is knocked unconscious by the wave but survives without injuries. When everyone comes to, they find that Alex disappeared, probably gone to Indra searching for a ship, because Jupiter Lighthouse and Mars Lighthouse can only be reached by sea. Felix is elected to be the leader of his new traveling party, comprised of himself, Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden, and they set out into Indra in their own search for a ship.

At the northernmost town on the continent, Daila, Felix's party happens upon Alex. Alex reports that there are no ships here for them to use, and that he will be going down south to the town of Madra next to investigate there for a ship. But when Felix makes the offer for Alex to travel with his party down to Madra, Alex is almost eager to refuse, citing that he is merely "preoccupied." Jenna and Sheba call him self-absorbed, but he calmly responds that he simply prefers to work alone, then proceeds to leave Felix and the town in a rather obvious haste.

Felix and his party travel south across Indra in the direction of Madra. Along the way, they find a Lemurian Ship beached on a shoreline, but without a Black Orb they still can't use it, so they carry on until they reach Madra. Champan pirates, led by Briggs, recently raided Madra, and when Felix's party checks in the jail, they see a man named Piers imprisoned by the Madrans, who suspect he is affiliated with Briggs's pirates, allegations Piers insists are false. Felix's party is startled when he demonstrates Mercury Psynergy to get back at the people goading him. Motivated by their curiosity in Piers as an Adept, Felix travels east towards the neighboring continent of Osenia to confront Briggs and make him promise that Piers isn't one of his men, so Piers will be released.

Felix in a promotional artwork depicting him and his party spying on Akafubu's ritual.

Felix's party travels to Osenia and eventually reaches the coastal town of Alhafra. Once again they run into Alex, who reports that once again they're all out of luck - the town recently completed a great sailing ship, but it got damaged along with the rest of the town by the tidal wave, and has since been sold to Briggs. Felix and his friends head into the ship and have their confrontation with the boisterous and swarthy pirate Briggs, which quickly degenerates into a brawl that Felix's party wins. With Briggs now locked up in Alhafra's own jail, Felix and Co. have secured the evidence the Madrans need to let Piers free. However, even Felix's party is unable to remove the obstacles preventing the damaged ship's repair, so they must travel all the way back to Madra on foot.

Upon returning to Madra, Felix's party finds that the town was attacked once again, this time by warriors from the Kibombo tribe hailing from lower Gondowan. The Kibombo made off with one of Piers's possessions - none other than a Black Orb - and as they retreated, the now-free Piers immediately pursued them west into lower Gondowan. Felix and his friends immediately travel in Piers's direction, crossing into the south part of Gondowan and eventually reaching the home settlement of the Kibombo. While the Kibombo witch doctor Akafubu attempts to offer up the Black Orb to a giant statue representing their god Gabomba, Felix secretly meets with Piers as he spies on the ritual. Through their initial introductions, Kraden is surprised to learn that Piers is a Lemurian; Piers was driven out his home - the mythic society shrouded within fog and stone crags in the center of the Great Eastern Sea - by the tidal wave, and his objective is to return to Lemuria. The Lemurian ship beached on Indra does indeed belong to him, and Piers needs to retrieve his Black Orb in order to commandeer his ship. Kraden is eager to go to Lemuria himself because he has been tasked to by the lord of Tolbi, Babi. Upon Kraden's insistence, Felix's party helps retrieve the Black Orb for Piers, and Piers accompanies Felix's party as they leave Kibombo and travel back to Indra.

When Felix and his party return to Madra from their trip to Gondowan, they have their first chance encounter with Karst, the younger sister of Menardi. Felix is unable to hide the truth that Menardi and Saturos were killed by Isaac; thus, the vengeful girl declares to Felix that Isaac shall die by her own hands before she storms off. The party contemplates whether they should seek out Isaac themselves to protect Isaac from Karst's wrath, but because Isaac's party is set on stopping Felix's quest, they understand that his and Felix's parties would most likely fight if they were to ever encounter each other.

Following that episode, Felix and Piers return to Piers's beached Lemurian Ship; by now, Piers has determined that Felix and his companions truly are good people, so he proclaims that he will take them to Lemuria, and he lets them use his ship together with him to carry out his and Felix's own quest objectives. Felix and Piers's now-officially-formed group, after cleaning out the sea monsters that have infested the ship in their absence, makes use of the Black Orb and sets sail out into the vastness of the Great Eastern Sea, and Piers lets Felix take the tiller.

The Great Eastern Sea[]

Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers, and Kraden set out on a lengthy voyage all across the Great Eastern Sea, stopping at whatever towns and settlements they come across, taking part in various subplots, exploring and looting various mysterious dungeons, and developing their Psynergy aptitude. Their oceanic exploration and journeys are necessitated by two facts: First, the tidal wave that transpired prior to the start of Felix's journey on Indra had shifted the position of the entire continent of Indra southwest, physically sandwiching it between the lower part of Gondowan and the northwest part of Osenia; This has effectively plugged up the sea route the Lemurian ship would have used to enter the Great Western Sea and thus reach Jupiter Lighthouse. To get past the massive natural barrier at what is now Gondowan Cliffs that blocks the Lemurian ship's passage into the sea, Felix and his party will need to eventually acquire some very powerful Psynergy with which to remove it; hence, they focus on exploration and Psynergy development while pursuing Piers's goal to get back to Lemuria.

Felix as seen on the cover of a Nintendo Power issue.

The second fact that forces Felix's crew to go on a world-spanning exploration and journey is that they are not able to reach and enter Lemuria right away; when they first sail into the Sea of Time within which Lemuria is said to be located, the ring of rocks, whirlpools, and rushing currents that comprise the area's perimeter drives their ship out and effectively makes passage into the Sea impossible. And even if they do maneuver their way past the obstacle course with the help of sailing knowledge attained from children's songs at Yallam, their course would eventually be doomed with an encounter with a monstrous, nigh-invulnerable being residing within the sea named Poseidon. Felix's party is made aware of Poseidon's presence in advance from the information an old man at the Sea of Time Islet they stop at provides, and clues elsewhere tell them that the only means that can allow a fighting chance against Poseidon is a weapon called the Trident of Ankohl. Its three, separate prongs are contained within various towering structures located across the Great Eastern Sea that Felix's party would end up exploring and looting, and the prongs must be reforged into one coherent weapon somehow; the acquisition of the Trident as a complete weapon becomes the overall goal that Felix and his party end up working toward as they explore and journey across more or less the entire eastern half of the world.

During the lengthy period of time Felix's group spends on their exploration, they go to the coastal town of Champa. There, they encounter Alex once again - but now he is accompanied by Karst, as well as her own partner from Prox, the warrior Agatio. Alex has come to let Karst and Agatio threaten Felix by saying that if Felix doesn't hurry up on his objective to reach and light Jupiter Lighthouse, they will take the Jupiter Star themselves and carry out the task themselves. Alex does not have any moral qualms, however, about letting everyone know that he does not consider any of them terribly useful and/or intelligent, and that includes Karst and Agatio and the deceased Saturos and Menardi. He clarifies that he is "on no one's side" through all of this; his only concern is to see all four Lighthouses lit once again, and Felix's group, in his opinion, is the most capable of this responsibility, so he is therefore leaving the task to Felix. Alex and the Mars Adepts promise Felix that they will always be near Felix's group to push and pressure their way to Jupiter Lighthouse. And as Alex and the Mars Adepts leave, he remembers something he discovered recently, and gives Kraden the news that lord Babi has passed away; Apparently, in his mind's eye Alex is doing Kraden a favor, as the old man now shouldn't have a reason to continue putting himself in danger while accompanying Felix's quest to discover Lemuria. Kraden tells the other Adepts, however, that he plans to continue accompanying Felix because he has recently begun formulating a theory about Alchemy and its relation to the world, and hopes to confirm it for himself when they eventually reach Lemuria.

Felix's group eventually amasses enough of the right Psynergy capabilities that they decide to return to Alhafra and fix up the broken ship, just for the sake of helping the town out. As soon as they do that, however, Briggs seizes the opportunity and busts out of his jail with his pirates, and steals the ship and sails back to his home at Champa with it. Felix immediately pursues Briggs across the sea back to Champa, and soon catches up to Briggs within the chambers built into the mountain. Briggs's grandmother, the town matriarch Obaba, attempts to defend him by unleashing her powerful pet Avimander upon the party, but Felix's party dispatches the beast. Felix and his group then explain to Obaba everything about the crimes of piracy Briggs has been committing, but then assure that they're not here to take Briggs back to Alhafra or have him locked up in a jail or anything; they convince Briggs and Obaba that Briggs is to repay the towns he stole from, thus clearing him.

After the festivities are over, Obaba asks why Felix's group is here if they're not here to arrest her grandson Briggs. Obaba is, in fact, a descendant of the ancient Ankohl culture, and is the master of a great forge handed down by her ancestors. If Felix's group has collected the three prongs to the Trident of Ankohl, they surprise Obaba when they present her with the pieces, which she is able to identify as pieces of a weapon that Ankohl legends claim will allow its wielder to no longer fear anything of the sea. She is all too happy to use the forge and reconstruct the Trident into a complete weapon, and says that all her training in the ways of the forge was specifically for this one purpose of reforging this one weapon. With the Trident now in their possession, Felix and his friends now have the means to enter the Sea of Time, defeat Poseidon, and make it to Lemuria.


Felix's journey in The Lost Age leads him and his group across both of Weyard's Great Seas on Piers's Lemurian Ship.

Felix and his group sail their ship into the Sea of Time, this time knowing and navigating a correct course through the obstacle course of stone crags that surround the area. As expected, the massive, mighty, but bestial Poseidon himself surfaces and attacks the Adepts on their ship. With the help of the Trident, the Adepts are able to battle Poseidon on equal terms, and eventually defeat him in a spectacular battle. Now, they sail into the heart of the Sea of Time where the island society of Lemuria, Piers's home, awaits.

Felix's group docks at Lemuria, and Piers is able to convince the guards to allow the group entry into the city. First in their visit to Lemuria, the Adepts meet Piers' uncle, then convene with Lunpa the Righteous Thief. Here, Kraden decides to explain his theory about Alchemy that he previously mentioned at Champa, and he is quite surprised to hear that both Lunpa and the Lemurian King Hydros have had the exact same thoughts: Alchemy is the commodity which allows civilization to advance and thrive. However, the various cultures and modern-day settlements Felix's group has come across in their travels are clearly incapable of constructing the great sanctums and lighthouses they have explored and looted; this is because they were built long, long ago in Weyard's ancient past, back in a far more magnificent age of civilization when Alchemy was unbound and available to the people. Civilization has disintegrated and deteriorated over the ages to become what the world's cultures are today, as a direct result of the seal placed on Alchemy at the end of the lost age of man. Lunpa surprises Kraden, however, by saying that this is not the only symptom of decay that the seal on Alchemy has caused...

The Adepts and Lunpa arrange for an audience with King Hydros in his palace. Hydros first reveals that he originally tasked Piers to sail out of Lemuria, explore the world, and eventually return to Lemuria with a report; of course, neither of them counted on Poseidon suddenly returning from the depths of the Sea of Time (which was prompted in response to the activation of Mercury and Venus Lighthouses) and generating the tidal wave, but it was thanks to Felix's group that Piers has made it back to Lemuria. As to what it was that Piers was investigating, Hydros displays and compares a map of Weyard as it was in the world's ancient past and modern-day maps which Piers was able to validate; it is clear that the continents in the modern day are broken up and much smaller. A shocking conclusion is drawn: The world of Weyard has been physically withering and decreasing in size over the ages because of the absence of Alchemy, a force which effectively "sustains" the world like nourishment. Though nobody can be sure that Alchemy won't outright destroy the world as soon as its released, everyone is now certain that the world will eventually deteriorate into nothingness if Alchemy is not brought back. With Felix's quest to break Alchemy's seal now revealed to be more important than ever, Hydros orders Piers to accompany Felix's group on the remainder of his quest to light the final two lighthouses.

Felix's group departs from Lemuria on this note, but not before Hydros and Lunpa give Felix the Psynergy they need to reach the Great Eastern Sea. With this Psynergy, the Adepts and their Lemurian Ship are now able to remove the natural barrier between Indra and Gondowan that previously blocked their ship from where they are now headed: The Great Western Sea.

Jupiter Lighthouse[]

Felix's party of Adepts sails into the Great Western Sea, wherein lies the continents of Hesperia and Atteka. The party travels to Hesperia first to see about making use of the Shaman's Rod, also referred to as the "Rod of Hesperia," to get whatever is supposedly needed to climb and light Jupiter Lighthouse on Atteka. In the secluded Hesperian settlement of Shaman Village, Felix presents the Shaman's Rod to the town leader Moapa, who describes it as an artifact of the village's heritage that the village is to exchange for the Hover Jade currently in its possession, but the Adepts are only allowed to earn the right to this transaction through winning a ceremonial race against Moapa through Trial Road. After winning the Jade, the party now has the Psynergy needed to properly scale Jupiter Lighthouse and light its beacon, so the party of Adepts proceeds to sail to and land on Atteka near the town of Contigo, and enter Jupiter Lighthouse.

Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers square off against Karst and Agatio in a match to the death atop Jupiter Lighthouse.

While Felix and his friends climb through Jupiter Lighthouse, a fateful encounter ensues: Isaac's party has entered the Lighthouse in their pursuit of Felix, but they are ambushed, attacked, and overpowered by Karst and Agatio. Felix makes the decision to step in and betray Karst, forcing her to spare Isaac's life in exchange for Felix taking the Mars Star off Isaac and activating the Jupiter Lighthouse with the Jupiter Star. A weakened Isaac surprisingly hands over the Mars Star willingly to Felix, reasoning that though he does not know why Felix is so set on breaking Alchemy's seal, he can only trust Felix. Felix arrives at Jupiter Lighthouse's aerie and activates the Jupiter Beacon.

Karst and Agatio declare, however, that in light of Felix's betrayal they are simply unable to trust him anymore, so the pair steal the Mars Star from him and proceed to engage Felix's party in a fight to the death on the aerie of Jupiter Lighthouse. Before one side can fully destroy the other, however, Alex reappears, warning that Isaac's party has recuperated and is coming their way, and that Karst and Agatio should throw aside their petty grudges and flee with him since they now have the Mars Star they need to finish the quest themselves. Alex and the Mars Adepts escape right as Isaac's party arrives, and Isaac and Felix briefly have a tense standoff. They are quick to agree, though, that rather than have a stressed confrontation, the two parties are to convene officially back in Contigo.

Felix and Isaac and their respective parties of Adepts hold a meeting with each other in Contigo, the purpose of which being for Felix to explain himself to Isaac's side. Isaac and his friends are shocked, of course, when they learn that both Felix and Jenna's parents and Isaac's father Kyle are alive and well in Prox, and that Felix had been working with Saturos on his goal to return Alchemy to the world to earn his parents' freedom. Isaac is shocked even further when Felix then relates what his party had learned later on in their own quest when they had reached Lemuria - the true nature of Alchemy as a commodity necessary for the world to physically survive. Isaac comes to understand and accept that Alchemy must be restored to prevent the world from reaching a gradual end that is otherwise certain to happen in the future, even though no one can be certain that Alchemy won't automatically destroy the world the moment it is released.

A Jupiter Adept that Isaac's party previously met, Hama, comes in and announces that with three of the Lighthouses Beacons lit, the element of the fourth Lighthouse, Mars, is being overpowered on a global level - causing the world's temperatures to sharply plummet, which will in turn cause the world to be plunged into ice should the Mars Beacon not be lit in time. She also uses her perceiving Psynergy to determine that Karst and Agatio, who are currently attempting to light Mars Lighthouse on their own, will fail in their attempt because there now exists "a powerful force that does not want to see Mars rekindled." It will be up to Felix and Isaac's parties to travel up north to Mars Lighthouse and light the Mars Beacon themselves, thus saving the world. With their misunderstandings sorted out, Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia join forces with Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers, and Kraden to support the remainder of Felix's quest objective to break Alchemy's seal.

Mars Lighthouse[]

Passing into the bleak, stormy landscape of Weyard's Northern Reaches in the direction of Mars Lighthouse, Felix and Isaac's party of Adepts arrive in Prox. The people of Prox and their elder and Puelle welcome back Felix warmly, but Felix and Isaac discover that their parents, who were supposed to be here in safe captivity, are nowhere to be found; the people, who do not know where the parents could have gone off to on their own, apologize to Felix because Puelle had given the order that the parents were to be set free once Felix returned to Prox. Puelle and the Elder of Prox also understand that Karst and Agatio have most assuredly failed in their attempt to light Mars Lighthouse, so they beseech Felix and Isaac to travel into Mars Lighthouse, retrieve the Mars Star, light the final Beacon, and save both Prox and all of Weyard.

During their exploration and battles through Mars Lighthouse, Felix and Isaac's extended group of Adepts engage a pair of lumbering, powerful Flame Dragons, which they dispatch after an extended battle. The defeated dragons are startlingly revealed as the nearly-dead forms of none other than Karst and Agatio. As the dying Mars Adepts relate, while exploring Mars Lighthouse on their own, the pair were stopped in their tracks and were gauged by "the eye" to lack the will and conviction to go any farther, and were both turned into mindless dragons that Felix and Isaac were manipulated into slaying. Recognizing the circumstances and putting aside their past conflict with Felix, Karst and Agatio entrust Felix and Isaac with the Mars Star. Felix and Isaac resume their climb through Mars Lighthouse, and eventually arrive at the tower's top.

Felix and the rest of the Adepts are tricked by the Wise One into murdering their own parents.

At the aerie Mars Lighthouse, Felix and Isaac's party of Adepts is suddenly accosted by none other than the Wise One himself. The Wise One, the guardian of the seal placed on Alchemy and the one who had tasked Isaac to recover the Elemental Stars and prevent the breaking of the seal, demands an explanation from Isaac as to why he has disobeyed his command and defected to Felix's side. Isaac and everyone else respond with everything they now know about how the world would be destroyed otherwise. The Wise One counters with the scenario that mankind may very well destroy Weyard themselves if allowed use of such power, and he states that in time, one man will seek to rule over all, which is an inescapable facet of human nature. But even after the Wise One dramatically reveals that the Adepts and their quest to bring back the power of Alchemy have been taken advantage of by Alex, who seeks the power of Alchemy for himself, Isaac and Felix lose none of their resolve in declaring that the beacon must be lit regardless, for the sake of the entire world's survival.

The Wise One declares that the Adepts will only be able to light the Mars Beacon if they can "defeat a miracle," then summons a colossal dragon with three heads for them to battle. Felix and the others engage and eventually slay the beast in their final and most harrowing clash; however, they are all left horrified and aggrieved when they discover that they were tricked by the Wise One into killing an amalgamation of the very parents Felix, Jenna, and Isaac had hoped to reunite with in Prox. Though everyone mourns their loss, Isaac declares that what they have done was to defy the Wise One in order to save the entire world, which is something their parents would understand. Felix and everyone else find it within themselves to agree with Isaac. Thus, with the quest almost at its conclusion, Isaac remains with his father as Felix casts the Mars Star into the Mars Lighthouse's well.

Felix and Jenna celebrate the survival of the townspeople as their parents (left) and companions Sheba and Piers (right) look on.

With all four Lighthouse Beacons now lit, the process that facilitates the return of Alchemy to the world of Weyard begins in earnest. In a miraculous event attributable to fate, the bodies of the parents are revived by the energy generated by Mars Lighthouse, and Felix and Isaac immediately transport themselves and the parents out of Mars Lighthouse and back to Prox. The people of Prox nurse the adults back to health. With the world now saved from its own gradual destruction, Felix, Isaac, and Kraden are personally thanked by the Elder of Prox and Puelle for saving their town and the entire world, and for effectively bringing about a new, golden age where civilization may once again advance. As everyone boards the ship due back home to Vale, Isaac asks Kraden and Felix why everything happened at Mars Lighthouse the way they did: The Wise One had turned the parents into a dragon that Isaac and the others were forced to fight and pretty much kill, yet the way the parents were revived back by the beacon's light suggests the Wise One had to have known that would happen in advance. Kraden hazards a guess with wild implications: The Wise One's actions were all part of his grand scheme to test Isaac, Felix, and their companions as individuals capable of the great responsibility of ensuring that throughout the world, Alchemy is not abused and used for evil.

Finally, Felix and Isaac's party of Adepts, the three parents, and Kraden return to Vale, but are emotionally impacted by a tragic sight: Mt.Aleph and Vale are effectively gone, having been erased by the energy let loose by Alchemy's release at the site of Mt. Aleph. As Isaac and Garet mournfully believe that their families have perished along with all of the townspeople of Vale, Felix attempts to console them by saying that he felt the pain of losing his home and closest family too once, and suggests that everyone go to Vault to rest and think. But then, Dora and everyone else believed to have perished appear alive and well and greet the Adepts, revealing that the Wise One warned them to evacuate Vale before the town would be destroyed by the breaking of Alchemy's seal. The Lost Age ends as everyone reunites and celebrates. At the beginning of the story Felix had always seemed to be a weak addition to Saturos and Menardi's team. However throughout the Golden Sun: The Lost Age story, Felix shows he has a huge amount of potential something that Saturos and Menardi could have overlooked when they took his parents hostage so as to use his Earth powers in Venus Lighthouse.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn[]

Less than thirty years after the Golden Sun event, Felix left the other Warriors of Vale to set out on his own journey. According to the game's encyclopedia, nobody has seen him since he departed. However, he is referenced in the Sun Saga, a series of books detailing the journey of the Warriors of Vale. Interestingly, Felix is presented in an antagonistic light for most of the book series, with Felix's true motivations only being revealed near the end.


  • Felix, while becoming the new silent protagonist in The Lost Age and being treated as that game's equivalent to the first game's Isaac, is not completely depicted as silent. In Trial Road, during Moapa's explanation of the event, Felix visibly asks "Why?" This is in fact attributable to a mistranslation; in the Japanese version, the only thing Felix projected was "???" thus keeping to the game's intentionally "silent" depiction of the player-controlled protagonist. Felix regains his speaking role in the very last scene in the game's epilogue, however, which signifies that the player no longer "is" Felix but is merely observing the scene.
  • Felix is the only character in the Golden Sun series to have three separate in-game character facial portraits, a point made especially interesting by the fact that one of these three portraits is hidden within the first game's code and is inaccessible. The "Young Felix" image is broadly figured to have originally been planned to use in Golden Sun's prologue during the game's development stages, where apparently Felix was going to say a line or two. Another interesting piece of visual trivia about Felix is that he is the only Golden Sun character to have two full-body character illustrations, albeit extremely similar; the first, pictured at top, emphasizes Felix's anti-hero nature in the first game, while the second, which now shows him holding his sword drawn in his left hand (whether Felix is left-handed or not is another minor point debated about the character), better fits his more "traditional" role as main playable character. It is also interesting to note that Felix's trademark cape in his illustrations and his appearances in the first game are green, but his cape on his overworld and battle sprites in the second game are now colored blue for some reason. Most likely to better contrast with the environnement on the overworld and different maps.
  • In The Lost Age's internal list of facial portraits, hidden beyond even what's viewable in the Debug Rooms also appears to be this bizarre image resembling the "Masked Felix" portrait, with odd coloring and red strings of pixels. It is placed right after the "normal" version of the Masked Felix portrait and right before the second copy of Felix's normal facial portrait seen in the debug room. Considering it does not reside within the first game's internal list of portraits, it does not seem likely that it's a scrapped draft of the Masked Felix portrait, so the reason for its existence cannot be guessed.
  • In Golden Sun, the oracle Hama tells Isaac's party that Felix bears "a terrible fate, a burden I would not wish on any man." This piece of information is probably describing what Felix must go through in the current two games: that he must labor to save the world with Alchemy's release while being opposed by his former childhood friends Isaac and Garet, and also perhaps that Felix would end up destroying his own parents in the final battle at Mars Lighthouse. This last point is somewhat contentious because Hama does not tell Isaac that he would be sharing in that same fate, as Isaac would have joined Felix's cause by the end of the game to take part in that battle anyway.
  • Interestingly enough, Felix's name means "lucky" or "happy," which is fitting, as Felix survives death at many points in the story (Washed away by a river, falling off a lighthouse and then drifting into the ocean, only to wash up by his sister) and also odd, as Felix has the lowest default luck stats wise.
  • Felix is one of several Golden Sun characters whose official pieces of promotional artwork (the first of the aforementioned two, in Felix's particular case) are featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as collectible "Spirits," of which Felix is among the vast majority that requires a player intent on collecting his Spirit to win an accompanying match scenario. What can be considered "his" battle theme from The Lost Age has been featured as a remixed musical track in the Smash series since Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii.


  • In Vale in the present at the inn
Felix: (masked, and visibly distressed at the sight of Isaac) "Hey... Boy... Do you have business with me?" (If Isaac says no) "Then I suggest you stop wasting my time." (Or if Isaac says yes) "That's too bad, because I have no business with you. Be off!"
  • In the Elemental Star Chamber
Felix: "I know I've caused you much grief, Jenna. It was a miracle that I survived that day..."
Saturos: "We are the ones who saved him."
Menardi: "We saw him floating unconscious in the river as we passed."
Felix: "I've been with them ever since... I've experienced a lot."
Jenna: "But why? Why did you leave me all alone..."
Felix: "Jenna..."
Jenna: "My own brother... I thought you were dead!"
Saturos: "Save this teary reunion for later."
Felix: "Alex... Are you breaking our promise?"
Alex: "Conditions have changed since we made that promise."
Felix: "Jenna's not any part of this. I won't let you hurt her!"
Felix: "Hey, don't push my sister!"
Menardi: "Who do you think you're talking to? You owe us your life!"
  • At Mercury Lighthouse Aerie:
Felix: "Isaac and Garet shouldn't have come after us..."
  • At Venus Lighthouse Aerie:
Saturos: "Then why did you come back?"
Felix: "Because I have a different promise to keep."
Menardi: "A promise, you say? You must mean Sheba..."
Felix: "Yes, Sheba. Why haven't you released her yet? You promised to free her once you got into Venus Lighthouse."
Felix: "Come with me, Sheba! I shall protect you!"
Felix: "I don't need you or anyone to rescue me, Isaac! I was just about to settle things with Saturos and Menardi... You can watch! And then we'll show you the true power of this beacon's light! But... Sheba has nothing to do with this! So set Sheba free!"
Saturos: "Silence! You'd best tread lightly, Felix, or both you and Sheba will suffer!"
Ivan: "Felix! What are you doing?"
Felix: "I cannot give up Sheba..."
Garet: "What!? But we just saved you!"
Felix: "I never asked you to help us..."
Mia: "Felix, you're not one of them. You're free to go now... So why are you doing this?"
Felix: "The four beacons must still be lit..."
Ivan: "You're going to light the beacons!? That's ridiculous!"
Felix: "I felt you'd say that. But I'm going to do it anyway!"
Garet: "So, wait... If he means to light the beacons, then he's our enemy, right?"
Felix: (If Isaac says yes) "Do what you will, Isaac, but if you try to stop me, I'll fight you."
Menardi: "What are you waiting for? Go! Now!"
Felix: "No. I cannot leave you to fight them alone."
Saturos: "Are you saying you don't want to lose to Isaac?"
Menardi: "I wonder if that's true..."
Felix: "What was that?"
Menardi: "Wouldn't you be just a little sad to see your childhood friend perish?"
Felix: "What are you saying?"
Menardi: "I'm saying you're here to protect this brat from your past."
Felix: "Do you really think that I would help them?"
Menardi: "Let's just say that I wouldn't put it past you."
Felix: "And you, Saturos? Do you agree?"
Saturos: "I wouldn't say that... But it would be best not to raise our suspicion."
Felix: "Now, who's telling whom what's best! Fine! I'll take Sheba for you! Come on, Sheba!"
Felix: (After Isaac slays Saturos and Menardi) "Did you finish them? No one knew their power better than I did. If you destroyed them... Then I am no match for you now, Isaac... I must go... Come, Sheba!"
Mia: "Wait, Felix!"
Ivan: "Why do you run from us?"
Garet: "They fell into the lighthouse. It's all over!"
Felix: "Poor fools... If you think it's over, you are sadly mistaken!"
Felix: (Sheba hangs off the side of Venus Lighthouse during an earthquake) "Noooo! Sheba! Hold on, Sheba! Take my hand!"
Sheba: "I can't..."
Felix: "You must try! If you don't, you'll fall!"
Sheba: "Look down... The foundations of the lighthouse are crumbling!"
Felix: "Why is this happening? Is it to protect Venus Lighthouse?"
Sheba: "I'm slipping... I can't hold on any longer..."
Felix: "Nooo! Don't let go! You can't! You'll..."
Sheba: "Good-bye, Felix, and thank you." (Sheba falls off the tower to an apparent death.)
Felix: "SHEBA!!! No! I won't let you die!" (Felix jumps clean off the tower after her.)
Isaac: "!!!"
Garet: "Sheba fell after that last tremor..."
Ivan: "Felix didn't dive into the sea after her, did he?"
Mia: "I can't believe he did that from so high up!"
Garet: "You idiot, Felix! I can't believe he said he'd light the other beacons."
Ivan: "We would have had to fight him if this hadn't happened..."
Mia: "But he sacrificed himself to save Sheba. He's not like Saturos."
  • In Golden Sun: The Lost Age's epilogue in front of the destroyed town of Vale:
Felix: "Isaac... Garet... I understand what you're feeling. I've felt it, too. But standing here won't bring them back. Let's go back to Vault. We can rest there and think..."

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