Golden Sun Universe
Father of Felix.gif

Mother of Jenna.gif Felix and Jenna's parents are former residents of Vale .

The parent's watch helplessly as their son hangs on for his life.

Significance in the plot[]

Three years before the start of Golden Sun, they, along with their son Felix and Isaac's father Kyle, are seemingly killed in the Mt. Aleph boulder disaster. However, all four of them are saved by the scale-skinned Mars Adepts Saturos and Menardi, who unintentionally caused the disaster while trying to find the Elemental Stars. Felix and his parents are taken to the Mars Adepts' home town, Prox, a town far in the Northern Reaches that is plagued by perpetual winter. While Saturos and Menardi take Felix with them when they journey to unleash Alchemy, the parents are forced to remain in Prox throughout most of both games. However, near the end of Golden Sun: The Lost Age they and Kyle are lured to Mars Lighthouse by the Wise One and transformed into a single, colossal dragon named the Doom Dragon. The Wise One then forces Isaac and Felix's combined party to battle the dragon as a test of resolve before they can light the final beacon. After the battle, the dragon reverts back into Felix's parents and Kyle, shocking all but Isaac (who knew all along). Though all are saddened by their apparent deaths, the Adepts decide to light the beacon regardless. After the Mars beacon is lit and Alchemy returns to Weyard, the resulting wave of energy revives them. Like Kyle and Dora, they are the grandfather and the grandmother of Matthew.