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The Festival Coat is an Clothing-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found by searching a large wooden crate in the lower right house in the town Izumo, and can be found more easily with the Reveal Psynergy. As a clothing-class item, it is equippable by all Adepts. Its buy value is 2800 coins and its sell value is 2100.

The Festival Coat increases base Defense by 28. In addition, it increases the equipped Adept's base Luck rating by 10.

This is a very useful piece of equipment both because of its statistics and by virtue of the fact it can be easily picked up for free as soon as the Great Eastern Sea becomes explorable with the Lemurian Ship. Get it from Izumo as soon as you can sail, since it will save you the money of having to buy one piece of armor for whichever Adept you would be equipping this on. It is likely to last much of the length of the Great Eastern Sea segment of the game due to its Defense alone, and its Luck boost is notably high as well.

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