Golden Sun Universe
"Restore HP with calming water."

Fizz when used in battle.

Mercury djinn.gif Fizz (フィズ Fizz) is a Mercury Djinni found in Golden Sun, and is numerically the first Mercury Djinni in the games' official Djinni ordering.


Fizz is automatically Set onto Mia when she first joins your party.

Fizz is a Djinni that is automatically handed to you as you play through the game, being present on Mia as soon as she joins your party in Mercury Lighthouse somewhat early on in Golden Sun. Aside from Flint, Fizz is the only Djinni in the game that is impossible not to obtain.


When Set, it increases base HP by 9, base PP by 4, and base Defense by 3.

When Fizz's battle effect is used, a targeted Adept on the player's side is cured by an amount equal to 60% of their maximum HP. The effect is nearly identical to the Mercury Djinni Spring in The Lost Age, with that restoring 70% of maximum HP.

Ability analysis[]

In Golden Sun, while it may appear practical as a battle option, Fizz isn't very useful because of the abundance of easy-to-use and direct healing items and Psynergy available. And while Fizz's is one of the only effects available that cures HP based on the maximum HP meter - making its worth grow over the course of the game as the Adepts gain more HP - the party's items and Psynergy augment as well. There will be cases where using Fizz won't cure as well as a dose of Ply would, and that it saves a little PP does not seem enough of an advantage to make up for that. Nonetheless, it must also be said that it could be used simply because it is a Djinni, and therefore more helpful than any healing Psynergy when the player is setting up for a summon. This point is noteworthy during the battle with Saturos on Mercury Lighthouse, where Fizz's user can heal and partially set up Nereid in one turn.

In The Lost Age, when Isaac's party joins Felix's party along with their returning Djinn, Fizz's effect is nearly worthless because Spring, which is automatically acquired when Piers joins a long time beforehand, recovers HP by an amount equal to 70% of the target's maximum HP. And even Spring is impractical owing to the straightforward healing options available at that point.

Name Origin[]

"Fizz" is the bubbles in carbonated water. The Mercury element is associated with water.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japanese フィズ Fizz
English Fizz
Spanish Burbuja Bubble
German Sprudel Sparkling
French Peps Peppy
Italian Bolle Bubbles

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