Force.gif The Force Psynergy is a Utility Psynergy introduced in Golden Sun. An Adept can obtain it if he or she is equipped with the Orb of Force item, which is found in a treasure chest in Fuchin Falls Cave. It is one of the few Psynergies that is not aligned with one of the elements.

In Golden Sun[edit | edit source]

Force can be used on empty stumps to drive out whatever may be concealed inside them, as well as to knock over logs.

The Force Psynergy is used on either empty tree stumps, such as those seen in Mogall Forest, to drive out whatever may be hiding within them, or on wooden logs standing upright, such as those in Altin Peak and the Colosso Finals. Collecting this Psynergy is not required to reach the game's end, however. If the player does not have the Orb in their inventory when they reach a certain point in the Altin Peak dungeon, a hidden comedic cutscene will ensue: Garet, angered by the apparent dead end, will strike a log, knocking it over into the wall and causing the boulder to fall as if Force was used.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age[edit | edit source]

The Orb of Force and its Psynergy can appear in the inventory of Isaac's party in Golden Sun: The Lost Age if any form of data transfer is used and it was collected in the previous game. If Isaac does not join with this Psynergy in his collection, the player will miss the chance to aquire the Mars Djinni, Shine, that can be found hiding in a stump in Contigo. As well, a treasure chest visible from Sunshine's smithy in Yallam will remain forever out of reach. It contains one of the game's strongest weapons, the Masamune.

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