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I was considering adding anymations to all the weapon unleash andsummon pages but there's a few things i'd like to know before i start.

  • Is it ok to replace a screenshot taken at some point during the animation by a gif of the whole thing or should the gif go into the gallery or something.
  • How they should be optimized, personally my laptop couldn't handle the standard 100 frames per second i get when recording from the rom so i reduced it to 50 and doubled the duration of each frame, should i do more/less frames.

Also when possible i like to cut off just before the normal background returns (when possible without removing the whole part where the enemies get hit) so the amount of colors doesn't get reduced as much, here's an example:

  • And last but not least, does anyone even think they should(n't) be added?

I think it's a great idea but it's a hell of an undertaking. :P I mean, almost 25% of the articles on this wiki are on artifact weapons. And if you do decide to try, create a gallery to put it in with the second button from the right on the editing page, as I believe thats where GSU commonly puts animated gifs of gameplay. Hope this helps and good luck. Caasi (talk) 15:27, June 28, 2010 (UTC)
I'd rather that not happen, that gif is 1 meg, and one meg per page is a LOT of download for some of us. Simply put, if that would happen I would basically be unable to view the wiki. Slax01 22:53, June 28, 2010 (UTC)
Not saying it wouldn't take a while but using the debug room and getting a good routine in it will make it feasible, right now it's taking alot of time because i'm trying out all sorts of stuff to see which way would be best (right now i'm also considering putting a pause at the end of the loop so it feels less hectic watching it.
I played around with the amount of frames before saving and optimizing, starting from the one above they are at
0.02 SpF - 1.556 KB (seconds per frame)
0.05 SpF - 783 KB left one
0.10 SpF - 363 KB right one
After that it becomes more of a slideshow than an animation imo.
Sorry for making this a heavy page to load but here's the other versions so you can judge how much quality is lost, really need to get this right from the start it's not something i'd want to redo afterwards.
MegiddoD5 MegiddoD10
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