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The BackstoryEdit

A while back Wikitroid, the Metroid wiki, created seperate articles for the New Play Control! versions of both Metroid Prime titles. Personally I don't believe that ports of games deserve their own articles. In fact I'm pretty sure but not entirely positive general rules on all wikis state this. Remakes are another story though, they of course desrve their own articles as was the case of Metroid: Zero Mission.

The ArgumentEdit

Why is all this important you ask? While creating this months poll it got me thinking about possible ports of both Golden Sun titles. If they were to be ported over to the DS with almost no additions would they in turn get their own articles? They would still be the same games we know and love. But many gaming wikis believe that because it is technicaly a new product it would be entitled to it's own article.

The ProblemEdit

We ourselves don't follow all the wikia guidelines. Our articles have walkthroughs and we as users see no problem with this. For a gaming wiki walkthroughs are normally accepted and not alot of people fight them. Would we in turn be hypocrites for not allowing ports to have their own articles but keeping all the walkthroughs?

The DiscussionEdit

For me personally I have no problem with walkthroughs. In fact I posted many, if not all of them. But I am against ports having their own articles. A port almost always has nothing new to offer. So if the time comes will the GS ports have their own articles?Zabbeth 17:26, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

I'd say that depends on whether there's a significant amount of changed/enhanced content that ends up making ports quite distinctified from the original versions to begin with. A few new items and monsters and bosses probably won't cut it, but if there's stuff like many dungeon layouts and puzzles being changed around, additional gameplay systems such as getting furs off monsters to trade for exotic items, a way of getting each class to have its own "experience bar" or something, thus allowing a host of all new, flashy combat moves... By that point it would be worth it to have a page on the port with a comprehensive list on each change and addition. BTW, I look on the Chrono wiki and I see it has a page on Chrono Trigger DS, and that port was more like a remake with entire new dungeons and bosses and a lot of stuff similar to what I noted above. Erik Jensen (Appreciate me here!) 17:49, 3 April 2009 (UTC)
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