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I got bored and curious, so:

If you could make your own Golden Sun NPC, how would you make him/her? (By NPC I mean non-player character) Just fill out the following list, I wanna see what people come up with:

  • Location- Where would your person be found? (you can put new rooms into existing locations to fit your person in, but no making new locations)
  • Description- Looks like? Element? Utility Psynergy? Backstory? Etc...
  • Moveset- If the character were to partake in battle, what weapons, monster skills (if an enemy), items and psynergy would they use? (no Djinni or Summons, unless you do something like Valukar)- nothin' wrong with making up new moves, it adds originality, but don't overdo it. Also, try and keep it thematic -giving a Mercury Adept Meggido just makes no sense.
  • Script- How would the player meet your person? (nothing that would alter the story though)
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