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Fuchin Temple is a Temple in north-eastern Angara which is modeled on East-Asian culture and architectural styles. It is south-east of Kolima and North of the northern entrance to Mogall Forest. The monks of Fuchin temple use a series of large water caves behind a water fall in front of the temple as a testing grounds for young monks. This is called Fuchin Falls Cave. The cave involves the use of rolling logs to move across sections of water and is where you obtain the Force Psynergy. There is also a Jupiter Djinni inside. Fuchin Temple contains a Psynergy stone that re-spawns every time you leave the temple onto the overworld, or enter Fuchin Falls Cave. This may be to compensate for Fuchin Temple being the last settlement before the dangerous Mogall Forest, a dungeon-like location.

Unicorn Ring.gif A Unicorn Ring is in the pot to the right of the head monk, Nyunpa.

In Golden Sun[]

Isaac and his party arrive at the Fuchin Temple after crossing the bridge over the Kolima River and passing southwards towards the Mogall Plains. However, a mighty and treacherous forest has arisen up where the steppes of Mogall used to be, and has become a seemingly endless maze. If Isaac chooses to speak to the head monk, Nyunpa's mind, Nyunpa grants Isaac the chance to test himself and his allies in the waterfall grotto, and that if they succeed at the trial, he would teach them how to travel successfully through the forest. It is possible to navigate the forest on one's own, and Isaac may as well skip the Fuchin Temple altogether in favor of traversing the forest without guidance. However, should he do so, he would miss the utility Psynergy Force, a Jupiter Djinni, and a number of treasures, such as the Arctic Blade.

After completing the trial of Fuchin Falls Cave and returning to the Temple exterior with the Orb of Force, Nyunpa teaches Isaac the way of using Ki, a spiritual energy that would help him navigate Mogall Forest peacefully by following apes in the forest. Completing this trial is also necessary to seeing the entirety of the Xian sidequest, and the Orb of Force is needed for getting certain optional treasures in The Lost Age.

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