The Full Metal Vest is the very first Artifact found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found in a treasure chest in the entrance area of the Dehkan Plateau. It can be purchased for 1100 coins and sold for 825 coins.

The Full Metal Vest is unique among Artifacts in that it has no special effect. It increases Defense by 21, and does nothing else. The only reason it could be considered an Artifact is its uniqueness; some also argue that the huge amount of Defense it provides at such an early point in the story also make it worthy of being an Artifact.

The Full Metal Vest is usually given to Jenna or Sheba, as they have low Defense and need the extra boost. From there, given the length of time it takes for a stronger piece of equipment to appear, the Full Metal Vest can linger in the possession of someone for quite some time.

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