The Fur Coat is a Clothing-class item, found in Kolima Forest by solving a log puzzle. Being a clothing-class item, it can be worn by all Adepts. It is unique in that it is a common item found only in a chest. This makes it one of the few pieces of equipment that, when sold, cannot be bought back. Other examples include the Psynergy Armor, at least in Golden Sun (in The Lost Age, the Psynergy Armor can be bought in Mikasalla's shop, so there are an infinite number of them; but this is unfortunately not the case for Fur Coats).

It grants the wearer a defense bonus of +16 and a Mercury resistance bonus of +20.

The Fur Coat's usefulness will vary depending on whether Imil or Kolima is visited first. If you decide to go to Kolima first, then its Mercury resistence can be very useful when you then head north to Mercury Lighthouse, where many monsters boast Mercury-based powers; it also has the most defense of any armor up to that point. If the player decides to go to the Mercury Lighthouse first, then the Adept's Clothes will outclass it, at least in terms of defense. It is still useful for its resistance, though, even as far as when the player fights the water statues in Altin.

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