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Golden Sun: Dark DawnEdit


Isaac Sprites
Weapon Position Attacking Casting Hit Downed
lBlade Front Isaac lBlade Front Isaac lBlade CastFront1Isaac lBlade CastFront2 Isaac lBlade HitFront Isaac lBlade DownedFront
Back Isaac lBlade Back Isaac lBlade Attack1Isaac lBlade Attack2 Isaac lBlade CastBack1Isaac lBlade CastBack2 Isaac lBlade HitBack Isaac lBlade DownedBack
lSword Front Isaac lSword Front Isaac lSword CastFront1Isaac lSword CastFront2 Isaac lSword HitFront Isaac lSword DownedFront
Back Isaac lSword Back Isaac lSword Attack1Isaac lSword Attack2 Isaac lSword CastBack1Isaac lSword CastBack2 Isaac lSword HitBack Isaac lSword DownedBack
Axe Front Isaac Axe Front Isaac Axe CastFront1Isaac Axe CastFront2 Isaac Axe HitFront Isaac Axe DownedFront
Back Isaac Axe Back Isaac Axe Attack1Isaac Axe Attack2 Isaac Axe CastBack1Isaac Axe CastBack2 Isaac Axe HitBack Isaac Axe DownedBack
Mace Front Isaac Mace Front Isaac Mace CastFront1Isaac Mace CastFront2 Isaac Mace HitFront Isaac Mace DownedFront
Back Isaac Mace Back Isaac Mace Attack1Isaac Mace Attack2 Isaac Mace CastBack1Isaac Mace CastBack2 Isaac Mace HitBack Isaac Mace DownedBack
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