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The Golden Boots are Boots available in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and can be obtained when leaving Madra after receiving the Cyclone Chip.

The Golden Boots increase the wearer's defense by 15 and agility by 30, and they can be bought for 4400 coins and sold for 3300 coins.

Like the other "golden items" (the Golden Ring and Golden Shirt), the Golden Boots are only available to players who meet certain requirements in Golden Sun and then transfer their data to The Lost Age. In order to make the boots available, all the player must do is talk to the mayor of Vault after the thieves escape. In The Lost Age when leaving Madra, the criminals appear and attack Felix's party, having overheard Karst mention Isaac. Upon defeat, the thieves offer the Golden Boots as a sort of peace offering.

The Golden Boots are essentially an improved version of the Quick Boots, offering far greater defensive capabilities, and are an excellent fit for any Adept that needs a speed boost. But since there is only one pair of Golden Boots to work with (unless they are duplicated via the Trial Road glitch), it is important to choose carefully who to equip them to.

  • It is important to note that if you update your save file after receiving the cyclone chip, but before you leave Madra, you will still be unable to obtain the Golden Boots.

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