The Golden Ring is a Ring available in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is automatically received upon entering Champa, but only if the player meets certain requirements.

The Golden Ring has as its Use Effect an emulation of the Resist Psynergy, which raises the resistances of all currently battling Adepts by 20. It can be bought for 4000 coins and sold for 3000 coins.

Like the other "golden items" (the Golden Shirt and Golden Boots), the Golden Ring is only available to players who meet certain requirements in Golden Sun and then transfer their data to The Lost Age. The Golden Ring is arguably the easiest of the golden items to obtain since the player is not required to battle in order to receive it. In Golden Sun, after Master Hama teaches Ivan how to use Reveal, follow Hama and Feizhi to the Alpine Crossing, where Feizhi's friend Hsu is trapped under a boulder. The player must use Reveal to reach Hsu and then use Lift to raise the boulder while Hama and Feizhi pull Hsu to safety. In The Lost Age, Feizhi arrives in Champa to give Isaac the Golden Ring as a good luck charm. Since Isaac isn’t around, she gives it to Felix so that he can give it to Isaac for her, although the player is free to do with it as he/she wants.

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