Golden Sun Universe

The following is a miniature, spoiler-free walkthrough for Golden Sun: The Lost Age that is for players who do not want to be led by the hand throughout the entire game, but want to make sure that they're not missing anything important or valuable from the previous dungeon before moving on to the next town or dungeon.

Also see the quick spoiler-free walkthrough for Golden Sun.

Preliminary information[]

  • When a new game is started up, you have the opportunity to enhance your game file with transfer data from a Clear Data save file from the previous Golden Sun. The game's packaging and manual, together with the appearance of the various screens comprising the password data transferring feature, make it no secret that late in The Lost Age, the four playable characters of the first game - Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia - will join as additional party members to the game's new four-person party comprised of Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers, and that part of the function of data transfer is to make Isaac's party just the way they were at the end of the first game when the Clear Data file was saved. If either the gold password or a direct connection via Game Link Cable is used, the characters' inventories, coin wealth, levels, Djinn collection, boosts from items like Power Bread, and possession of utility Psynergy items such as the Orb of Force are preserved, and the status of certain events from the first game influence/create events in The Lost Age.
  • Whether or not you make use of Clear Data transfer when you start the new game, the option to apply a Clear Data file's effects on a The Lost Age game in progress remains available on the main menu screen with the Update feature. It can be done with different Clear Data files. When using the Update feature, any game file that has saved beyond a certain event, the one where Isaac's party has since joined Felix's, will no longer be compatible with the Update feature, instead appearing as "Post-Reunion Data".
  • This game's save files can be saved as Clear Data files as well, though for ostensibly nowhere near as much purpose as in the first game; there is no similar password data transfer function that lets the game feature connectivity with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn on Nintendo DS. Rather, the purpose of saving a Clear Data file includes unlocking every song in the hidden Sound Test feature in the game's Battle Mode for that file. Also, having a Clear Data file allows you to start a new game of The Lost Age with one of two all-new replay modes in effect: Easy Mode, where you replay the whole game with all characters starting off at the levels they were at in the end of the selected Clear Data file; or Hard Mode, where you replay the whole game as normal, but with all enemies having 1.5x as much HP and 1.25x as much Attack and Defense. These modes are purely voluntary and have no additional rewards to completing them.

Initial land-bound segment[]

This comprises roughly the first quarter of the game.


  • Once the new game has been started and all the introductory cutscenes have transpired, you are placed in control of a single-person party comprised entirely of a level 5 Jenna, located in the very same "exit portion" of Venus Lighthouse that was explored by Isaac in the first game. You are to guide Jenna out of the exit a short ways away (though Jenna can get to the chest that contained the Lucky Cap in the previous game, she will only get an Herb). You will be led in cutscenes to Suhalla Gate, which will linearly lead you towards the area with the half-sunken ship seen in the previous game, and along the way you fight off Ruffian enemies with Jenna's powerful Fume Psynergy. When you get there, the next series of lengthy cutscenes eventually has you gaining control of Felix, and whether you talk to everyone else or attempt to leave them all behind, they will be in your party by the time you leave your new starting point: the top part of the small continent of Indra. Your journey begins with your party comprised of Felix, Jenna, and Sheba.
  • In the first town you enter, Daila, the only thing of lasting note is that you can spend your limited money on armor for much-needed defense points in the town's vendors (as a general rule in this game compared to the last one, refrain from buying weapons of any sort from town shops, because weapons you find in dungeons and have forged from materials later on are much more powerful and valuable than them). Immediately after exiting Daila down south, you will automatically acquire your first Djinni of this game, the Venus Djinni Echo. Travel southwest and follow the route to the location called Kandorean Temple.
  • Kandorean Temple appears to be closed, but simply go left and up and use the Whirlwind Psynergy on the bush to access the interior. After a short cutscene with Master Poi, enter the cavernous dungeon area of the temple to go through the game's first dungeon. Players of the first game will notice that the dungeons of this game have far more of a focus on puzzles than before. Along the way through, there is a chest containing the Mysterious Card, the first of three equippable items that change the character's class to something all new, which in this case is the Pierrot class series. After the game's first boss battle against three enemies named Chestbeaters, another cutscene with Poi rewards you with the Lash Pebble that bestows the Lash Psynergy needed to interact with coiled ropes. Backtrack to the point where a Mercury Djinni is visible on a ledge to the upper right, use Lash on the rope, and you may battle and earn your first Mercury Djinni, Fog. Retreat out of the dungeon and leave Kandorean Temple.
  • Travel back north and east and enter the cave to the right of Daila, which is a dungeon named the Shrine of the Sea God. This is a dungeon that you will be returning to later in the game to complete, but for now in the small area of it that can be explored are cutscenes with the boys Riki and Tavi, and you use Lash on the coiled rope to help them out. After they leave, chase down, trap, and engage your first Jupiter Djinni, Breath. Leave the Shrine of the Sea God, and you may want to return to Daila and enter the mayor's manor to trigger a sometimes-missed cutscene. Then go southeast.
  • When you reach Dehkan Plateau, a long dungeon-style pathway through the mountains, the way you will solve your way through the area revolves around chasing a Mars Djinni throughout the entire location. You will end up landing down on the Mars Djinni and relieving it of the Pound Cube that bestows the Pound Psynergy at one point, and at a later point you will use Pound on a pillar to prevent the Djinni from escaping so that you can fight it and earn your first Mars Djinni, Cannon. Going through Dehkan Plateau should also indicate to players of the first game that artifacts found in dungeons in this game are far more powerful and valuable than much of what you can buy from stores; you can find the Full Metal Vest and the Themis' Axe in chests, as well as a Mint. When you eventually complete Dehkan Plateau, you will reemerge in the overworld map in Indra's center east portion.
  • Immediately a short ways down from Dehkan Plateau's exit is a ship location on a beach, which triggers a cutscene; for now, you can't do anything here. Proceed west, and when you come across a cave location, solve a simple puzzle inside it to gain the first of thirteen Summon Tablets hidden throughout the game - thus you are rewarded with the ability to summon Zagan, one of thirteen all-new Summon sequences that take different amounts of two types of Djinn and have additional side effects along with their attacks. Head to the lowest quadrant of Indra, and while you may go west into what little space of Gondowan Cliffs you can explore and find some tribal warriors hiding out in a cave, your destination is the town of Madra to the east. Before entering the town, however, fight random battles in the forest to the immediate left of the town until you encounter and defeat your second Venus Djinni, Iron.
  • After a cutscene that occurs when you enter the town of Madra, you can shop, as well as explore and reach the chest to the upper left that contains the Nurse's Cap for Jenna or Sheba to wear. Trigger an important cutscene in the jail to the lower left of town, which directs you east to the continent of Osenia. This town has two different entrances to a dungeon-esque area underneath named the Madra Catacombs, but due to your insufficient Psynergy abilities at this point, the only treasure you can loot from here is a chest containing the Tremor Bit that bestows the Tremor Psynergy. If you still want to get the Tremor Bit now, go to the far right of the town before entering the gate and you will be able to bypass having to use Psynergy you don't yet have. Leave the catacombs and the town, head to the upper right past Madra Drawbridge, and go through the location connecting the continents of Indra and Osenia, Osenia Cliffs. A chest in Osenia Cliffs contains the Pirate's Sword.

Western and Central Osenia[]

  • The continent of Osenia - specifically, the two-thirds of it that can be explored at this point - is a non-linear segment of the quest, but there is a particular logic to what order it should be completed in. You may want to first go to the green area above a "U"-shaped river that the world map shows is shortly south of the two desert-like areas, and fight random battles until you encounter and defeat your second Mercury Djinni. Sour. Then go back whence you came and enter the left desert from its western end to begin an exploration of Yampi Desert.
  • The Yampi Desert is an extended dungeon-style location featuring two entrances/exits on its west and northeast ends and a one-way exit out of its southeast end. Pound your way to the chest with the Guardian Ring - the only ring that enhances statistics when equipped, and is an excellent fit on Sheba - and as you go through the series of screens right beyond where a mass of townspeople from Madra are located, you can get to and fight and earn the second Jupiter Djinni, Blitz, and eventually you can reach the boss battle with the King Scorpion. Defeating it earns you the Scoop Gem that bestows the Scoop Psynergy, and using Scoop gets you out of its lair. Back at the screen with the townspeople, use Scoop on a circle of sand within four stones and you have access to another series of screens, throughout which you can collect a Hard Nut, the Blow Mace, and the Trainer's Whip, which is the Class-changing item that provides the Tamer class series. At the right side of the last main screen, the upper exit leads you to the town of Alhafra while the lower exit deposits you at the center of the continent, and you'd have to go all the way through Yampi Desert from its east end to reach Alhafra again.
  • A boss battle in Alhafra would be very hard if you do it as soon as you can, but is designed to be more balanced to a party that has done everything else there is to do in Osenia first. With the Scoop Psynergy in hand, you can go to the southwest region of the continent and enter Mikasalla, a small town with a shop that has a few very powerful and expensive items, such as Psynergy Armor. A Lucky Pepper is present in a barrel in the inn. Most notably, cast Scoop in the center of the tiny farm and you are given access to your second Mars Djinni, Spark. After Mikasalla, go northeast to where the Mercury Djinni Sour was fought and battled (earn it here if you haven't already), and enter the cave immediately northeast of that; the Scoop Psynergy lets you collect your second Summon Tablet, Megaera. Now travel all the way into the right of the two deserts from the east, and enter the mountain dungeon of Air's Rock in its center.
  • The dungeon of Air's Rock is notorious in Golden Sun community circles for being the single most massive and time-consuming dungeon in the entire Golden Sun series, requiring at least two hours of investment. It is comprised of an immense climb up its exterior portion and two intertwining "dungeon paths" in its interior portion. Throughout the exterior portion you can collect the Storm Brand, the Fujin Shield, and a Cookie, and in the interior portion you can collect the Clarity Circlet, and a Mimic you can combat drops a Lucky Medal. There is also a tricky optional puzzle you would have to backtrack to after turning the interior "on" that lets you collect the third Summon Tablet, Flora. The ultimate reward at the end of the epic dungeon is Sheba learning the Reveal Psynergy, which is just as vital in this game as it was in the previous.
  • Upon completing Air's Rock, head down to the town of Garoh, and your visit to there is depicted as though it is the nighttime. Use Reveal to follow the werewolf, Maha, into his cavernous home, and after a cutscene leads to daytime returning, go to Maha and interact with him again; this eventually earns you the third Jupiter Djinni, Ether. The Reveal Psynergy also lets you get to a visible, elevated chest containing the Hypnos' Sword.
  • Now thoroughly empowered in both experience and inventory terms from the various things to do in Osenia, go through Yampi Desert again (you can use Reveal to get another Lucky Medal) to make it to the town of Alhafra, see a cutscene that occurs as you enter town, and check the second floor of the inn for another surprise (as well as collect an Apple from the water pot in that room). Go to the town's pier and ship, enter belowdecks, and trigger a cutscene that leads to the boss fight with Briggs and his Sea Fighters. After winning the battle, a very lengthy cutscene ensues. Afterward, go to the bottom room of the ship and use Tremor to get the Large Bread. Then try to fix up the ship until Jenna says you can't do anymore. Return to the main town area, grab a Lucky Medal from a jar sandwitched between two destroyed houses, give the Large Bread to the crying boy, then go to the upper left corner of the town and the man will let you into a small dungeon-esque area underneath town named Alhafran Cave. The limited portion of it you can explore leads you to three chests that include the Ixion Mail and a Lucky Medal. Before leaving Alhafra, check the jail again for another cutscene. With your time on Osenia complete, now return all the way back to Madra.

Lower Gondowan[]

  • Back at Madra, after another cutscene at the gate, check the jail again to determine that your next destination is west. Your Reveal Psynergy lets you explore more of the Madra Catacombs, and the fact its entrance outside of the town walls to the right is being permanently sealed up is entirely inconsequential. You have the capacity to find an Apple and a Lucky Medal, but there are still treasures you cannot reach until later. Leave Madra and travel west to the location that bridges Indra and the lower portion of the continent of Gondowan, Gondowan Cliffs.
  • The immense screen that comprises the entirety of Gondowan Cliffs can be explored and gotten through starting with using the Scoop Psynergy on the spot in the ground in front of the dog. Along the way you can grab the red mushroom called the Laughing Fungus, which is ultimately a thing to sell for coins, and fight and earn the third Mars Djinni, Kindle. The green mushroom that you might see on-screen is not accessible until when you return back through Gondowan Cliffs later, so exit out of the left end to emerge into the lower tip of Gondowan.
  • First, go all the way down the central forested stretch of land at the continent's south tip, and fight random battles until you encounter and defeat the third Mercury Djinni, Chill. Then go north to the small town of Naribwe. Shop if necessary, but be sure to get the Thorn Crown from the lower right chest and the Unicorn Ring from the upper left invisible chest. You may want to note this town's Fortune Teller, which comprises a subtle hint system that can tell you the location of your next points of interest depending on whether you place in front of him a weapon, a piece of defensive equipment, a Utility Psynergy item, or any other item (in particular, using an armor indicates to you where your next yet-to-be-claimed Djinni is located). Leave Naribwe and head north.
  • You will be crossing through a complex series of screens that comprise the location Kibombo Mountains in a style similar to a stealth game, staying out of the sight of the patrolling guards lest you be dropped back at the entrance. Along the way, you can grab from chests the Disk Axe, the Power Bread, and a piece of forgeable material that you will be able to make use of later, a Tear Stone. The best solution to a tricky part involving a patrolling dog later on is to use the Tremor Psynergy at the side of a crate with a bone on it. Near the end of the location is a Jupiter Djinni that can't be accessed until when you return back through Kibombo Mountains later, so exit out of the left end to emerge on the other side of the mountain range.
  • Enter the town of Kibombo (the game will depict your visit as transpiring during the nighttime), and climb up and hop across the various rooftops and pillars of the town so that you enter the upper screen from the upper left end. After a series of cutscenes during which you use Move to push a pillar into a pit, you permanently gain your fourth party member for the game, the Mercury Adept warrior Piers - he brings along with him your fourth and fifth Mercury Djinn, Spring and Shade. Climb to the back area behind the giant statue, engage another cutscene, then use Scoop on the spot to the lower right to enter the Gabomba Statue.
  • As you make your way through the whirring, giant gears of the Gabomba Statue, a mouse demonstrates that you can climb, ride, and hop across the various gears to reach places, and you eventually want to Pound two pillars on either side of a flashing gear so that all the gears in the statue reverse direction. Along the way you can get the Bone Armlet from a chest, get a Hard Nut from felling a Mimic, and can reach, battle, and earn the third Venus Djinni, Steel. At the top of the statue is a room with a Pound-based circuit-alignment puzzle that is demonstrated via cutscene; solve it, and you have effectively completed the dungeon. Follow along with Akafubu, gain the Black Crystal Important Item, recall that there is a further dungeon below Gabomba Statue to be completed later, and reappear in the town in the daytime.
    • Rare item drop: If you fell a Red Demon with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Staff of Anubis, a Venus-based staff that is a good upgrade to at least one of your two staff-wielding Adepts for the time being.
  • Now you're traveling all the way back to Indra. Shop at Kibombo if you like, and grab a Lucky Pepper and a Lucky Medal from the town's jars. Travel down back through Kibombo Mountains, using Piers' Frost Psynergy along the way to get to, battle, and earn your fourth Jupiter Djinni, Waft. Pass back through Naribwe, then back through Gondowan Cliffs, along the way using Frost to get to the green mushroom that is the Healing Fungus. Back at Indra, travel back to the ship to trigger an often-missed cutscene, as well as use Frost to reach a Cookie in a crate to the left (this Cookie can be permanently missed later). Return to Madra, engage in important story-based cutscenes inside and outside the mayor's manor (during which you gain the Cyclone Chip that bestows the Cyclone Psynergy). Also give the Healing Fungus to an old couple in one two-story house to get the fourth Mars Djinni, Char. Afterward, with Piers' Frost Psynergy in tow, the Madra Catacombs can be visited once more and fully looted this time - get the Ruin Key from a chest that needs to be shaken off with the Tremor Psynergy and use it on the big red door at the basement to gain the fourth Summon Tablet, Moloch. Upon leaving the town, if this game file has been enhanced with Clear Data from a Golden Sun file in which the mayor of Vault had been spoken to later on, a cutscene leading to an easy fight with the Bandit and Thieves triggers, and you will gain the extremely useful Golden Boots. Now return to the ship.
  • Explore and solve your way through the ship's interior - you are required to pretty much slay every Aqua Jelly throughout the ship so you can use the puddle it leaves behind for the purposes of Frost. While not a large dungeon, in a room with six Aqua Jellies close together, interacting with the center Aqua Jelly triggers the long and tough boss fight with the powerful Aqua Hydra. Afterward, the room fills up with water, and you can now proceed to the ship basement where the Black Crystal will be inserted into the ship to power it up and propel the ship into the ocean. Now in possession of your very own ship to sail the enormous seas of the world with, a colossal new segment of the gameplay now begins.

The Great Eastern Sea[]

The segment of the game that spans the entire Great Eastern Sea is the most colossal and non-linear portion of the game. Not only are there a lot of different dungeons, there are different orders in which they can be completed, and various other islets and secret locations can be opened up and looted depending on what Psynergy you have collected from those dungeons. An important thing to keep in mind at all times, though, is that though you have seemingly endless freedom in your ship and can even land on continents featured in the first Golden Sun, none of the original game's overworld area and locations can ever be explored because they have been carefully blocked off at all points by the landscape - you can only explore the areas of the continents that were not explorable in the previous game.

Of the "main dungeons" on your quest, at least three are immediately explorable, and two more are able to be done afterward. Completing the rest of Shrine of the Sea God gets you one of three related Important Items that you need to collect - three prongs to a legendary weapon named the Trident. Completing Aqua Rock at the eastern edge of the world map lets you explore and complete Tundaria Tower on the southernmost continent and get its Trident prong, while completing Gaia Rock in the island nation of Izumo lets you explore and complete Ankohl Ruins on the bottom right of Angara to get its Trident Prong. After a series of events lets those three Prongs be reforged into the Trident, you have the ability to enter and make it through the Sea of Time into Lemuria; while it is technically possible to make it through the waterpool labyrinth the Sea of Time initially provides, without the Trident it will be impossible to damage and defeat the powerful boss guarding the end of that road.

Preliminary exploration[]

  • Enter the foggy Sea of Time through its bottom end and attempt to cross its whirlpools until you get yourself carried out by the fast river to see a cutscene. When you check the world map and see little spots in the oceans of the world, some of those spots hold valuable secrets; sail to the spot just southeast of the Sea of Time and press A to get a Rusty Axe, and sail to the spot east to the northeast-most island near the edge of the world and press A to get a Rusty Mace. These weapons and others like them in the future, while worthless as they are initially, may be reforged for a price into specific Artifact weapons, just like Forgeable materials like the Tear stone you collected, may be reforged into randomly determined Artifacts - all this is achieved at the town on the easternmost side of the continent of Osenia, Yallam.
  • When you first enter the Great Eastern Sea on your ship, amongst the many locations that open up simultaneously are no less than four towns: Yallam on the eastern side of Osenia, Apojii Islands at the easternmost tip of the world map, Izumo on the island northeast of the Sea of Time, and Champa at the bottom area of Angara. All four of these towns have vendors that sell their own equipment, including artifacts. Offensively you should probably hold off on any weapon artifacts sold in shops because the weapon artifacts you collect in the upcoming dungeons easily outperform those. Defensively, however, items useful for consideration are Plate Mails and the Blessed Robe sold at Champa and the War Gloves at Izumo.
  • There are various valuable things to collect in the aforementioned towns, as well as certain cutscenes to trigger. There is nothing too noteworthy to collect from Yallam's environment (a chest to the left of town can only be collected at the end of a Password-enhanced game), though a "song and dance cutscene" at the right screen of the screen is meant to indicate to the player that successfully crossing into the Sea of Time in the future revolves around the small volcanos (quite literally). In Apojii Islands, use the Cyclone Psynergy on the plants to the lower right of the main town area to uncover a Mint, and more importantly, cast the Douse Psynergy on the giant blue teardrop-shaped structure to remotely open up the entrance to Aqua Rock. In Izumo, check the large box in the lower-right building to get the valuable Festival Coat armor, and use Cyclone on the plants south of the town leader's house to find a Lucky Medal. And at Champa, if this game file has been enhanced with Clear Data from a Golden Sun file in which Hsu was rescued at Alpine Crossing, shortly after entering Champa a cutscene triggers with Feizhi, who gives you the Golden Ring that essentially lets any Adept use a PP-free equivalent to the Resist Psynergy. Explore the town, getting the Lucky Medal from a jar outside the third floor of the cliffs, and using Reveal to find the strong and valuable Viking Helm in the ring of gravestones near the entrance. When you attempt to leave Champa for the first time, a lengthy and very story-relevant cutscene triggers.
  • Yallam should prove the town you will revisit the most times in the game because it is the home of Sunshine the Blacksmith, living in the westernmost house with the chimney. He's the one who turns your collected Forgeable items and Rusty items into powerful but expensive artifacts; talk to him, show him one of these items, and he will tell you to come back later. All you need to do each time you give Sunshine an item to work with is to enter and exit the town's Sanctum before returning to the blacksmith, and you will be given the opportunity to pay for the item (though you won't be told the item's cost). The Rusty Axe and Rusty Mace will be reforged into the Captain's Axe and Hagbone Mace respectively, while the Tear Stone will be randomly forged into one of several available artifacts; perhaps the longest-lasting item the Tear Stone can provide is the Spirit Ring, which effectively provides any Adept with a PP-free equivalent to the Wish Well Psynergy. The amount of items you can be bringing in to Sunshine over the course of your journey, together with the aforementioned useful equipment sold at the vendors of various towns, will put a serious strain on your finances, though.
  • The island on the northwest corner of the world map, Treasure Isle, cannot be properly looted or explored at all until after you've completed the entire Great Eastern Sea segment, and the strength of the random monsters within reflect that that is when it should be initially explored. However:
    • Rare item drops: If you fell an Earth Golem with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop a Giant Axe. And if you fell a Turtle Dragon with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop a Blessed Mace.

Dungeons of the Great Eastern Sea[]

  • Sail back to Kibombo, and enter the Gabomba Statue through its tongue. Go down to where you got the Black Orb, and now you can explore the cavernous Gabomba Catacombs down the ladder. In the first screen with all the plants, use Cyclone at the northeast area and you should find yourself traveling through a hidden "cyclone hole" to the floor below, and you will drop right next to your fourth Venus Djinni to battle and earn, Mud. Cyclone is used throughout the dungeon. During your exploration of Gabomba Catacombs, one set of plants you can use Cyclone on will trigger a battle with a Mimic-style enemy called a Mad Plant, of which several others exist in the game. In another area, cast Cyclone on a large, contained mass of plants to uncover a Mint. At the end of the dungeon is a cutscene that will let you get the third and final class-changing item, Tomegathericon, the item that provides the Dark Mage class series. Retreat back to the entrance and leave Kibombo.
  • Return to Daila, and use Piers' Frost Psynergy to reach the Sea God's Tear rare item in the sanctum. Return to the Shrine of the Sea God, and both the Frost Psynergy and the Tear will let you explore the rest of the dungeon. In a room with several rushing rivers is a chest containing a Rusty Staff which, when reforged at Yallam, becomes the Glower Staff. Use the Tear on the massive statue at the end to be elevated up to the top of the dungeon, where you collect the first Trident prong, the Right Prong. The dungeon is now complete, so you may leave.
  • Return to Yallam, take its north exit out into the overworld map, and travel counterclockwise southwest of it until you get to Taopo Swamp, an optional and rather complex dungeon-style location. The swamp area can be crossed via running onto the various bubbling spots to resurface yourself, and from there you can get to a chest containing a Cookie. The screen with the main swamp area contains three separate cave entrances concealed by Whirlwind-able bushes, one you must get to with Growth, and each of these cave entrances leads to a set of cave areas that don't overlap with each other. The cave entrance to the left quickly leads to a Tear Stone you need to Scoop up. The cave entrance to the lower right leads to a complex where you can reach and battle via an air spout puzzle the fifth Venus Djinni, Flower. This area also has another half-buried Tear Stone, and a Mad Plant that can be found here drops a Lucky Medal. And the cave entrance beyond that reachable by Growth leads down to a volcanic area with a series of puzzles, and the final, most valuable reward here is one of the next stage of Forgeable item, Star Dust. About the only thing Star Dust can be forged into that is not worth much is the Stardust Ring.
  • Provided you cast Douse on the giant Aqua Stone in Apojii Islands, now commence your exploration and playthrough of Aqua Rock, which is almost as enormous as Air's Rock. The Douse Psynergy is easily the most used Psynergy throughout both the exterior and interior portion of the dungeon. On the exterior portion is a chest containing the powerful Mist Sabre. In the interior portion, you can collect a Tear Stone and a Lucky Pepper, and an Important item you both collect and use up in Aqua Rock is the Aquarius Stone. The ultimate reward at the end is Piers learning the Parch Psynergy. Parch is useful for collecting two more treasures in Aqua Rock: Removing the water out of the statue that prevents you from getting up to and fighting the sixth Mercury Djinni, Steam, and removing a small standing body of water below to collect the chest containing a Rusty Sword which, when reforged at Yallam, becomes the Robber's Blade.
  • Head down to the world's southeast corner and stop at E Tundaria Islet. Grab a Lucky Medal from a blue jar in the house, then roll down a log so that you can push Pengulina from the left to the right where Pengus is. Pengus will give you the Pretty Stone Rare item. Now land on and travel west across the entire length of the frozen Antarctic continent of Tundaria. Before entering the Tundaria Tower dungeon, travel southwest and battle until you encounter and defeat your fifth Jupiter Djinni, Wheeze. Then enter Tundaria Tower.
  • Use Parch, Reveal, and Pound to solve your way through Tundaria Tower, which is comparatively short to the other more massive dungeons of the game. Chests you can loot along the way to the top include a Hard Nut and a Mint, and a sliding-ice puzzle lets you bump into, battle, and earn your fifth Mars Djinni, Reflux. At the top of the tower is the Burst Brooch item that bestows the Burst Psynergy. Retreat down to the base of the tower and use Burst to retrieve your second Trident Prong from the ice, the Center Prong. Afterward, use Burst on a cracked ice wall to the left to access four chests; among them are the Lightning Sword, a Lucky Medal, and one of the next rank of Forgeable item, a Sylph Feather. Basically, any of the things the Sylph Feather can be forged into other than the Faery Vest are valuable.
    • Rare item drops: If you fell a Magicore with the attack effect of an offensive Mercury Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop Aura Gloves. And if you fell a Minotaurus with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Tartarus Axe.
  • With the Burst Psynergy in tow, the rock that prevents the broken ship in Alhafra from being repaired can now be removed. When you do so, you are led along by a series of cutscenes that results in the ship's departure from the town. Afterward, you may now explore the part of the Alhafran cave that you couldn't before, and collect three more minor treasures. Incidentally, if this game file has been enhanced with Clear Data from a Golden Sun file in which Deadbeard was defeated, then a relevant cutscene will now trigger in the second floor of Alhafra's inn.
  • The story directs you to sail north to Champa, which has since updated. Return to Champa and climb all the way up to where the giant forge is in the mountain, and a cutscene will allow you to leave and come back later. You may decide to stay and engage in the boss battle with the Avimander; if for whatever reason the boss is too challenging for you, you may complete the remaining dungeons and amass their remaining collectibles before returning. Following another cutscene, you have opened up the right to forge the Trident prongs into one coherent weapon, but you might not have them all by this point. Talking to Obaba will allow you to give your current prong(s) to her to free up space.
  • Go to Gaia Rock southeast of Izumo. The final room at its interior, if reached to and visited before doing anything else, shows you a cutscene involving a huge dragon named the Serpent that you will have to fight - but it is impossible to defeat at this point without solving the rest of this dungeon. So, climb up its exterior in the same dungeon style as the exteriors of the other Rocks you've explored. Along the way you can grab an Apple from a chest, and at the top of the mountain, use Reveal at an empty pedestal to find a Rare item called the Dancing Idol. Enter Gaia Rock's interior at its base entrance, and use the Idol on the similar pedestal near the entrance to explore the rest of the dungeon's interior, using Cyclone on various plants to expose the Serpent in the room below to up to four beams of focused sunlight. Once the four beams are up, proceed to the final room - along the way, you'll have to pass through a series of "Lost Woods"-style rooms in which the proper way forward is indicated by casting Growth on the green structure in the center of the room, and in one of these rooms is a chest containing a Rusty Mace which, when reforged at Yallam, becomes the Demon Mace. Fight and defeat the weakened but still powerful Serpent. After a cutscene, Felix learns to use the Sand Psynergy, and use Sand to get to the rightmost tip of the fluid and investigate to find the powerful Cloud Brand. Leave Gaia Rock.
    • Rare item drop: If you fell a Dread Hound with the attack effect of an offensive Mercury Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Prophet's Hat.
  • Return to Izumo and engage in a lengthy cutscene with Lady Uzume. Afterward, present her the Dancing Idol and she will reward you with your sixth Mars Djinni, Coal. Now go to the upper right area of town, move the leftmost pillar one space left, use Reveal and enter an optional dungeon undernath Izumo, Izumo Ruins, now explorable with the Sand and Parch Psynergies. This short dungeon rewards you with the Phantasmal Mail along the way and your fifth Summon Tablet, Ulysses, at the end.
    • Rare item drop: If you fell a Gressil with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop an Otafuku Mask.
  • Your Sand Psynergy lets you collect some further important treasures. Return to Apojii Islands and use Sand on the lower right area of the main town area's beach to pass into an area where you can drop down a waterfall and reach your sixth Jupiter Djinni, Haze. Now to make use of the Pretty Stone: Go to the island northwest of the Sea of Time, SE Angara Islet, grab a Lucky Medal, and Mind Read a bird to trade the Pretty Stone for the Red Cloth. Now go to the island southwest of the Sea of Time, N Osenia Islet, grab a Lucky Medal, use Sand to get to a cow, and Mind Read it to trade the Red Cloth for Milk. Now go to the island in between Indra and Gondowan, West Indra Islet, grab a Lucky Medal, and Mind Read a dog to trade the Milk for the Li'l Turtle. Finally go to the island southeast of the Sea of Time, Sea of Time Islet, grab a Lucky Medal, Mind Read the turtle Lonesome George, and give it the Li'l Turtle. From here on out, when you Mind Read the turtle, you can ride it to and from the secret dungeon Islet Cave. Explore the small part of Islet Cave you can, grabbing the Turtle Boots and a Rusty Staff that becomes the Dracomace when reforged, and fight and earn your sixth Venus Djinni, Meld. Then ride back.
  • Your Sand Psynergy also allows you to play through the next big dungeon, Ankohl Ruins east of Champa. This large, complex dungeon features a lot of Whirlwind-able bushes that should all be blown away, and when you get to a sort of "hub hallway" lined with large stone statue heads, the idea is to go down the left doorway, then when you're returned to the hallway via the center head's doorway much later, go down the right doorway. Noteworthy collectibles in the "left wing" include a Power Bread and a Thanatos Mace, and noteworthy collectibles in the "right wing" include the Muni Robe, a Sylph Feather, and the final prize at the tower's top, the Left Prong. Once you have all three prongs and have given them to Obaba in Champa, a cutscene will reward you with the Trident, finally letting you gain access to the interior of the Sea of Time.

The Sea of Time (Lemuria)[]

  • Enter the Sea of Time from the bottom end. To proceed past the powerfully rushing rivers in between the whirlpools, sail your ship around the small volcanoes that glow and sparkle until the river disappears for exactly two seconds, making it to the waters/whirlpools on the other side in time. Do it like this and you should be successful in going up the upper left corner of the screen. In the next screen, you will encounter the powerful boss Poseidon, who is invulnerable to all of your attacks until the first time you use the Trident on him. Destroy him, and then proceed onward to an overworld map area representing the ocean inside the Sea of Time's fog. Enter the location of Lemuria.
  • Sail through the caverns to a dock, disembark, and cast Move on a statue blocking your way - this triggers a lengthy cutscene. Afterward, you will enter the city of Lemuria. While there are no vendors here, this is the game's town that features the Lucky Medal Spring seen in Golden Sun, and like before, unloading all of your Lucky Medals into this fountain nets you all sorts of equipment stronger than what you're currently wearing (and the first time your Lucky Medal lands in the center, you are automatically rewarded with your sixth Summon Tablet, Eclipse. You'll have to go through a cutscene before you can properly explore the rest of the town. Using Reveal and Scoop everywhere, as well as using Growth and Cyclone, should net you a Hard Nut, a Lucky Medal, a Star Dust, and a Rusty Sword that becomes the Corsair's Edge when reforged. To progress through the story, go into the house northwest of the spring, then go into the tower to the right. Then you'll be able to enter the palace and engage in a lengthy cutscene that is very story-relevant. Following that, a chest appears containing the Grindstone that bestows the Grind Psynergy. Get back on your ship, and you will automatically leave Lemuria in a cutscene.
  • With the Grind Psynergy in your collection, immediately reenter Lemuria's waterways and use Grind on the massive brown rock formation to the left to access a small, overgrown location named Ancient Lemuria. Use Cyclone on the lone plant behind the wall to the lower left, then cast Tremor on the statue to collect your seventh Mercury Djinni, Rime. When you're done, leave Lemuria and go back down into the Sea of Time, and use Grind on the rock formations to the left to create a "shortcut" between the interior of the Sea of Time and the outside world via the sea's west path, and reappear in the outside world this way.
  • The Grind Psynergy allows you to explore the first portion of Treasure Isle to the northeast of the world map, for it is able to lower any raised thick earth pillars. You will be thus able to explore the upper floor and loot all the chests until you get to where a boulder blocks the lower floor from parties without the Lift Psynergy. You can get a Cookie, a Star Dust, a Sylph Feather, the Jester's Armlet, and a Rusty Axe that becomes the Viking Axe when reforged, and a Mimic you can fight here drops a Power Bread.
  • Sail down in between Gondowan and Indra, and enter the Gondowan Cliffs via the sea route. The large rock formation blocking your way south is removed with the Grind Psynergy. Once you pass through, you will have finally completed the Great Eastern Sea segment of the game, and will now begin the Great Western Sea.

The Great Western Sea[]

The last third of the game is where the GBA series comes to a head both story and gameplaywise.

Jupiter Lighthouse[]

  • While the Great Western Sea has much less space and fewer locations to contend with than the Eastern Sea, there is a preliminary exploration worth investing in all the same. First, in the upper center of the continent of Atteka reached by parking the ship at the western beach, fight until you encounter and earn your seventh Mars Djinni, Core. Then park at the small southwest beach of the continent of Hesperia, and investigate Hesperia Settlement and solve a quick puzzle to collect your eighth Mars Djinni, Tinder. Then sail into Hesperia's small northeasternmost river, disembark into the "V"-shaped area of forest just southeast of a desert, and fight until you encounter and earn your seventh Venus Djinni, Petra. Then go up to the small, white Kalt Island, get to and collect your eighth Mercury Djinni, Gel, and note the Apple dangling off the tree to the left; you would want to come back here later once you have the Catch Psynergy.
  • At the top of the Great Western Sea is an oceanic location named the Northern Reaches, which is obstructed by a huge ice wall at its end. You may find it extremely well worth it at this point to level grind here, because randomly battled here is the first of the Phoenix monster line, the Phoenix, which awards well over 3000 EXP each time it is felled. It, like its better palette-swapped variants down the road, should be felled by the attack effect of an offensive Mercury Djinni to maximize its EXP gain.
  • Various other non-Djinn treasures can be found in the Great Western Sea area before conducting any serious business. The small island at the southwest tip of the map, SW Atteka Islet, contains a chest holding one of the next class of Forgeable material, Dragon Skin. If after Isaac's party joins they do not have all seven of the previous game's Jupiter Djinn with them for whatever reason, one of those Djinn will be present in the Islet the next time you come here. Sail up the thick central river of Gondowan, depart and go northwest past the future dungeon Magma Rock, and you should appear at Gondowan Settlement, which has a Lucky Medal and a Star Dust to collect. Of the various small shallow spots dotting the Great Western Sea, pressing A on the spot immediately southwest of Osenia gets you a Rusty Sword that is reforgeable into the Pirate's Sabre, and pressing A on the spot north of the center portion of Hesperia gets you a Rusty Staff that is reforgeable into the Goblin's Rod.
  • For the sake of optimizing your party, you can sail into Atteka Inlet by sailing through the river connected to the lower right opening to make it into the continent's enclosed southwest area. Leave the location and go up to the town of Contigo, which has vendors. This is the town that has the Lucky Wheels minigame last seen in the previous game's Tolbi, and like that game you would want to unload all of your amassed Game Tickets here to outfit your Adepts with Hyper Boots, Quick Boots, Mythril Shirts, and Running Shirts. At the large square-shaped arrangement of plants to the right of where you enter the town, don't use Cyclone, but rather, Scoop the one bare spot in the center to acquire your eighth Venus Djinni, Salt. There's also a Power Bread at the northeast part of town in a barrel. And at the exterior entrance to the Anemos Sanctum, use Reveal to walk into the front entrance, and a chest at the immediate dead-end you come across has a Dragon Skin. The future dungeon to the northwest of Contigo, Jupiter Lighthouse, cannot be meaningfully explored at this time.
  • To progress with the story, sail up into the blue lake in the center of Hesperia, disembark, and enter the cave just north of the lake. Shaman Village Cave only serves as a short pathway to the interior of Hesperia at this point - ignore the Mercury Djinni you see along the way. Enter the town of Shaman Village, which currently has most of its residences and vendors closed off from you. From what you can explore of the town, a Hard Nut and this game's Spirit Gloves are collectible. When the town leader of Moapa presents himself to you, give him the Shaman's Rod, and after some cutscenes, you will be able to attempt on a Colosso-esque puzzle-dungeon competition named Trial Road. Unlike Colosso, you can try unlimited times and quit in the midst of an attempt, and you are required to temporarily give up some of your equipped weapons/body armor/head armor/shield armor (the penalty for falling behind your opponent over the course of the race is that you need to give up more equipment to progress). The ultimate point of Trial Road is to win the boss battle against Moapa and his two Knights at the area's peak. Upon winning, you get the Hover Jade that bestows the Hover Psynergy, and the town's houses and vendors open up, allowing you to reach and collect a Lucky Medal, Lucky Pepper, and your seventh Jupiter Djinni, Aroma.
    • Rare item drop: In Shaman Village Cave, if you fell a Wild Gryphon with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop a Feathered Robe, likely one of the best possible pieces of armor to have on Jupiter Adepts.
  • With the Hover Psynergy, you may now play through Jupiter Lighthouse in the continent of Atteka. This large, complex dungeon has a "main structure" and two "side structures" to play through. Cyclone all the plants just outside the lighthouse base to find a Mint, fight a Mad Plant shortly after that to get another Mint, and within the main structure you can collect the Erinyes Tunic and the Meditation Rod. After finding the Red Key, use it to gain access to the left structure, and after finding the Blue Key there, use it to gain access to the right structure, wherein you can find the Phaeton's Blade and fight and earn your eighth Jupiter Djinni, Whorl (ideally, you should have eight of each element of Djinni now). Once you've completed both side structures, along your way back up the main structure to the tower's aerie, a series of very story-relevant cutscenes transpire and direct you, eventually directing you to the tower's top. You will soon be locked in a boss battle against Karst and Agatio with just Felix and Piers in your party; survive two rounds for Jenna to join, then survive two more rounds for Sheba to join. After this, this becomes the only boss fight in the game that you can lose but still safely progress through the game afterward (though winning earns you a Dark Matter forgeable material). Following the action, leave Jupiter Lighthouse and return to Contigo.
    • Rare item drops: If you fell a Wyvern with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop an Aeolian Cassock, sort of like a poor man's Feathered Robe. And if you fell a Blue Dragon with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Rising Mace, an excellent fit on Sheba at this point for its high attack power and Jupiter-based unleash.
  • Back at Contigo, enter the house on the upper left to trigger a lengthy, story-important cutscene; this is the "Reunion" discussed earlier, for all four of the previous game's party members - Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia - will join as additional party members and help form your final 8-member party. Whatever is in their statistics, Djinn collections, inventory, and added wealth is determined by the degree of Clear Data enhancement present on the file, and once they've joined, the Update feature no longer becomes available for this file.

Mars Lighthouse[]

  • Hopefully Isaac's party came with the Orb of Force present in their inventory, for the Force Psynergy that that bestows is required to immediately find a Djinni; use Force on the empty stump immediately southwest of the house on the hill to bring out your ninth Mars Djinni, Shine. Now take your new eight-member party back down to Atteka Inlet, and use the Lift Psynergy bestowed by the Lifting Gem in their inventory on the boulder to the lower left and use Cyclone to uncover and reach your ninth Venus Djinni, the powerful Geode. Return to your ship to find it now has Psynergy-powered wings attached to it, which is explained in a cutscene. Before you can board your ship, if this game file has been enhanced with Clear Data from a Golden Sun file in which Master Hammet was rescued from Lunpa Fortress, a townsperson will arrive and put down a chest containing an Orihalcon, the final class of forgeable material. Once in control of your ship, hold down B to fly around, and fly over the white rocks obstructing your way out; this triggers another cutscene. Incidentally, you might want to return to Contigo immediately afterward and reenter the house on the hill, and trigger a sometimes-missed character-relevant cutscene.
  • Now in control of your ship, which has been upgraded with the ability to fly, there are several other important collectibles to gather. If Isaac's party joined without all of the first game's Jupiter Djinn, get one from SW Atteka Islet. A shallow spot north of SW Atteka Islet is enclosed by a ring of low rocks, which your ship can now fly over, and pressing A will get you a Rusty Sword that is reforged into the Soul Brand. Use the Catch Psynergy bestowed by the Catch Beads to grab the Apple at Kalt Island. At the southeast portion of Atteka, fly your ship inland over the beach, plains, and river so that you get to a very out-of-the-way cave location at its southern tip, and use Parch to access your seventh summon tablet, Coatlicue. At the upper northwestern area of Angara is a similar cave, in which using the Carry Psynergy bestowed by the Carry Stone is the solution to reaching your eighth summon tablet, Haures. And at Yallam, the Force Psynergy is to be used on the wooden log next to Sunshine's place to let you access the visible chest containing one of the best weapons in the game, Masamune.
  • Additionally, return to Shaman Village Cave. If this game file has been enhanced with Clear Data from a Golden Sun file in which Colosso was won, then as soon as you enter Shaman Village Cave from the bottom end a cutscene will put you in a battle with the three gladiators from that competition all at once, though that should be very easy. Defeat them to earn the Golden Shirt. Using the Lift Psynergy is the solution to getting the ninth Mercury Djinni, Eddy. Come back to Shaman Village, go back through Trial Road to the peak area where the boss battle took place, and use Hover on the purple hover tile to the left to access a cave that is blocked off by a Lift-able boulder. Beyond that is a screen where the ninth Jupiter Djinni, Gasp, can be fought and earned, and among the Cyclone-able plants is a Mad Plant that drops a Lucky Pepper.
  • It is now time to play through Magma Rock, the dungeon in lower Gondowan most easily reached by sailing up Gondowan's thick central river. As usual, the exterior portion is climbed and explored before descending into the interior, and along the way you can collect a Salamander Tail forgeable material. The Burst Psynergy is integral to this dungeon's puzzles. In the three main floors to follow, the first floor down contains a Lucky Medal, and if Isaac's party joined without all of the first game's Mars Djinn, one can be found in the first floor as well. The second floor down has your tenth Mars Djinni, Fury, and the third floor down has another Salamander Tail as well as a Golem Core forgeable material. A Mimic on the premeses drops an Apple. At the bottom floor down, at the end of the dungeon, Jenna learns the Blaze Psynergy, and use that to get to the burning rock that appears during a small volcanic eruption and retrieve the Magma Ball from it. Both of these are vital to continue.
    • Rare item drops: If you fell a Little Death with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Hiotoko Mask. And if you fell a Lesser Demon with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop a Rune Blade.
  • Travel to the western area of Angara and come to the town of Loho, which has a vendor. Use the Magma Ball on the cannon pointed toward the wall, and a cutscene will automatically have the cannon installed onto your ship. Afterward, use Scoop to dig up two Golem Cores, and reach and collect your tenth Jupiter Djinni, Lull. Use Reveal on the lower left area of the town to find a spot to Scoop up, and you will get a forgeable item called Mythril Silver, which creates particularly powerful and valuable items. Now with the cannon, head north to the Northern Reaches, and a cutscene lets you fire the Magma Ball at the ice wall, opening up the way to the final, blizzard-ridden region of the game's overworld.
  • Enter the town of Prox, which has a vendor with some extremely noteworthy things to sell (it sells Vials and Mist Potions as common items, and it sells the extremely expensive and powerful Mysterious Robe as an artifact). A cookie can be found in a jar beneath the Inn, a Dark Matter is found buried near the igloo and is reached with both Lift and Scoop, and up the ice river the tenth Venus Djinni, Mold, is acquired with Scoop. Additionally, if Isaac's party joined without all of the first game's Mercury Djinn, one can be found the lone house in the upper screen of Prox. A cutscene triggers at the upper left area of the top screen, after which you may proceed forward north to the final dungeon on your quest, Mars Lighthouse.
  • Mars Lighthouse, north of Prox, is the final dungeon of the game. It is multi-segmented in that you first explore its lower floors while the structure is still frozen over, then explore its upper floors that lead to four elemental mini-dungeons of their own. In the outside area of Mars Lighthouse is an Apple, and a Mimic fought near the entrance drops a Cookie. During your exploration of the lower floors, you will find an Orihalcon, the Valkyrie Mail, and the strongest weapon in the series, the Sol Blade, as well as find and make use of the Teleport Lapis that bestows the Teleport Psynergy. You use Teleport on the large circular pattens you find on the ground to transport to different areas. You can also get to and battle and earn your tenth Mercury Djinni, Balm. You eventually get to the boss battle with two Flame Dragons, after which is a story-relevant cutscene. You gain the Mars Star Important Item, and you use it on the dragon head statue in the immediate vicinity to heat up Mars Lighthouse. Afterward, through the rightmost door in the dungeon's "main lobby" you can get to, battle, and earn your eleventh and final Mars Djinni, Fugue.
  • Proceeding to Mars Lighthouse's upper floors, you are presented with a lobby room with four doors, each of which leads to an "elemental mini-dungeon" in its own tower. At the end of each mini-dungeon cast the Blaze Psynergy on the colored torch at the end to signify that you've completed it, then return to the lobby to complete another. An easily missed chest right outside the Mars sub-dungeon tower contains the Alastor's Hood. Once all four symbols in the lobby have been lit up, the dragon-head statue generates a Teleport pad that, when you use it, transports you to the game's final battle whenever you wish. You'd probably want to hold off until you've completed the game's bonus content, though, which is now available to your Teleport Psynergy. Leave Mars Lighthouse.
    • Rare item drops: If you fell a Minos Warrior with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Clotho's Distaff. And if you fell an Aka Manah with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop a Gloria Helm, a strong helm with a passive HP-restoring effect.

Endgame material[]

  • Your Teleport Psynergy allows you to instantly warp to any of the main towns visited throughout The Lost Age, and your ship will appear at the nearest beach each time you warp. Teleport to Alhafra, go down to Yampi Desert, and use Sand to reach a secluded cave entrance at the upper left corner of the big screen with the sandfalls. A teleport pad inside the cave transports you into your first of four optional "super dungeons" in the game, Yampi Desert Cave. A rather maze-like dungeon that requires going through certain areas multiple times to solve puzzles, along the way you can collect a Dark Matter, a Mythril Silver, and an Orihalcon. Also, you can scoop out your eleventh and final Venus Djinni, Crystal. At the end is this super dungeon's "super boss", Valukar, who is physically powerful and has a huge amount of HP and attempts to use your own summons against you. Defeat him and you will earn your ninth Summon Tablet, Daedalus.
    • Rare item drops: Every one of this area's random monsters has the chance to drop something interesting. If you fell a Sand Scorpion with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Star Dust; if you fell a Winged Lizard with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Dragon Skin; and if you fell a Soul Army with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop a Mythril Silver. These monsters constitute the only infinite sources of these forgeable materials in the game, and Mythril Silver in particular is very valuable. Furthermore, if you fell a Fire Dragon with the attack effect of an offensive Mercury Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop an Atropos' Rod. And if you fell a Minos Knight with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop Riot Gloves, easily one of the best items in the game.
  • Return to the Sea of Time Islet and let Lonesome George the turtle take you back to Islet Cave. Use Teleport on the Teleport Pad to access a long series of narrow, straight hallways comprising this area's later part, and along the way cast Tremor on the elevated statue to get your eleventh and final Mercury Djinni, Serac. This area is well-known in the community for being the home of randomly fought Wonder Bird enemies, the final palette swap of the Phoenix from earlier; each time you fell one, you earn over 8000 experience (11,000 if felled with an offensive Mercury Djinni), making Islet Cave the ideal endgame-level-grinding spot. It is such a good EXP source that it is worth having transferred the Lure Cap from the previous game over to this game to increase random encounter rates. At the end of the hallways is the boss battle with the second "super boss", Sentinel, which is completely immune to your Psynergy (but not your attacks or Summons). After defeating it, collect your tenth Summon Tablet, Catastrophe.
    • Rare item drops: If you fell a Wonder Bird with the attack effect of an offensive Mercury Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop a Dark Matter, making it the only infinite source of these forgeable material in the game. If you fell a Druj with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop a Berserker Band. Most notably, if you fell a Cruel Dragon with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni, there is a 1/64 chance it will drop a Tisiphone Edge, one of the best weapons in the game.
  • Return to Treasure Isle and progress down to the lower level, and use Lift to get past the boulder and explore the lower level fully. (While this dungeon could have been explored as soon as Isaac's party joined, the strength of the monsters here are equivalent to the other "super dungeons"). You can collect the powerful items Iris Robe and Fire Brand, and in a Lift-based puzzle similar to one seen in Shaman Village Cave, you can reach and battle your eleventh and final Jupiter Djinni, Gale. Later on, if Isaac's party joined without all of the first game's Venus Djinn, one can be found here near the top of one branching hallway. The "super boss" at the end of this dungeon is the Star Magician, who compared to Valukar and Sentinel is very challenging and tricky because of the various ball minions he summons every turn. After defeating him, you can collect your eleventh Summon tablet, Azul.
    • Rare item drops: If you fell a Gillman Lord with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Tear Stone; if you fell a Great Seagull with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Sylph Feather; and if you fell a Pyrodra with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will randomly drop a Salamander Tail. These monsters constitute the only infinite sources of these forgeable materials in the game. Furthermore, if you fell an Ocean Dragon with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop a Triton's Ward, an item that provides enormous boosts to Mercury resistance and power.
  • If you've played perfectly up to this point, you should have finally amassed all 72 Djinn in the GBA series. So now, Teleport to Contigo, then use the Teleport pad at the center of town to enter the lobby of Anemos Sanctum. Step on each of the four circular patterns to signify that you have collected all 18 of each of the elemental Djinn types, and the door to the most challenging bonus dungeon, Anemos Inner Sanctum, opens. As soon as you enter, you can collect your twelfth Summon tablet, Charon, then play through the dungeon, along the way collecting a Dark Matter and an Orihalcon. At the dungeon's end is the most powerful and deadly boss in the GBA Golden Sun series, Dullahan, which pretty much requires you to destroy with Summon spells soon enough before his abilities, including his own Charon, destroy you. If you manage the feat of winning the battle against Dullahan, you earn the thirteenth and final Summon tablet, Iris.
    • Rare item drops: If you fell a Bombander with the attack effect of an offensive Mercury Djinni, there is a 1/16 chance it will drop a Golem Core, and if you fell a Sky Dragon with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/32 chance it will drop an Orihalcon. These monsters constitute the only infinite sources of these forgeable materials in the game, and Orihalcon, of course, is extremely valuable for supplying some of the game's best equipment in general. Furthermore, if you fell a Mad Demon with the attack effect of an offensive Jupiter Djinni, there is a 1/64 chance it will drop a Lachesis' Rule, meant to be the strongest staff.
  • Having finally completed everything else there is in the game to complete, teleport back to Prox and return to Mars Lighthouse, and come back to the upper-floor lobby with the Teleport pad. Use it to transport to the aerie of Mars Lighthouse, and as soon as you approach the well, a long cutscene triggers that eventually and automatically leads you to the final boss. This boss is three boss battles in one, one stage right after the other, and the later stages are much more powerful and dangerous than the first. Once you defeat the boss, you've won the game, so let the subsequent cutscenes take you back to Prox the same way the previous game took you back to Lalivero (unlike Lalivero, you cannot save here, and your party is comprised only of Felix and Isaac). Spend as much time as you like before exiting off the bottom of the town, which triggers all the rest of the cutscenes that lead to the credits, the epilogue, and the "The End" screen. You will be asked to save a Clear Data file; you probably would not want to save it over the game file, but rather save it in another save slot instead.