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Golden sun is a Japanese RPG game released in 2001. The Lost age (2003) and Dark Dawn (2010)

This app have the latest golden sun series news wallpaper info walkthrough sound track......

Golden sun Android ApplicationEdit

Hi there,

I'm a big fan of Golden sun series, so i was thinking to make something related to this game , and i had find the best way to do that is making an android app about the game and the community of golden sun ,more will people the story of GS, they can follow the golden sun Facebook page, listening to soundtracks and much more.... 

so if you guys like this app and want to share it with other golden sun fans you are free to do it you can download it from 1mobile market :

the golden sun application have many features like giving you a notification when there a new Facebook post , tumblr...

if you like to add more thing to the app or want the change articles order or anything , feel free to contact me .

This app is truly essential to all Golden sun Series players. It works offline too, so you have access to a huge amount of Articles at all times.

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