Golden Sun Universe

This nitty-gritty list of perfect leveling spots and tricks in the first Golden Sun game.

Level RNG guide[]

Golden Sun is a RPG like any other, where you level up as you progress through the game. However, the first game in the series has random numbers that are abusable. What this means is that by using in-game techniques, one can influence stuff like whether an enemy drops a rare item or not, or what numbers are given upon leveling up. The following guide details locations and areas (in logical order of gameplay) where you can exploit the game mechanics into producing better gains upon leveling up. None of the following material is necessary to complete the game, but it is useful if you are trying to create a 'perfect file', or if you have already beaten the game and want to try something new. The information in the guide is by no means the only methods to produce good numbers upon level up, but they are pre-tested methods that are guaranteed to work, meaning you don't have to experiment on your own.

Some useful information to know before reading:

Soft resetting (SRing) means pressing the A, B , START and SELECT buttons together to bring up the game's menu screen, which resets some of the RNG in Golden Sun.

Hard resetting refers to turning your GBA (or DS) system completely off and then back on again (This also resets the RNG, but to a different starting point)

Sol Sanctum[]

(Don't try to bother leveling before Sol Sanctum, it's not worth it when you can't Level RNG)

Main article Sol Sanctum

With limited inventory items possible at this point, Perfect levels become very hard to come by. Note that at this early point in the game you might just want to reset and level randomly, but a surefire way to get close to perfect levels in Sol Sanctum is as follows:

Items needed: A Long Sword, equipped on Isaac, bought at the Vale armory.

Requirements needed: One of your characters needs to be missing 5 or less EXP to the next level.

The Method for close to perfect leveling in the sanctum takes place in the room just before you go up the first set of stairs. This is the room reached after completing the first eye puzzle of the sanctum. Save here, then Hard Reset. Run around to engage in a battle: it will be a Slime, a Vermin, and a Mushroom, in that order.

Turn 1: Have Isaac and Jenna attack the Vermin. Garet should cast Flare with the big arrow on the Mushroom. When both Isaac and Jenna attack the Vermin, it should die (the Long Sword is necessary to damage it enough for this step). Flare should then kill the Mushroom in one blow.

Turn 2: Isaac and Jenna attack the slime, Garet defends. Jenna will attack normally, but Isaac should get a critical hit, killing the slime and ending the battle.

If done correctly, the character who is close to leveling up should receive this stat increase: HP: +7 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

For Garet and Isaac this is one point short of a perfect level. ( There is an interesting twist if used for leveling Isaac for level 1 to level 2 in that sometimes the boost will be 8 / 3 / 4 / 2 / 4; in other words perfect. You may need to reset and repeat this method a few times for this to work though.)

If Isaac becomes faster than Jenna, do not worry, because if you follow the same steps, then last character to attack (Jenna if Isaac is faster) will critical hit (Even if one of the first two defends and Garet does the final attack it will still be a critical hit).

You can use this method up until level 3, where the game is programmed to make monsters not appear (you can't get to level 4 here).

Overworld: Vale to Vault[]

Main article Vale

Main Article Vault

This portion of the guide traverses the overworld for a single perfect level so that all characters will be level 4. This portion is completely optional if you don't want to level and just go straight to Vault, but this method only works from level three to level four (in one level your stats increase enough so you damage the enemy too much for the method to work again).

Before heading to Vault You can take a detour up toward Lunpa and its nearby cave. In this instance we are killing a single Zombie.

Items needed:

Long Sword (equipped on Isaac)

Short Sword (equipped on Garet)

Requirements needed: Isaac or Garet should be missing 7 or less EXP to the next level for their respective Methods.

The Method for Isaac is as follows:

Save and Hard Reset outside of the Cave nearby Lunpa. Enter and exit the cave once, then run around to get into a battle (NOT in the forest, it must be upon the plain) It should be a single Zombie.

Turn 1: Isaac attacks, Garet attacks.

Turn 2: Repeat turn 1.

The zombie should die on the second turn from a normal attack.

Isaac should get the boost of:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

Perfect level 4.

For Garet we use the same enemy, but a different Method, as follows:

Once again save outside the cave, but this time Soft Reset. Enter and exit the cave once, then run around again to battle the Zombie once more on the plain.

If the Zombie surprised your party, or vice versa, reset and repeat the above step until it is a normal start.

Turn 1: Isaac unleashes Flint, Garet attacks. The Zombie should not die in this turn. It should instead attack Isaac (If Isaac dodged the blow, reset as he must get hit) for a few HP points.

Turn 2: Isaac attacks, Garet defends. Isaac should kill the Zombie with this hit.

The boosts for Garet:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

Perfect level 4.

Goma Cave: First pass through[]

Main Article Goma Cave

This method is only usable after you have beaten the Vault Bandits, and have acquired the Bandit's Sword.

This method is different from the past ones, as it always gives out perfect levels, and can be used for any level prior to meeting Mia. It should be used as a substitute until you get the Ninja Blade (more on that weapon later). A different method is needed for all three characters (Isaac, Garet, and now Ivan). It can be used from level 4 (Which is the level you should be around) on up. Onto the Methods:

Isaac's Method for Goma Cave: First pass through: Items needed:

The Bandit's Sword, equipped on Isaac.

Requirements needed: Isaac should be missing 10 or less EXP to the next level.

That's it for this one.

To use this Method, save in the first room of Goma Cave, and then Soft Reset. Run around until you get into a battle. This enemy should be a single Skeleton. If the Skeleton surprised your party, or if you attack first, reset and try this again.

Turn 1: Ivan casts Ray, Isaac then attacks. (Garet would defend this turn but this combination should fell the Skeleton before he can move). The catch: Isaac's Bandit's Sword needs to unleash, and it needs to be the double hit version for this to work:

For a single hit unleash, Isaac would get this boost:

HP: +7 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

Almost a perfect level, but the HP could be better.

With a double hit Unleash however, Isaac would get:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

A Perfect level.

Garet's Goma Cave Method:

Same Item combination as Isaac's version, and you even save in the same place as before (the first room of Goma Cave). This time however, you Hard Reset (Instead of SRing), then run around to get into a battle. It should still be a single Skeleton.

Turn 1: Ivan casts Ray (like the last method) and Isaac attacks with the Bandit's Sword. This time you need the attack to be normal, no unleash, and no critical hit.

If done correctly, Garet should get the boost of:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

A Perfect level.

Ivan's Goma Cave Method:

This Method is different from the previous two in that you do not need the Bandit's Sword, rather you use Flint and Whirlwind. Same location and deal as Isaac's variation (this uses a soft reset). After saving and SRing, run around to battle that Skeleton again.

Turn 1: Ivan casts Whirlwind, Isaac unleashes Flint. The Skeleton should then die, and, if done correctly, Ivan will get the boost of:

HP: +7 PP: +4 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

A Perfect level.

Do note that in Ivan's method, because we are killing the Skeleton with a Djinn of its weakness (Venus), Ivan can be missing 13 EXP to the next level, rather than the 10 or less required by Garet and Isaac's methods.

Skip to the bottom of Goma Cave (Part 2) for Ivan's RNG work if you come back to Goma Cave and are above level 19 without the Ninja Blade in your possesion.

Overworld: Bilibin through Tret Tree[]

Main Article Bilibin

Main Article Tret Tree

Bilibin the overworld area traversed to get to Tret Tree do not contain much of note for Level RNG, except for one area of interest:

The programming oversight located a short distance east of the Bilibin Barricade. (by the lone tree next to the mountain range). Here you can fight monsters much stronger than the normal enemies of this area. This is done by running into the mountains (Holding down the D-Pad towards the mountains). Isaac's overworld sprite should then show him running, while not moving in location at all. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED you save before attempting to use this glitch (because the enemies could kill you in one blow if you are around level 5 or 6). By abusing this glitch, then returning to Goma Cave to level RNG (using the 'First pass through' methods above), you can be at a very high level early on in the game, with RNG'd stats.

Tret Tree deserves a note of its own, as the Healing Ring found within the Tret Tree dungeon portion is useful to have on Ivan when abusing the programming oversight outlined above, as it provides him of a healing method better than anything else he can get at this point in the game.

Bilibin Cave through Imil and Mercury Lighthouse[]

Main Article Bilibin Cave

Main Article Imil

Main Article Mercury Lighthouse

Bilibin Cave is not very useful when trying to level RNG, because the monsters do not give good level up numbers. However, it is a great place to level grind, in that the monsters within provide far higher exp and coin gains than the normal overworld enemies in the area near Bilibin. This is a good spot to train at before attempting to abuse the programming glitch near Bilibin barricade, but once you can successfully beat the stronger monsters at the barricade, Bilibin Cave is rendered obsolete.

Imil contains the Mars Djinn Fever, which, when set, is useful when adjusting classes to make agility changes (to change the order of attacking). Otherwise Imil has little more to note when using Level RNG.

Mercury Lighthouse is similar to Bilibin Cave in that it is a good place to gain exp, but it also shares the trouble of becoming obsolete once you can beat the stranger monsters near Bilibin Barricade. it is a good idea to pick up the Mercury Djinn Sleet, Because, like Fever, it is useful when adjusting classes. Because Goma Cave is still somewhat close by, it is best trek back to Goma Cave when you are close to a level up, using the following Methods:

Goma Cave: Second pass through[]

This part of the guide should be used after Mia joins your party, because the RNG shifts with the addition of a new character. This is the same enemy and location but different Methods, listed below:

Isaac's 2nd Goma Cave Method (from level 10 to level 11)

Skip to the second part of this method if Isaac is already level 11.

Items needed: Bandit's Sword, once again.

Turn 1: Ivan casts Ray, Isaac attacks. Garet and Mia defend. This Method requires Isaac's attack to be a normal attack, no critical hit or either version of the Unleash (single or double hit). If done correctly, Isaac should receive the boost of:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

A perfect level.

Isaac's 2nd Goma Cave Method (level 11+)


  • Isaac has to be level 11 or higher for this to work.
  • You need to soft reset for this method (No attacking first or being surprised by the enemy).

Onto the Method:

This half of Isaac's Method requires you to set both Jupiter Djinn available at this point on Isaac, who should then be in the Illusionist class. We will be using the Psynergy Astral Blast (hence the level requirement). Ivan must still be faster than Isaac at this point, by being in the Elder class or the Wanderer class. (those classes require two Mercury Djinn or two Mars Djinn on Ivan, respectively.

Turn 1: Isaac casts Astral Blast on the Skeleton, all else defend. The Skeleton should die from this one attack ( If it does not and you haven't equipped Isaac with the Elven Rapier yet, do so now, or find out how to get it here.

If the Skeleton dies, Isaac should receive the following boosts:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

A perfect level, yet again.

This exact setup can be used for all four characters, not just Isaac, but the boosts received vary.

For Garet, The boosts will be

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

A perfect level.

For Ivan, the boosts using this exact method, will be

HP: +7 PP: +4 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

A perfect level.

If you come back to Goma Cave without the Ninja Blade at level 19, see the bottom, of Ivan's Method in the Final pass through portion of this guide on Goma Cave (The RNG shifts for Ivan at level 20)

In Mia's case, things are a bit different. This method does not provide a perfect level; it is 1 point short of perfect, but it is the best you can get. (At this point it is impossible to get the 8 / 4 / 4 / 2 / 4 perfect level boost without the Ninja Blade) This Method gives Mia the following boosts:

HP: +7 PP: +4 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

The HP is one point short. However, it is strongly recommended, if you choose to level RNG at this point, to take the imperfect HP, as the +4 PP value will not exist after Mia becomes level 20 (+3 PP becomes the new maximum value at level 20 and up). The HP loss can be solved with a Power Bread, but Cookies (For PP boosts) are best used on other characters.

Mogall Forest[]

Main Article Mogall Forest

The RNG method for Mogall Forest takes place in the sub screen to the right of the first log puzzle. Save here and soft reset.

Requirements needed:

The attack order must be Ivan , Mia or Garet, Mia or Garet, Isaac, and you must be able to kill the Bone Fighter in 3 hits or this will not work: Equipping the Elven Rapier on Ivan, a Broad Axe on Garet (bought at Kolima), and the Blessed Ankh on Mia should do enough damage for this method to work.

Run around to get into a battle. It should be a single Bone Fighter.

Note: if you have copies of a Bramble Seed, it will improve the results of this method if used in place of the killing blow.

Turn 1(if no bramble seed): everyone attacks, no unleashes or critical hits.

The results for Isaac are:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

The results for Garet are:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

The results for Ivan are:

HP: +7 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

and the results for Mia are:

HP: +7 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

While these are by no means the best level up boosts, they are still good. But by using a Bramble Seed you can improve the boosts for Ivan and Mia (Isaac and Garet already have their max values in the previous method, so they will not be listed here)

Using a Bramble Seed for Ivan, you get the boost of:

HP: +7 PP: +4 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

Now a perfect level.

Mia receives a similar boost:

HP: +7 PP: +4 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

The difference here is that this is not a perfect level for Mia, but it is closer to perfect than the previous method shown.

One item of interest in Mogall Forest you should pick up is the Elven Shirt, as it helps make other characters faster than Ivan (RNG can shift with the order your party members attack)

Altin Peak[]

Main Article Altin Peak

In Altin peak, we will use Astral Blast again for good results for Isaac and Garet (It is still used for Ivan and Mia, but in a slightly different method). For this method you need to be in the cave portion behind the movable statue at the top level of Altin. (The second entrance to Altin Peak (reachable after you drain the water once) works also. Save in one of those two places, then hard reset. After the rest, run around to get into a battle. It should be two Calamars.


Turn 1: Isaac uses Astral Blast to kill the first Calamar, and everyone else defends. The first Calamar should die.

Turn 2: Repeat turn 1, with Isaac targeting the second Calamar.

Because this is the Same Psynergy used in one of the previous methods, the results are identical:

Isaac receives the boost of:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

a Perfect level.

Garet has the same level up as Isaac:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

a Perfect level.

For Ivan, you use the same room behind the moveable statue up at the top of Altin (the first room of the actual dungeon work like in Isaac/Garet's methods, but we will use the statue room for this part). Save here, but this time soft reset.


Note that having all 12 Djinn availiable at this point is not necessary, but it helps with these methods that use different class Psynergies.

  • All three Jupiter Djinni (Gust, Breeze, and Zephyr) need to be set on Isaac (to make him into the Illusionist class).
  • Garet needs a strong weapon without an unleash (a Battle Rapier works best here).
  • The attack order in battle must be Isaac, Ivan, Garet, Mia (easiest achieved by equipping the Elven Shirt, obtained in Mogall Woods on Isaac).

The Method is as follows:

Save here, then Soft Reset. Run around to get into a battle. It should still be two Calamars. This part differs from the previous two methods in that we use a combination of attacking and Psynergy.

Turn 1: Isaac casts Astral Blast on the first Calamar, like the previous method. This time, Ivan and Garet must attack the second Calamar. Ivan's Elven Rapier must unleash when he attacks, if it does not, reset and try the method again. If done completely correct, Ivan should receive the following boost:

HP: +7 PP: +4 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

a Perfect level.

Mia uses the same method as Ivan, exactly, but yet again does not get that perfect boost, instead receiving the boost of:

HP: +7 PP: +4 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

one point short of a Perfect level.

These methods only work before you acquire your fourth Mercury Djinn, afterwards the RNG shifts, so that Calamars are not the starting monsters you encounter in the previous RNG areas.

Lamakan Desert[]

Main Article Lamakan Desert

Overworld: to the Docks and the Tolbi-Bound Ship[]

Main Article Kalay Docks

Main Article Tolbi-Bound Ship

After clearing Lamakan Desert, and restocking/equipping at Kalay, the game progresses you by way of the Tolbi-Bound Ship. At this point, Goma Cave has become accessible again, so if any of your characters are close to leveling, head there first to Level RNG before attempting this next step.

The Tolbi-Bound Ship passage is different from everything else in this guide, as you do not want to level up during this voyage, because you can get back to Goma Cave immediately after the ship lands on the Tolbi Side (via the Gondowan Cave). Before getting on the ship, make sure that the next character to level up needs more than 1453 EXP to the next level (as that is the maximum possible amount of EXP obtainable on the voyage), so that they don't level up during the trip. Note that the 1453 exp assumes you have hit all of the enemies encountered on the voyage with their weakness Djinn to increase the EXP gained. It is necessary to do this, especially for Ivan, as you cannot get the increase of 7 / 3 / 4 / 2 / 5 anywhere else other than in Goma Cave.

Tolbi and Altmiller Cave[]

Main Article Tolbi

Main Article Altmiller Cave

Goma Cave Final pass through[]

By this point in the game, you should have beaten the Lunpa Fortress, and bought the Ninja Blade. This weapon is necessary for the remainder of this guide (Excluding part of Ivan's Method)

Items/Equipment needed:

Note that the last three items are entirely optional, but make unleashes (and critical hits by extension) vastly more common.

For all of the following Methods below all of the needed (and optional) equipment is equipped on Isaac for best usage. As a general note, there can be no first strikes, and the Skeleton cannot surprise the party either during the battle, or these Methods will not work.

Isaac's method for Part 2:

Save in the first room of Goma Cave, and soft reset (just like in part 1 of Goma Cave) to fight the Skeleton once more.

Turn 1: Isaac should attack the Skeleton, everyone else defend. Regardless of what happened, be it critical hit, Unleash, or just a normal attack, Isaac should receive the following boost:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

A perfect level.

Note that the Maximum values you received by this method go down the higher level you are (for level 40 on up , the PP boost becomes +2 instead of +3).

For Garet, the Method is similar to Isaac's; you still use the same requirements, and the same method, but you must get an unleash for Garet's perfect level up:

HP: +8 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

Garet is again similar to Isaac in that the PP boost will lower to +2 after level 40 (as this is the new maximum PP value for the pair).

Mia follows similar to Garet, same preparation, same method, but her boosts end up different. For her perfect level up, she receives, from the Unleash of the Ninja Blade, this boost:

HP: +8 PP: +4 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

Mia's PP boost is initially higher than Garet or Isaac, but the value lowers down to +3 after level 20 on up.

Ivan's Method for Goma Cave (Part 2):

Ivan has a different perfect level up than the other three in that his perfect level ups revolve around using unleashes (Levels 4 - 19) and also critical hits (Levels 20 up).

Ivan's Method using the Ninja Blade Unleash falls in the similar vein to Garet and Mia, but comes with the following stat boost:

HP: +7 PP: +4 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

Note that 7 HP is the maximum HP gain possible for Ivan in this game, as opposed to Sheba's 8 in the second game.

This method works until Level 20, where shifting to using critical hits produces better gains:

Ivan's Method using critical hits uses the same Skeleton as the rest of the Goma Cave (Part two) part of this guide, but with a twist: because critical hits do not vary with the type of weapons used, one can safely equip Isaac with a pair of Hyper Boots, a copy of the Spiked Armor, the Warrior's Helm, and no weapon. This greatly increases the critical hit chance, without having any Artifact Unleashes getting in the way. Using the critical hit Method:

Turn 1: Isaac attacks the skeleton with no weapon equipped. Everyone else defends. If the hit is a critical hit and it kills the Skeleton (if not, reset), Ivan should receive the following boost:

HP: +7 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +2 Agility: +5

Markedly different from any other character is the part that makes Level RNG so good for Ivan is that magic +5 agility gain per level, more than any other character can gain.

Part of the critical hit portion of Ivan's RNG (Levels 20 - 39) can be emulated by having Isaac cast Clay Spire for the same boost. This is extremely useful if you are already at level 20 or above but don't have access to the Ninja Blade yet.

'Ultimate RNG method (Venus Lighthouse, all characters' and up to lv 99)

For perfect levels in Venus Lighthouse you can also do the this RNG method:

Hard Reset in the first room of Venus Lighthouse (the one with the psinergy stone on the floor)

Walk around and you will face a fenrir and an ice gargoyle and cast the spells (always targeting the fenrir):

First round:

Isaac: casts Clay Spire.
Mia: casts Wish (any level should be fine).
Garet: casts Eruption.
Ivan: casts Plasma.

Second round:

Isaac: attack/reslect(choose to attack normally then cancel) , change command to Clay Spire.
Mia: turn does not come up.
Garet: turn does not come up.
Ivan: casts Plasma.

The attack reslect may be confusing, but just means to choose to attack, target fenrir, cancel and then choose clay spire (so you don't actually attack, you cancel it).

This method works for every character all the way to lvl 99 (even for Ivan after level 60+)

RNG differences between Characters[]

The RNG for leveling in the first Golden Sun Shifts every 20 levels (1 - 19, 20 - 39, 40 - 59, 60 - 79, and finally 80 - 99) with some differences, some more apparent than others. For Isaac, Garet and Mia, this effect is rather minimal, as all of them use the Ninja Blade, which gives out Maximum values per level (but the PP values drop at levels 40, 40, and 20 respectively). Ivan however, because he uses critical hits, the values he receives change differently:

For Levels 60 - 99, Ivan's critical hit boosts give these values:

HP: +7 PP: +3 Attack: +4 Defense: +1 Agility: +5

In comparison, if a normal Unleash method is used you get these values for Ivan:

HP: +7 PP: +3 Attack: +3 Defense: +2 Agility: +4

It is up to the player (after level 60, if you go that far) then to decide whether to take the defense gotten from the normal Ninja Blade unleash (2 rather than the 1 from critical) or trade it for the Attack and Agility increase ( 4 / 5 over 3 / 4, respectively) gotten from the critical hit method.

It should be noted that if Ivan's perfect (assuming levels 60 - 99 still use critical hits for the magic +5 agility, even though they are not technically 'perfect' levels) level methods are used for ALL 95 (since he starts at level 4) level ups, it is entirely possible for Ivan to have agility exceeding 600 in his Base Class without any agility boosting items equipped on him.

Altough it has been discovered now that is actually possible for Ivan to perfect level up to 99 with the Venus Lighthouse method (He can get HP:+7 PP:+3 Attack:+4 Defense:+2 Agility:+5).

Golden Sun: The Lost Age comparison[]

In the second game, the basic premise of Level RNG remains the same, using any kind of attack to produce level up numbers. The contrast of the second game to the first is that in The Lost Age, doing a hard or soft reset does not pair you up with the same enemy every time, like the first game does. Because of this, it is harder to use Level RNG, because of the increased randomness in enemies faced. However, it is still quite possible to Level RNG, it just takes more time, and memory of what combination's produce which numbers, so you know which attacks to use when facing groups of different enemies.

This is the end of the guide. After acquiring the Ninja Blade, Level RNG becomes a task of trekking back to Goma Cave before every level up to get the perfect level stat boosts. Because of this constant trekking back and forth, the Psynergy Avoid now becomes useful to avoid monsters on the way back (It saves time if you are already close to the level up point, where getting into battles isn't necessary because the monsters give too much exp). Until you learn the necessary spells for the Venus Lighthouse method, then you won't need to travel all the way to Goma Cave for perfect levels.

Happy Leveling!

References of note[]

See the Level RNG list for the complete table of maximum values obtainable for each level.

See the Golden Sun/Quick walkthrough for a "perfect" rundown of the game's progression and secrets (so you don't miss anything while Level RNGing!)