Policies that everyone must follow.

1. Do not flame or troll users on the site.

2. Do not ask for user passwords, and do not give your password anyone to anyone.

3. Please do not respond to old topics, unless what you say is truly important.

4. Use of profanity and racial/religious slurs will not be tolerated, and will be removed. The 1st time you'll be warned, and the 2nd and 3rd time you'll be blocked for a period of time.

5. Do not upload or post any fan-made content onto the site. While this wikia once tolerated fandom, such is no longer permitted.

6. Do not upload or post irrelevant content onto the site (i.e. images of the Angry Bird, Facebook logo, personal portraits, etc.). Such content will be deleted.

7. Do not upload anything from the relocated Golden Sun Universe, except if it is a weapon/psynergy icon, or official art.

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