Apart from the ladder in the lower left (revealed through Cyclone) and a Lucky Medal in one of the graves, there is not much of interest in Gondowan Settlement.

Gondowan Settlement is a house and estate located near the western coast of Gondowan. The 3 people here are essentially meant to introduce the player to the relatively nearby dungeon to the east, Magma Rock, and state that an object named the Magma Ball can be found here.

There are 2 items to collect here as well: A Lucky Medal from one of the grave stones (the fact there's about 8 gravestones would indicate that this location really is meant to be a small "settlement" but is only represented as a single house in the actual game), and a Star Dust forgeable material in a chest in a hidden cave room underground. Cast Cyclone at the plants to the left to reveal the ladder to the room.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Lucky Medal.gifLucky Medal: Found at the middle-right tombstone.
Star Dust.gifStar Dust: In the only chest of a hidden underground cave. The ladder to this cave is revealed by casting Cyclone on the far-left patch of grass.

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