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"Grab objects or pull yourself toward them."

Grip is a Venus based Utility Psynergy featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Grip is only accessible after a compatible Adept equips the Grip Crystal. As the Grip Crystal can only be equipped by Venus Adepts, Grip can only be learned by Matthew and Himi. Grip consumes 2 PP per use; it can be aimed in any direction, and has a range of about 6 squares, comparable to Whirlwind and Douse. Its encyclopaedia entry reads as follows:

"This earth-based Psynergy can grasp faraway objects and bring them close. It can also carry the user across some gaps."

Usages Edit

Grip is the first Utility Psynergy encountered that is not inherently learned by a party member, but is bestowed by an equippable item. The Grip Crystal, which bestows Grip, is found in an interior room in the upper levels of the Konpa Ruins.

Grip is similar in function to Lash of Golden Sun: The Lost Age in that they both allow the player a means to cross medium-sized gaps. In the case of Grip, the user conjures a large hand that grips a vertical pillar before pulling the user across the gap. Similarly, Grip can also grip horizontal pillars, pulling the user to the pillar, where they can swing from it and somersault over the remaining gap. Vertical pillars can also serve as a sort of lever; by Gripping the pillar, the user can manipulate the pillar's position, allowing for a variety of effects.

A lesser-known function of Grip is its ability to grasp small objects from a distance, similarly to Catch.

Trivia Edit

  • A cutscene in Carver's Camp shows two NPC Adepts using Grip on a gondola in an attempt to help Carver use it to cross the large gap between the two parts of town. Their method of learning Grip is unknown, but the scene suggests that the existence of Grip is common knowledge amongst the local Adepts.

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